Top 10 Best and Most Influential Leaders of Europe of All Time

A leader is a role model and has a great impact in the society and the world. He or she may have changed the economic, technology, transport or building healthy facility for the country. A leader may be a; politician, pastor, doctor, teacher or driver who have positively influenced the lives of many people. Some of these leaders have been awarded with Nobel Peace Prize. Europe is a continent bordering the Arctic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean to the west. Below list contains best and most influential leaders.

List of Top 10 Best and Most Influential Leaders of Europe of All Time until in 2017

10. Queen Elizabeth I

queen elizabeth I, Top 10 Best and Most Influential Leaders of Europe of All Time until 2017

To top our list is the most and best influential lady, known all over the world even young generation are familiar with the name. She was the Queen of Ireland and England; she ruled her territory from 1558 to 1603. She carried names like Virgin Queen or Good Queen Bess, born back in the year 1533 at Greenwich in UK. She was the only heir of the throne from his father Henry VIII, and governed the Church of England. Queen Elizabeth banned all the images inside the church and allowed the priests to marry. She won the war against Armada of Spain with her grate military, with that she became very famous.

9. Karl Marx


He was a German economist, philosopher, sociologist and a journalist who was born in the year 1818. Marx was the most influential man with his work in economics, labor unions and political parties. Despite being in war with his government, Marx was the founder of modern science. He influenced many through his writing, was awarded various times due to his immense contributions in the society and the country as well. He worked as a journalist for many years and created basic ideas over capitalism.

8. Vladimir Lenin


He was a great politician until his death in the year 1924; he used Marx’s theories to bring revolution in the nation. He served as the head of government under Soviet Union, had been jailed for one year for inciting the workers. While in jail, he wrote the longest book by the title The Development of Capitalism in Russia. Due to his agreement in signing the treaty peace with Central Powers, earned him as the top most prominent people in 20th century. Though dying at an early age, he believed policies are developed based on predetermined scientific principles and practiced.

7. Henry VIII


Henry was born 28 June 1491 and died in the year 1547. He was the first English King of Ireland, separated the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church. He is known to be in conflict with Pope leading to the separation of both. Henry was an attractive, educated and charismatic ruler ever, but his health suffered due to obese that lend to his death. He had six unsuccessful marriages, but his contributions on the economic status and success of his nation will never be forgotten.

6. Benito Mussolini


He was the 27th Prime Minister of Italy and the founder of Italian Fascism. Born back in the year 1883, Benito was an Italian journalist, optician and the leader of National Fascist Party. He was the youngest Prime Minister to have ever ruled, through a series of laws, Benito and his followers transformed the nation to dictatorship. Italian Communist, later his body hung upside down at Milan for public viewing, assassinated him. He was an active socialist, organizing meetings and giving speeches to workers when he was working as a secretary of the Italian Worker’s Union in Lausanne, making him popular.

5. Winston Churchill


Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was the Prime Minister of UK, also an Officer in British Army, non-academic historian and a Nobel Prize winner in Literature. Born in the family of Dukes in the year 1874, and gained fame through his writing of books about his campaigns. His government is known to help other foreign affairs, and had great emphasis on house building. He was famous and a brave person and was the first citizen to own an American citizenship. He succeeded to win over Nazi Army of Germany, and in the year 2002, was named the best Prime Minister of Britain. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best and Most Influential Leaders of Europe of All Time until 2017.

4. Joseph Stalin


Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was born 18 December 1878 and died in the year 1953. He was the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, as a dictator of the state. He led his followers into war over raw materials and markets, which brought many conflicts in the world’s economy transforming into communism-cold war. During his regime, many people lost their lives, making him a controversial figure and many regarding him as a tyrant. Stalin used to imprison those who opposed him and deporting innocent citizens to remote area of the country. He is ranked as the most influential leader of all time until 2017.

3. Peter the Great


Peter led his army to many wars, and won in order to expand the Tsardom of Russia into a big empire, becoming a major European Power. He advised his citizens to adapt the modern lifestyle leaving behind their old traditions. Peter was born in the year 1672, dreamt of his country becoming a great maritime power. He introduced French and western dresses in courts and required his state officials shave their beards. He is the founder of the first Navy base in Russia that is located at Taganrog.

2. Adolf Hitler


Hitler is a figure that is worldly known, born in the year 1889, was a Germany political leader under the party of Nazi. He initiated the Second World War with the invasion of Poland being the Holocaust. Under his leadership, he motivated racial ideology, his regime being responsible for the genocide of more than five million people. He considered those people as socially undesirable.

1. Napoleon Bonaparte


The Napoleonic code and war campaigns become topics to be studied by students taking military science, around the world. He was the Emperor of France, known to be the best person, religious and avoided frauds. He was a pioneer of French Revolution and won most Napoli wars.

These above are the Top 10 Best and Most Influential Leaders of Europe of All Time until 2017. The above leaders have impacted even today’s life, through their struggles and achievements. They have tried in different ways to make our world a better place to live in; this is why they are ranked as the best and most influential leaders of Europe. They also act as role models to so many people around the world and are ever celebrated.

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