Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America

There are many healthy insurance companies in United States of America. Residents of this wonderful state are highly benefiting from programs released by these organizations. This article is going to basically feature on ten best health insurance companies of America. Important features are outline so that you may be equipped with full information required before making a rightful decision of membership. Some of these companies are of many years ago while others were established recently.

List of Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America in 2017

10. Anthem health insurance

Anthem health insurance Top Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017

This is a health insurance program in America and trusted by many people hence scooped tenth position of this article. It offers different plans like Medicare advantage, drug coverage and drug coverage. Anthem Health insurance was formed in 2004 after merging of WellPoint Health Networks and anthem. In its early stages of helping patient, this companied assumed WellPoint name but later changed Anthem to date. Its headquarters are built in Indiana and is can be comfortably described as independent organization in several parts of America like Ohio and New York.

9. UnitedHealthCare insurance


UnitedHealthCare service is another common insurance group in United States of America. This Health program is essential in retrieving information of Physician services, outpatient services and many others. Patient’s information is kept safe until next time he or she gets back. There is no Confusion with health care even when doctors are in hurry to save patients. Personal record of patients include, personal status, personal information that are written to date and lab results. Claim status is also stored here. Many important features are associated with this insurance program.

8. Aetna

Aetna Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017

Most of Aetna’s federal market places and states took place in 2015 and 2016. Aetna insurance program is one of those largest carries in entire America. It will be merged with Humana in early 2017 for a great companion. It major concerns include Cost, Quality and access of health care. Research that was conducted recently shows that there are many insurance groups in America that opposes this great plan in America. Their main reason is not clearly stated. Their form of service is quick and always of high quality. They help patients in attaining back their Health coverage, dental, small business plans and vision of members.

7. Cigna


Cigna is a very popular and trusted global health insurance company that has more than 30,000 employees and revenues that adds up to $30 billion. This insurance program holds single and family health issues tight. Required contacts are given out to members for communication purposes when need arises. History of Cigna Insurance began recently when INA and Connecticut General Companies were combined in 1982 to form a stronger organization in America than before. People who are above 65 years of age benefit from health services that are offered by Cigna.

6. Kaiser Permanente


Kaiser is a popular company in America that comprises of two large organizations. One of them is Kaiser Foundation Health plan and other one is Hospital. They are both permanent medical plans for United States of America. These popular and successful organizations are now serving Colorado, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, Hawaii, Georgia and Oregon. Others additional states above from those mentioned ones are also involved in Kaiser Permanente plan. Their ways of serving people gives permanent solutions just as its name suggests. More than 10 million people in America receive their services in every year.

5. Humana


Humana is another popular health organization that takes position five of this article. It is normally based in Louisville, United States of America but offers services to several other places within same state. Sometime back, Humana was a nursing company for patients. It involved itself in serving people of 65 years and above. There is an ongoing plan of uniting Humana and Aetna. This has been discussed in number 8 above of this article. Policies of this amazing insurance program was released to 22 states such as Western and central plains. Extensive support is also given to different departments in America.

4. Health Care service Corporation


Popularly known as HCSC, this successful organization is among largest insurance companies in United States of America. Originally, this company was created in 1936 offering medical coverage back then. Contracts and stand-alone attachment are offered together with their forms. Their services are majored on dental problems, disability issues, fully owned Subsidiary and Dearborn National services. Some of its benefits include faster and quality services that suited people of required age. In 1937, HCSC gave their first policy. Currently, no shareholders or purchases are available in their services. Chicago is their headquarters together with other carriers.

3. Highmark


Highmark is a carrier that was established in America several years ago. It started by offering services to children before establishing itself to include elderly people. More than 5 million people are currently benefiting from their services. After merging with Northeastern Blue Cross of Pennsylvania (BCNEPA), Highmark stated serving strongly in places like West Virginia and Delaware. This successful carrier has taken position three of this article because of its quality services and plans despite fact of receiving stiff competitions from other organizations. It established a juvenile health Insurance program, which is one of its greatest achievements ever since it was established.

2. Blue Shield of California


This is also a non-profitable carrier offering services specifically in California. Blue shield of California is based on San Francisco and was found in 1939. More than four million people are currently benefitting from this program. Their revenue is approximately 10 billion US dollars after every 10 years.

1. Independence Blue Cross


Independence Blue cross is the biggest and best medical coverage in America. It offers services to persons of 65 years and above. Senior people are able to get cheaper and affordable coverage. This insurance is very popular together with Aetna and others. Blue cross is a great success in insurance companies that are based in America.

These are best insurance companies in America 2017. Millions of people have greatly benefitted from these programs and have now recovered from serious health issues. What pleases me most about them is their plan of offering quality services to elderly people and children.

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