Top 10 Best Milk Producing Countries in The World

Milk is an essential product from various animals that is commonly used in many nations and more specifically homes. Animals that are responsible for milk production are cows, buffaloes, camels, sheep and goats in some other countries. Milk production is highly valued in specific countries. These countries are now developed because of this effort of milk production. Top 10 best milk producing countries are studied blow with adequate information for all readers of this article.

List of Top 10 Best Milk Producing Countries in the world in 2017

10. Turkey


Turkey is one of best known countries for milk production. Milk in this great State normally comes from cows. These animals give high amount of milk, which is almost 42%. This product has contributed greatly to growth of economy in Turkey. There are other milk products manufactured and sold to other parts of this universe. These products are yoghurt, milk powder and cooking fats. Dairy business has made this country know worldwide. Cases of jobless citizens are rare because milk products manufacturing companies are many and they offer employments to young people.

9. New Zealand

New Zealand Top Popular Milk Producing Countries 2019

New Zealand is another best country for milk production worldwide. This product is from cows just like that of Turkey mentioned above. Large quantities of productions are distributed to different countries that had placed orders. In that way, you will find out that New Zealand is growing at a high rate due to foreign exchange earned after exporting milk to various states. Exported milk from this nation is approximated to be 90%. This country has been doing this since 1846 and a lot of change has been experienced since that time.

8. France

France Top Most Famous Milk Producing Countries 2018

France is also not left behind in milk production. It is ranked in eighth position of this article. There are many animals well maintained in this country. Many acres of land have been set aside for growing of animal feeds. Due to this effort, France produces approximately 333, 000 liters of this product in every year. Milk collected from specific cows is about 18 %. France has indeed stabilized ever since it started producing milk. Farming has been rapid and successful and cases of Jobless people minimized. France serves various countries with their quality products.

7. India


On seventh position of our article is India. This nation is so large and has 11 provinces. In each of these provinces, there are health cows that are well maintained for large amount of milk production. India holds a great and amazing record of producing 54 million tons of milk I 2012. This great achievement contributed a lot to growth of economy in India. Large quantities of milk were also observed in years 2009 and 2010. There is an ongoing program currently starts by Indian government known as Operation flood. It is meant to regard food.

6. USA


United States of America is in sixth position in this article of best milk producing countries worldwide in 2017. There are more than 45 states in this country that have large and well fed animals. Such animals include sheep, Buffaloes, cows, Cameras and many others. Milk manufacturing industries are well known countrywide for giving out quality products. When milk has been extracted from these animals, it has to be well maintained before exported to required areas. Approximate number of dairy farms in America is 51,000 and is essential in manufacturing milk powders specifically for children. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Milk Producing Countries in The World 2017.

5. Germany


Germany is another famous country worldwide. It is best known for various reasons including milk productions. There are various animals that are responsible for producing quality milk each year. These animals are sheep, buffaloes, cows, goats and camels. All these livestock produce 21.1% milk. Economy growth rate of German has greatly gone higher due to this activity. There are many job opportunities for all classes of people in German. Milk produced is exported to different countries at a relatively cheap price and this has contributed to rise in market of all milk products from this amazing nation.

4. Pakistan


It is indeed good to learn about milk production in Pakistan. This country is amongst best milk producing countries ranked in fourth position of this article. Largest amount of milk produced are from rural areas. They are extracted from cows, sheep, camels and buffaloes and later on transported to urban areas for manufacturing of other products such as cheese, milk powders ad yoghurt. Pakistan is well equipped with large farms to store health animals that obtain best milk for them. Milk is so sufficient for this nation such that it has to be exported to other nations I return of foreign exchange.

3. Brazil


Brazil is also amongst best ad large producers of milk mentioned in this article today. Milk production in this nation has been an ongoing thing for many years. This product is specifically extracted from cows that are good health and always well maintained. These animals produce up to 27.9 million liters in every year. Maximum production of milk in this country is experienced in a popular state known as Minas Gerais. There are many health cows and animal feed in this destination.

2. Russia


Russia is in second position in this article of best milk producers worldwide. It has been proudly ranked here because of large quantities of milk that are produced and released to different nations. Manufacturing companies of milk products are available and create job opportunities for fellow citizens. Russia’s economy has grown higher. Milk production is responsible for 20% of economy in Brazil.

1. China


China is best of all milk producing countries worldwide. It has been ranked in position one of this article. There are many things to learn about milk production in China, which is famous for manufacturing of electronic devices. Animals that produce milk in china are sheep, cows and buffaloes. There are total of 14 million cows responsible for milk production.

These above are the Top 10 Best Milk Producing Countries in The World 2017. It has been good for every reader to learn about milk production in countries featured above. You will find out that these nations are highly developed form this activity. Plenty of this product is released and exported to various nations worldwide.

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