Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software

Various video editing software has been manufactured and are available in market today. Professionals or business people who own video shops commonly use them. Top ten best video editors are listed below.

List of Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software in 2017

10. Movica

movica, Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software 2017

Movica is popular free video editing software among many people today. It comprises of fine programs that are essential in editing movies to a point of achieving clear and quality reputation. Movica is much faster when using shortcuts provided in keyboard than clicking with a mouse. This software supports files like WMV, FLV and MPG. All levels of windows operating system support this editor including windows 7 starter, profession and vista. Business people who own video recording shops are advised to use this software and boost their work. Learn more about this software by visiting their website.

9. Lightworks


Lightworks is another best movie editor being featured in position nine of this article. Most people love it for various reasons known to their own understanding. However, according to my research, this editor has a number of video effects that are essential in video editing and fits each person’s preferences. Good thing about Lightworks is that it can edit more than 260 videos together with image clips and audios at once. However, some people find it hard to use Lightworks due to technical and complicated user interface. You can decide and train yourself in working with this unique editor.

8. Cinefx Jahshaka


Jahshaka can be described as a first open source for actual video editing with effects in the world. it has powers of OpenML and OpenGL that is essential in giving exceptional level of performances. Business partners and video recording shop owners recommend using Cinefx. Reason behind all that is because of many people using Windows as their interface or operating system. Other systems that can be supported include Irix, Linux, Dos, OS x and all levels of windows including 10. Due to its features, Cinefx has ranked as one of best video editors worldwide.

7. ZS4 video editor


It has come to my observation and through working experience that this type of editor great and has fantastic software for providing media experts with a program that enables photo combination, audio files and even videos into one. ZS4 has taken chances and appeared in this list because of its quality feature. One good thing about it is that it works so fast need no extra program to do its work. Try and work with this editor, I am telling you, no regrets will be encountered. For those who have tried it can proudly stand straight and confess.

6. Blender


Blender is amazing software with desirable features needed to meet our desires. It can be described as a free and open source 3D content particularly used in creation services. This editor works in all operating systems under general Public license (GNU). More advanced features are observed with blender software. Some of these quality features include none based materials and character animating tools. Blender software is essential in videos for windows and Mac operating systems. However, many people find it hard to use a complicated interface but I know that it is always good to learns new things.

5. FFMpeg


This is a unique and paid video editing tool for windows operating systems. I know you are wondering a lot why FFMpeg is appearing in this article. Sit back and relax as I explain briefly abut clearly to you. There is a huge collection of free software accompanied with it. It can comfortably record, stream Digital audios or videos and convert files as well. Before using it, one has to undergo some training because its interface is a bit complicated and you might find it hard. FFMpeg can be bought from authorized dealers.

4. Avidemux


We cannot afford to omit Avidemux free video editing software designed for easier or simple filtering, cutting and tasks related to encoding. There are specific files that are supported by this unique software. Some of them include DVD compatible, MPEG Files, MP4, AVI and ASF with a variety of Codecs. There is no doubt or worry that Avidemux will serve you well in all video editing activities. O the other hand, people with experience of this editor is seriously uploading positive reviews and comments to congratulate or to acknowledge founders and producers of Avidemux. For that simple reason, we have decided to feature it here.

3. Wax


Wax is highly performing software with quality and unique video editing programs. Unlike other software that we have taken time to study, wax can be used in homes and work places. Professionals enjoy using it as a stand-alone system or can be plugged to other video editor. It is capable of turning making your video go to a next level because of its transitional effects such as titles, transitional and sound effects. Wax is relatively fast when used with other editors and will meet all your desires at one level of action.

2. VirtualDub


VirtualDub is amazing and powerful free video editing software landing in second position of this article. It has amazing features such as video splitting, addition of audio tracks, compression, color addition, cutting and many other features. This software is best known and acknowledged by many people for having unique processing capabilities that is able to deal with several files and filtering them as well. you can only learn about this software by using it.

1. Windows movie maker


Just as its name suggest, this software is essential for editing movies in windows software. It has an easy way of making movies by dragging and dropping hence becoming very fast editor. New effects and even transitions can be added to modify and chance enhancement of a movie. Quality features like sound effects, Video and audio effects have landed it in first position of this article.

Are you looking for good and suitable video editing software? These above are the Top 10 Best Free Video Editing Software 2017. I understand you have been worried but now you got a solution to all you problem. This article has made everything cheap for you by analyzing some important and best editors in market.

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