Top 10 Best Real and Fictional Couples of All Time – Why Were They Special?

Truth is indeed every inch stranger than fiction. However, if one were to look at couples, both real and fantasy. They would tend to believe that both do intertwine in every way. Because, to be honest, the real world is sort of very similar to the world of fantasy and that which is created in the imagination. Who are the top 10 best real and fictional couples of all time? Read on.

List of Top 10 Best Real and Fictional Couples of All Time until in 2017

10. Sandy and Danny from Grease

Sandy and Danny from Grease, Top 10 Best Real and Fictional Couples of All Time

Sandy and Danny from Grease were two different type of people all together. Danny Zuko was more the bad boy type and a guy that was very tough with a much greasier side. Sandy Olsson was a polar opposite to his character and someone who was genuinely innocent at heart and in the way she viewed men. She began to view Danny and her as being a match made in heaven. However, when reality sets in, she learns more about another side of Danny that she never knew existed. He was indeed rough and tumble. However, because she truly cared about Danny, Sandy makes up her mind to give up her good girl image just briefly to reveal her hidden “wild side” to him. She does this out of love. Sandy and Danny teach each other new things by just having a strong affinity for each other. Love does this to two people.

9. Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing


Baby and Johnny from Dirty Dancing are an odd sort of couple and a couple that most wouldn’t think would belong together. However, what this attraction does show is one thing, and that is that opposites do indeed attract in all the ways that do matter the most. True love isn’t about how much money you have in the bank. It’s more about who you are in your heart. Baby had this kind of richness about her. Frances “Baby” Houseman stood up for Johnny Castle, because she loved him, and that is what people in love do for those they love. Love is all about being there to care and standing in that person’s corner. It’s not about giving up on them ever.

8. Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton


Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton from the movie, The Notebook, are truly two exceptional characters who love each other with a fierce passion and devotion like no other. Young love is an awesome kind of love that binds two people at a very early age and keeps them forever connected as they grow older. The Notebook was a very exceptional and romantic film that touches the heart of anyone who gets to behold it on screen.

7. Marge and Homer Simpson from The Simpsons


Marge and Homer Simpson are also another loving and dedicated fictional couple from television. What makes them very special is their true affection for each other. Though they are just cartoon characters, they are every inch human in their own way, and in the world that they do occupy. Marge puts up a lot with Homer Simpson and that is what true love is all about. It is about being there to care and never giving up on the one you love. Marge is dedicated to her precious “Homie” and it shows in all that she puts up with him. Love is also about emotional support, tolerance, and endurance with the same someone for many years.

6. Jim and Pam from The Office


Jim and Pam from The Office were two characters that many did watch faithfully from season to season on the TV sitcom called The Office. Why did they watch these two characters? The answer is clear. Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly were the best of friends and two of the most sane of all the working crew that was at Dunder Mifflin. What this relationship did show many is this. Love can come from very strong and caring friendships.

5. Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet were the ill-fated pair of lovers from famed playwright William Shakespeare. There is no other pair of lovers that truly do define what the meaning of true love is in every way. It isn’t just because of the tragic overtones of their relationship either. Rome and Juliet were willing to give up their very own lives to be with each other despite the conflicts that did threaten to tear them apart for all time and keep them apart. Their love is the best kind of love possible. Because, to be honest, true love is indeed based on self sacrifice if need be. Young love does indeed have its dangers and pitfalls. However, despite this, love drives one to do crazy things sometimes and it did that to Romeo and Juliet. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Real and Fictional Couples of All Time until 2017.

4. Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater


The characters of Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater from the epic and very romantic movie titled Titanic are two people that know how to love with all of their hearts and souls. The pair gave off the most romantic forms of love, as well as, for love themes throughout the course of this timeless movie. It also goes to show you that love at first sight is indeed every inch a true delight.

3. Ross and Rachel from Friends


What is great about this TV comedy show is everything. It does clearly show one that love is still definitely alive and not dead at all. The two characters of Ross and Rachel prove this to a tee. They started out as being great friends. Great friends are what can become the very finest of all lovers and life mates. They made themselves into this duo over the course of time. It only goes to show you. Love can be born from friendship. It may be something that may take a while to happen. However, when it happens, it happens for the best and the rest of your lives together.

2. Ricky Ricardo and Lucy


Ricky Ricardo and Lucy are two TV characters that are based on the long-time and funny comedic series called I Love Lucy. Lucy and Ricky did have their share of ups and downs in their relationship. However, whenever one does see this fab/classic TV early sitcom, you do feel the love that is brewing over between the two main characters of Lucy and Ricky. Lucy does lots of goofy things that really turn out funny and Ricky tolerates a lot of her shenanigans purely out of love for her.

1. Prince Charming and Cinderella


This was probably the very first of all wonderful love stories that kids do come to know first. What makes it so special and timeless? The answer is this. The fairy tale of Prince Charming and Cinderella is all about what unconditional love is and should be all about. When you love someone, the way these two loved each other, you clearly don’t judge them or think less of them at all. Instead, you do one thing, and that thing is to love and appreciate them all the more for who they are and what they mean to your life. Cinderella was poor as a church mouse and was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters. Yet despite this, she was still a kind and gentle woman, who truly had a good heart and caring soul. She didn’t let her drear life make her hard and negative. She was every inch a woman that a man could love and treasure. Prince Charming certainly did.

These above are the Top 10 Best Real and Fictional Couples of All Time until 2017. Hilarious to heart-wrenching in description, couples have literally been through it all, and a big part of managing to go through it all is clear. They do it together. The experiences of the good and the bad go together as well. We learn from the mistakes that fictional couples do make. Because they are the very thing to inspire real couples not to make the same mistakes. Romance is really inspirational with these real and fictional couples of all time.

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