Top 10 Best Strongmen in The World

Strength is an enduring physical trait that many people want. Men primarily want this physical trait and women want to be strong as well (they just do not want to look like men). Since physical strength is so important to people many organizations have a strongman contest. This contest is important because it allows people to showcase their strength and to figure out who really is the strongest person on Earth. Here is a list of the best strongmen in the world as of 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Strongmen in The World in 2017

10. Hafthor Bjornsson

hafthor bjornsson, Top 10 Best Strongmen in The World 2017

Any person can that can carry a huge 30-foot long log that weighs 1400 pounds should deserve the title of strongman. This type of strength is not even human. Hafthor Bjorsson is one of the few men in this world who has this kind of dominating physical strength. He is a powerful man who has broken a 1000 year record when he carried that extra-large and heavy log for 5 steps. This guy truly deserves the name of Thor and his modern day feats of strength will be the stuff of legends.

9. Magnus Samuelsson


Magnus Samuelsson is a strongman from the land of Sweden. He competed heavily in strongman competitions during the late 90’s. He comes from a family of strongmen competitors. His mother was an arm wrestling champion. He even married a strong woman champion. He is even training his children to become powerful strong people. Wow, Samuelsson’s family is loaded with strength and power. He has won at least 13 World Strongman competitions which is a longstanding world record.

8. Jouko Ahola


Finland is home to Jouko Ahola who won the Strongman Competition two times in a row. Very few people can actually perform this feat because the competition is so fierce. Keep in mind that Jouko Ahola is considered a small competitor at 6’, 1” and weighing 275 pounds. He utilizes speed and mental ability to make up for what he lacks in size. Ahola is also an actor who performs in rugged action movies or period pieces. He has appeared on the Vikings which is a special program on the History Channel.

7. Geoff Capes


Britain’s very own Geoff Capes was a strongman that dominated in the 1980’s. He has multiple titles to his credit. This guy was a fierce competitor who moved a lot of weight and showed the world that his strength was pure and enduring. He competed during the 80’s and inspired a new generation of strongman after he retired. He is considered one of the strongest British people to have ever lived. His feats will be hard to match for strongmen competitors all over the world.

6. Jon Pall Sigmarsson


Iceland produces some really beefy guys who can move a lot of weight. Jon Pall Sigmarsson is one of those types of guys. He not only is a strong dude that can squat boulders; he also has the showman ship to back up his raw talent. People loved sigmarsson and he would get the crowd up and roaring before he attempted a lift. That was a secret to Sigmarsson’s great ability – he was fueled by the crowd to perform many great feats. He performed during the 80s and dominated for a short time. However, his life was cut short in his prime due to a heart attack that claimed him at an very early age.

5. Magnus Ver Magnusson


Magnus Ver Magnusson is a strongman competitor who has accomplished the feats of Jon Pall Sigmarsson after he had passed away. Magnusson learned from Sigmarrson and has managed to elevate the nature of this competition. He never ended a competition below second place during his heyday. Magnusson competed for many years and ended his career in 97. He is truly one of the best strongmen competitors to ever contend within this event. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best Strongmen in The World 2017.

4. Brian Shaw


Brian Shaw hails from the U.S. and was the reigning strongman champion in 2015. Shaw is only 33 years old and he has already won his third title. He is very competitive strongman contender that many people fear going up against. His raw strength is impressive and very complete. Shaw is still in his prime and people can expect him to do more in the near future. He has a unique training regimen that requires him to eat 8 meals a day. This guy is truly focused on his training and development for the strongman title.

3. Bill Kazmaier


Bill Kazmaier took the strongman competition over during the early 80’s. He dominated the event from 1980 to 1982 and would have taken it once again in 1983 but was banned from competing. The coordinators of the event knew that Kazmaier would not be defeated and they wanted another person to claim this title. Kazmaier took a 5-year hiatus before coming back in 1988 to win the strongman competition once again. He is only one of four strongmen to have been inducted into the World’s Strongest Man Hall of Fame. That is how good he was.

2. Mariusz Pudzianowski


Mariusz Pudzianowski won the strongman competition an amazing five times. This is more than any other person has ever won. Pudzianowski is a Polish competitor who was very small for the competition. He did not have a large frame (for a strongman competitor) but he had pure strength working in his favor. He won an amazing 42 individual strongman events and has been inducted into the Worlds Strong Man Hall of Fame. Once again he is one of the few competitors to be given this merit.

1. Zydrunas Savickas


Zydrunas Savickas is known as Big Z is a Lithuanian competitor who has won the strongman competition for 10 times during his career. Big Z can lift over 600 pounds and can deadlift 900. Very few people in the world or all of history could move this this kind of weight on their own. Big Z is still in his prime and he still has the ability to capture more titles. His body of work is not complete but once he does retire – he too will also probably be added into the World’s Strong Man Hall of Fame in the future.

These above are the Top 10 Best Strongmen in The World 2017. As you can tell, these strongmen truly have ability, talent, dedication, strength and power to hold the title of the most powerful people on Earth. They are the modern day versions of famous strongmen such as Samson and Hercules.

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