Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World

When it comes to the military, they need someone to lead the all of the platoons in the right direction. That is where the generals come in. They are the root of the whole operation. If the general does not make a correct decision then everything could go up into flames. Listed below are the ten military generals that have been the greatest ones and to this day are remembered for their tremendous work.

List of Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World in 2017

10. Volker Wieker

volker wieker, Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World 2017

This man has been in office from nineteen seventy four all the way to two thousand and ten. He has worked so hard to make Germany better each and everyday. He has not given up at all. He made it through it all. Never once was shot or harmed. He had to do what he did so the people knew he was a good person to make the area a better place. He would still be fighting today if he could. He is one amongst the Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World 2017.

9. Katsutoshi Kawano

Katsutoshi Kawano Top Most Famous Military Generals in The World 2019

He has done what he was suppose to do while in control. He kept the army under control and made it to where they would listen no matter what. It sounds controlling but he did it to make it a better place and so the army knew what they was doing when they went out into the world to fight. He did not send them out all the time because he did not want the fight happening. He has become the Chief in Japan.

8. Dalbir Singh


The fact that the punishments you would get are worse than jail keeps everything under control. If you steal anything you will get your fingers chopped off. This man is the leader over one point three million people in the army but he knows how to handle them. Since nineteen seventy he has built his way up making everyone follow what he has said and they know what could happen if anything goes wrong in any way or form.

7. Choi Yoon Hee


When you join the military you must learn not to crack a smile or even laugh when a superior is in the room or in your present. This is the one thing you will learn first so they you understand it. This man was from the Navy Chiefs and he knows how it should be because he lived it. If you do wrong you will know you do from punishments. He is over the military and keeps everything in shape and does not let anyone get out of hand in any way.

6. Nick Houghton


This guy did a lot of extra studying just to get higher in the ranks. When nine eleven happened he was in the military operation making it that much easier to work his way up. He made it where he is now by doing as he was told and following all the instructions in order to get higher and higher to prove he had it in him. He has advanced multiple times and this is why when you work hard you will make things better for you and so many others.

5. Fang Fenghui

Fang Fenghui Top Most PopularMilitary Generals in The World 2018

China is where he has been and where he plans to stay. He is high up and he will only go higher or stay the same. If you look at him you will see that people see him as a Jackie Chan figure making it harder to deal with the small mistakes because he finds all mistakes. He started in the late sixties and made his way up to where he has landed. It took him thirty years to get where he is today and this is why he does not like to give up. He has been trained and educated so he can prove he knows everything he is suppose to.

4. Hulusi Akar


This area is one that stays low and does not do a lot. They stay out of the light in Turkey because they do not want anyone to know what is going on. They do go to war every once in awhile but not as much as other countries. This man takes care of all of the problems that are going on. In the year of seventy two he made his way up to where he is now. He has more control in his hands than he ever has and this makes him happy to keep everything safe and under control. He is the second in charge so that is only one down from the leader of it all. If he reaches a goal he will only try harder to get to the next one so he can achieve all he can before his life is over.

3. Valery Gerasimov


When his men go to war he feels the pain and the angry and it can be shown on his face as you watch what he does with his men and women. He loves how far he has made it and will always try harder to get higher. This is not in evil but in good to make everything so much better than it has ever been. He started in the seventies and has only went up from there. He is a general making him pretty high up and making him even happier than before.

2. Martin Dempsey


He has been around for a lot of the wars that have happened. He has went through them with the men and women who have fought with it all. He has never held back and will take control if it is needed. In this state the military and the special forces is one huge deal. You hear so much about these people and how much they work because even though no war is happening they are away and not with their families because they are trying to help others in the world. The general has never let them down because he does what he thinks is right and it seems he is doing a pretty good job at it all.

1. Raheel Sharif


This leader knows where he stands and will only go higher if he pleases. When he took control he knew it would be a hard job to deal with but he still did it for the country and for his people. He had to stand tall when others feel and he had to push to make it that much better. He will forever stand tall till he has finally lost his life or he gives it all up. He is the number one person who stands the tallest to make things so much better than others.

These above are the Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World 2017. Overall, these men all did wonderful things while being the general for their nations armies. The men are respected and many people look up to them and wish they could be back into the positions of being the generals again.

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