Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools

Gathering data from search engines to create a keyword research campaign can be time consuming. One thing that is important for someone to know, is how to properly research for keywords, other things come after. Many companies do invest much money in keyword research so that they can target their audience well. Research tools comes in different forms, there are those that are priced whereas there are others that are completely free. Below is a list of top 10 best keyword tools in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2017

10. SeCockpit

secockpit, Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017

This is another well known keyword research tool. It can be used to perform many tasks related to SEO such as site planning and improving ranking. SeCockpit is paid software with several different modules to perform different tasks. Here you can find the most valuable keywords in a flash of time, get better keywords that your competitors. It runs in the cloud and runs faster than any other research tool.

9. SEO Spyglass


This paid software offers a onetime payment instead of monthly subscriptions as offered by other keyword research tools. The best part about this software is that it is compatible o any devices. Besides keyword research, this software also serves as a great competitive analysis tool. You can find out about your competitors and ways of beating them. SEO Spyglass is trusted and used by many big brands.

8. Jaaxy


Jaaxy unlike other keyword research tools that has many features focuses on one task and does it to perfection. A unique keyword research tool helps one find an unlimited amount of keywords in good time. Online entrepreneurs to help users make the most out of this software and maybe take their online businesses to the next level created it. This software is effective, easy to use, comes in good price and provides an awesome support.

It is a fancy research tool for starters who wants to rank quickly for profitable keywords.

7. LongTailPro


This key word research tool was established in 2011. This is a paid cloud based software that is trusted and used by many users including many successful online marketers. This tool helps you find the keywords for your niche sites within a short time. It offers 3 account options namely started, pro and Agency. With the agency version, you can get detailed keyword analysis feature straight away. This software has a best feature that is known as competition checker. This feature helps the users pick the right keywords easily.

6. Spyfu


This is one of the best keyword research tools available today. It is very helpful in the analysis and staying ahead of the tight competition. It also helps one analyze and discover the market, which are underserved, or newly emerging ones. This dashboard is user friendly and very intuitive. It features several modules being compare websites module, keyword History module, Domain History module and related Keywords module. Its pricing comes in two basic plans and a agency plan too.

5. Majestic


This is another most popularly known and used keyword research tool that possesses unique features such as link profile fight, compare tool, clique hunter, keyword checker and more. This tool has managed to form a solid client base internationally who were carried away by its operation and its unquestionable quality. Majestic is available at variety of pricing, including a free registration and subscription options rising to enterprise level options. This is one of the Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017.

4. Keyword Spy


This is another incredible keyword research tool that can be used to learn the key words that competitors use and research keywords for campaign. This software is quite expensive not so cheap but for the people who have experience using it say the price is worthwhile. Keyword Spy operates in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia now. Through this tool, one can be able to research and find out how your competitor is doing.

3. Word Tracker


This keyword research tool has 3 main tools namely keyword tools, link builder and strategizer. The above tools give the software features that you will not find in any other product on the list. If you want more traffic to your site or want to better understand what your market is looking for you should use Word tracker. It is a convenient keyword research tool believed and used by many I keyword finding and enhances a high level of competitiveness.

2. SEMRush


This is another keyword research tool that focuses on all aspects of search engine marketing just like the SEO spyglass. This tool is different from other tools whereby you add seedword to initiate your research, in SEMRush one just add your competitor’s uniform resource locator and it will show you all of the keywords that are ranking for that site. It makes keyword research so easy. SEMRush helps you find valuable keywords in just a few seconds of time.

1. Google keyword planner


This is one of the free Keyword research tools in the market today and apart from it being free, it is also very convenient. One has to open an account free with Google ad words for him/her to use this software. This tool provides you with information from Google give it the best feature. This feature is also a limitation to this software as someone cannot be able to know how certain keywords are performing on other search engines. The thing that makes this software the most loved is the fact that it comes free of charge and at the same time it performs tasks that the other priced software do better and faster

With the above list of the top best keyword research tools 2017, you can choose the one that seems to give the best results in relation to the features that comes with the tool and quality. It is very much advisable to choose a tool or two that you will be using and stick to it other than using so many tools. The above are the top recommended tools you can choose from.