Top 10 Best Countries for Women’s Rights in The World

Since the past, women have greatly been mistreated and harassed. They have been taken for granted and greatly denied very many opportunities that if they get can greatly shine. The males are the ones who have dominated over them and have greatly exploited them. The world, in collaboration of various organisation that fight for women’s rights have truly fought for the women and that is why have stood out nowadays. Below is a list of countries that are fully for women’s rights.

List of Top 10 Best Countries for Women’s Rights in The World in 2017

10. Austria

Austria Top Most Countries for Women’S Rights in The World 2017

It is a country that borders Germany. It has therefore adopted various German culture like the language. It is known for valuing women as well as their rights. They have put in great effort in trying to put in great effort in protecting women from any form of harassment. Austria is in the list of the first countries to allow women to vote.

9. Luxembourg

Luxembourg Top Popular Countries for Women’S Rights in The World 2019

I know that this is a country that is not heard by many. It is a country that is surrounded by popular countries like Belgium and France. From the past to the present day it has fought and still is fighting against gender favours. The effort that it made is now clearly seen since it among the top ten countries for women’s rights. It supports inheritance by women and fights against women harassment by men and also early marriage which was very common.

8. United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is composed of 4 countries namely Wales, Scotland, England and the famous North Island. It is also in the list of being among the first countries to allow women to vote in both parliamentary and general elections. Among the rights that most countries denied women to have, the UK was among the first countries to grant the women such rights. Trust me if you are woman you will definitely fall in love with this country,

7. Germany


If there is country that is blessed with landscape as well as land terrain is this one. It is located in the west of Europe. For a very long time they have fought for the rights of women and at the same time men. The gap between men and women is so small nowadays such that they are not concentrating in women’s rights. They only do a little of empowering so that women may exploit the opportunities given to them. Across all fields like education, the economy, the health, the leadership and the politics are the things that are equally offered to both men and women.

6. New Zealand


This is another country that highly codons favour of a certain gender. It works day in day out to try and see that all gender is treated equally and they have the same opportunity in every field may it be education, health, politics and many other fields. This is the first country to allow women the chance of voting in elections in parliament. It is a country that not only reduces the gap between gender but also empower women so that they can exploit the opportunities given to them. This is one of the Top 10 Best Countries for Women’s Rights in The World 2017.

5. Australia


This country is among the best ten countries known for protection of women’s rights. It is a highly developed country that is surrounded by the Pacific and the Indian and the Pacific Oceans. It is among the first countries to allow women to vote in elections. They are also the first ones to allow women to have seats in parliament. It is working tooth and nail to try and reduce the gap between men and women in various fields like education as well as politic. This country is at the edge of achieving their long life goal.

4. Netherlands


This lovely country is located at the western parts of Europe. It is a kingdom meaning that the ruler is either a king or a queen. This is a kingdom that for a long time has fought tooth and nail for gender equality. That is why this country is known as a safe haven for women. This is because they are highly valued and they are treated equally as their male counter parts. The gap between men and women in various fields like education, leadership, economy, politics, health and education is very narrow. The country has done an excellent job in that.

3. Canada


It is the second largest country in North America right after Russia. It is not highly populated and is known for welcoming immigrants through the North where there is a wilderness. Women in this country are treated like very delicate objects which need to be protected from breakage. They are given very many opportunities as well. Gender inequality is a thing of the past and that is why the country is developing very fast.

2. Sweden


The country is located in the west side of Norway and at the east of Baltic Sea. In terms of development the country this country is growing at a very high rate. Most of the resources it has it is channelled towards development and service to the public. There is great reduction in taxation and the transport network is just perfect. The distribution of health facilities is equal all over and that is what makes the country very good to be. In terms of gender equality, women have greatly taken up their roles and their rights are highly valued.

1. Denmark


And at the top of our list is this country that greatly respect women. Even in their leadership women have ruled all through and have seen to it there is gender equality among everyone. Denmark is a well-developed kingdom under the rule of queens. In this country there is no difference in terms of having a gap between men and women. Both genders have same opportunities for employment in all fields and that is a factor that has greatly contributed to its growth.

These above are the Top 10 Best Countries for Women’s Rights in The World 2017. In this modern world we are in, gender inequality should be a thing of the past and women should be equally treated in the same way as men. They should not be harassed or denied anything that is going to benefit her in life. They should be given equal chances in education health and so on. If we do this we are going to have a very nice world.

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