Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World

Every woman even right from her teens normally look forward to that day that she would be exchanging vows with the man of her dreams with that classy gown that she has always dreamt of and she will ever remember wearing in all her life. Because of these wedding gowns that are meant to suit all the dreams of a girl have been made and because they are designed with great skill and technique, then they come with great prices. Below is a list of the best ten designers.

List of Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World in 2017

10. Angel Sanchez

angel sanchez, Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2017-2018

This designer is from Venezuela. She is one of the best and very well reputable in that field of designers very good and smart wedding dresses for the girl of your dreams. She is known to be very stylish and that is one thing that she is well known for by all her clients all over in the world. She makes her dresses from designs from very fashionable celebrities like Sandra bullock and Beyoncé. The latest model she made was silk gauze that was painted by the hand.

9. Lockie Bride


These are wedding dress designers that will just impress you with how they offer their services to their clients and the way they design the wedding dress. They make the dress the way the client wants it to be. You make the order on the kind of dress you want and you live the rest to them. They will make it just the way you want it. They are base in New York. If you look at the dresses that they have designed, you will surely be impressed with the style as well as the design.

8. Umar Sayeed

umar sayeed, Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2018

He is a wedding dress designer that will make you as a bride have the gown that you have always dreamt of. He is from Pakistan but provides his services to people all over the world. The only thing you need to do in order to get him is just to make a call and everything and the next minute he will be at your doorstep ready as anything to perform his duty of making the wedding of you dream come to a reality.

7. Jenny Pack Ham


This another designer who is dedicated to help you achieve your wedding dreams and by so doing you will not need to have stress of knowing the right dress of your dream dress she will help know your taste and make a dress that is just perfect for. She is from the United Kingdom and she started operating her business right from the year 1998 where she had a humble beginning of evening clothing and making simple wedding gowns. Ever since we have seen her grow to become what she is today. The wedding dress she normally creates is normally highlighted mostly in the movie called “sex in the city”.

6. Ellis Bridals


Ellis Bridals is a group of wedding designers that are very well reputable for the way they make their dresses. Just by looking at them you will just see the great skill that comes with making of the dress and that will just let you know that they can just make the correct dress for you just b telling them the way you want it to be. They wedding gowns also express the tradition of the British.

5. Sarah Burton for Alexander MC Queen


Sara is a designer who is very renowned because of the quality of her wedding gowns that she makes. She is also the managing director of the Alexander Mc Queen, which is a company that is dedicated in providing perfect wedding gowns and by doing so they help one achieve the wedding of your dreams.

4. Ines di Santos


She is one amongst the Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2017. She is a designer who is born in Italy and she is dedicated in providing perfect wedding gowns for the brides in her country. The way she decorates her wedding dresses is a clear reflection of true feminists and true originality of the tradition of the Italians that is why she is ranked to be the best in the country of Italy.

3. Vera Wang


Before she started her career of making wedding dresses, she was a skater and a fashion designer but not in the field of making wedding gowns. She dedicated herself in making wedding gowns and by this she is one of the best wedding dress designers and now this year she is ranked as he third best wedding designers.

2. Clare Pettibone


This designer became the second best because she took her clients back in the 19 century make and she made them in a very unique way that all the girls that want to get married cannot resist the way she makes them she is truly one of a kind. The dresses come with very beautiful laces that make the dress look more exquisite. If you just want her to design the dress of your dreams then you do not have to worry much because she will serve you despite being in any part of the world.

1. Marchesa


At the top of our list is a designer that you will just fall in love with especially near the time of your wedding. The designer is dedicated to make very beautiful dresses that will make you look very beautiful in the day of your wedding. If you give her, the chance to make your dress then be assured that she will not disappoint you. Various celebrities like Taylor swift and many other celebrities in the red carpet have seen her designs.

These above are the Top 10 Best Wedding Dress Designers in The World 2017. From the teen-age time of a girl, girls normally have that great desire of having the best wedding day of their lives. These designers have dedicated themselves in doing the unthinkable to see these beautiful girls put on the gowns of dream on the day of their wedding. They have seen to it that even those celebrities have that great look while on the red carpet.

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