Top 10 Best Software Manufactures In The World

Information and communication is now part of our daily lives. Almost all activities done worldwide are computer and internet related. Computer software is essential in meeting all these requirements. Various manufacturing organizations offer quality products and services to clients. In this article, we are going to study on some of these corporations. Let us have a look on the list below. It contains best 10 software manufactures in 2017 review.

List of Top 10 Best Software Manufactures In The World in 2017

10. VMware

vmware, Top 10 Best Software Manufactures In The World 2017

This is an American software manufacturing company belonging to Dell co-operation. It is essential in providing software, cloud and quality services to clients. VMware headquarters are located at Palo Alto, California, in United States of America. Other branches of this organization are found in Canada and doing quite well. His mother known as Dell EMC and technologies inspired VMware. Computer interfaces run by this amazing co-operation include OS X platforms, Microsoft windows and Linux. New York stock exchange is currently owners of VMware.

9. Symantec Corporation


Symantec Corporation is also an American based organization that serves clients globally. Official headquarters are found in Mountain view, California, United States of America. A system expert popularly known as Gary Hendrix established it in 1982. This great man is appreciated to date for doing fantastic job. Symantec is essential in providing security, backup availability and storage. According to research conducted some few years back, several other branches of same organization have flourished so much. One recreation center is located in India, a popular place known as Chennai. One of its resolutions is to be largest and best among others.

8. Capgemini


Capgemini is a popular and successful company that cannot be forgotten to be mentioned in this list of best software manufacturing company. It was found in 1967, in Grenoble, France by Serge Kampf. This organization is one of biggest and Outsourcing Corporation worldwide. It also serves as a consultancy where people will all kinds of questions run to. Headquarter is located in Paris, France. More than 100,000 people are employed here and work diligently towards meeting company’s goals and resolutions. They serve in 40 different countries worldwide. Paul Hermelin has been the director since promoted in 2001.

7. Infosys Limited


Infosys is a multinational system and software organization that has headquarters located in India. Some of services provided are information Technology, consulting services for business and outsourcing of information. It holds a title of being third largest organization in Information and Communication Technology. It is because of seven intelligent engineers who worked together in 1981. Some of group members are K. Dinesh, S.D Shibulal, Ashok Arora, Narayana Murthy, Pandit Shrikant and Nandan M. Nilekani. Headquarters of Infosys are found in Bangalore, in India but other clients signed in New York City.

6. Cognizant Technology Solution


Just as its name suggests, this organization has been a great solution in communication and electronic industry. Cognizant Technology Solution is located in United States of America and has been successful ever since its establishment. Headquarters are found at a place known as Teaneck, New Jersey, in United States of America. Employees in this organization have one goal of offering quality services to clients such as outsourcing services for businesses and information Technology. Cognizant experienced great breakthroughs, success and fame in 2000 and was ranked fourth best information Technology Corporation in 2015.

5. Tata Consultancy services


Tata is a limited company located in India. It is based in serving clients with Information and communication Technology. In Market capitalization, this company is largest when viewed in revenues. Tata Sons limited were founders of this corporation in 1968. Several employees have been part of this successful software manufactures. More than 46 countries are reached with technology services from Tata. Some of these services include media, entertainment, telecom, retail and consumer Packaged goods, Banking, financial insurance and services and manufacturing of quality software. Total number 300,464 people are employed here.

4. System, Application and products (SAP)


Popularly known as SAP, this software-manufacturing brand was established in 1972 by five engineers of IBM. Their names are Tschira, Hopp, platter, Hector and Wellen Reuther. Headquarters of SAP is located in Germany, a place known as Walldorf. It is responsible for provision of software items that are used in handling customer and business related issues. There are several modules categorized in this organization. They are customer relationship management, human resource, financial accounting, planning, and distribution of sales to owners and managing of materials. With more than 70,000 employees, quality services are promised to its clients worldwide.

3. International Business Machines Corporation


Many people know it as IBM. This software manufacturing company is so famous worldwide for offering quality software services. Based in America, IBM is among oldest and largest software manufactures and was found in 1911 by Charles Ranlett Flitt. It produces middleware, Hardware, software and hosting and consulting service. This is all you need for your computer business to flourish. IBM holds a great reputation for introducing to market relational database, floppy disks, dynamic random access memory, automated teller machines, hard disk drives and SQL programming language.

2. Oracle


Oracle software manufacturing company is ranked in second position of this article. So much success has been associated with it. Based in America, Oracle has headquarters situated in Redwood shores, California. They are best in developing systems such as cloud-engineered systems. Only two major operating systems are supported by this organization and they are oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux.

1. Microsoft Corporation


Microsoft is best and largest of all software-manufacturing companies worldwide. It has highest revenue ever hence ranked in first position. Popular software and computer Guru known as Bill Gates invented Microsoft. Systems supported are Microsoft windows operating system, internet explorer web browser, Microsoft office and other products such as surface tablet line up. A lot of achievements have been acquired by this great organization in 2017.

These are top and best software manufacturing organizations 2017. Almost all of them are form America. Even founder of largest software company, Bill Gates is from USA. This is a great contribution to their economy and information Technology growth. We credit them all.

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