Top 10 Best Ways To Propose To A Girl

Every girl wants their guy to pop the question. Yes we are talking about “will you marry me?”. We want it to special and something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Most the time if it is recorded then it is better. Even make it a game or have the whole family involved. If you can make it the most special day in our life then we will love you that much more. Being a guy you sometimes over think what we want and like. Even a simple act will show us how much you really care about us. We want to be able to go back to this place and think about the day you asked the special question. No more thinking just do it. Little or big it does not matter it will be the most wonderful thing that has happened. Guys do not wait forever if you know we love you and want to spend the rest of our lives with you then just do it.

List of Top 10 Best Ways To Propose To A Girl in 2017

10. Propose Your Love By Notes Around The House

Propose Your Love By Notes Around The House, Top 10 Best Ways To Propose To A Girl 2017

It is like a game of scavenger hunt. Hide notes around the house and have her look for them. On each note make sure to write where the next note is hidden. You can do as many notes as you want. Leave small love quotes or things that you love about her on each paper. Follow her with the camera so you catch it all on video. On the last night write “Will You Marry Me?’ and kneel down behind her. When she turns around she will have the best look on her face you will never forget.

9. Propose Where You First Met


When you plan the next trip and want to ask her to marry you then you will want it to be somewhere special. Plan it all out right down to the first time you anything to her. You can even blindfold her and set it all up without her knowing anything about it. Having this setup will make us wonder how you thought about it. And the fact that you remembered where we met will be great to because we know you guys forget easily.

8. Purpose Your Love On The Beach


If you are good at sand castles or you have nice handwriting then you can draw in the sand. Take your time when we are busy doing something else. Send us away to the spa or out for breakfast with the girls and surprise us. Draw it huge and take us to the top of the rocks and show us. I promise you will be glad you did it. This would make us well in the eyes. Do not feel bad that we are crying just know it made us so happy we cried. No more having to figure out what to do with this simple idea.

7. Propose Your Love Under A Candlelit Dinner


Ok get the staff included. They will help you most of the time. Before you know it our face will be priceless. We would have thought this was just a romantic dinner for the night. Place the ring in our dessert or in the glass of wine. Make sure to catch us before we drink or eat the food. Do not want to choke any one. Just this small gesture will show us you are trying really hard. Make sure to order our favorite food or drink so we know you remembered something.

6. Propose On New Years


Guys all we want is the midnight kiss. We wait all day and night just for this small act. You can make it small or you can have the ball drop once you ask. When we turn to kiss you be down on one knee and then pop the question. You can even hold a sing or just show us the ring. We will jump for joy once we see the beautiful stone. Even the fact that you stayed up with us makes the night enjoyable.

5. Propose Your Love In The Streets


Men we get very embarrassed. But this will be the most beautiful thing that you have done in forever. Get your friends together to be waiting for you to walk by. Have them hold newspapers or even a book. On the back of the covers write Will you marry me?. Or you can have family help you. Having everyone know will help with telling your friends and family. Make sure they play it cool and hide very good. Before you know it we will be screaming yes and jumping up and down.

4. Propose Your Love In Your Home


Just like a surprise party invite everyone over and have them waiting for when we walk in the door. When we walk in have the lights down and everything set up. Have everyone wear a shirt asking her to marry you or something along those lines. She will get red faced and will be so happy. You will be able to record it all with a friend holding the camera. You can have these t shirts made for you for a small price.

3. Propose Your Love In A Theater


Have the movie theater set up the film you are watching for the night. You can ask them simple to throw in a few words here and there for your loved one or you can just ask her right when the movie comes on. Have your friends go to the movie the same night so they can help you out. You will be nervous but I am sure you will be happy you asked her. No more waiting just do it.

2. Propose With A Cup Of Tea


Ask your other half to go for a glass of tea or hot chocolate. Buy a cup with the words already on the inside of the cup. When they finish with the nice warm drink they will see in the bottom of the glass. When they look up you will have the ring out and a big smile on your face. No more just being girlfriend and boyfriend. Take that huge step or you will be waiting forever to finally ask her. She is special to you why not be special together.

1. Propose Your Love On A Plane


Tell your girlfriend you have to go to the bathroom. While you are on your way to the best vacation you have got planned you can ask her before you get there. Have it planned with the pilot and go to the front of the plane and just ask her over the loudspeaker. She will be so surprised that she will have to say yes. Before you get back to your seat have the ring out and get down on one knee and ask her to her face. Make sure the plane is in the air and not landing.

These above are the Top 10 Best Ways To Propose To A Girl in 2017. Doing any of these things will make it so much better and easier to ask her. She will never even think any different. Make the plans before hand and make sure everything is setup just right. Always have a recorder so you can watch it on your wedding day. She will say yes for sure. You will need to make sure she is going to say yes before you even do it or you could get really hurt.

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