Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World

As most of researchers have confirmed, most of humans love animals. Many keep them as their pets but others go ahead and mistreat them .animals take a huge contribution in bringing up the career of Africa. Many organizations have showed a great concern of these animals, which is a very good contribution in building our nation. Let us join hands together and protect the beauty of our nation. Let us get down to our to animals top ten best animal welfare organizations in the world in 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World in 2017

10. PDSA Organization

PDSA Organization Top Famous Animal Welfare Organizations in the World 2019

Cats also deserve to have a warmth place and a home to sleep in evening. PDSA organization is based for that job. It is an organization, which has dedicated to its works on taking care of welfare and health of cats. Their work is highly recognized even in individuals also are trained on programs studying and caring cats. They also offer advice to cat owners on how to take care of their pets and kind of medical service to give in case of injury.

9. Animal Welfare Institute

Animal Welfare Institute Top 10 Best Animal Welfare Organizations in the World 2017

This institution is specialized in providing homes for animals used for scientific experimentation like rats. They offer homes in terms of labs where they keep these animals safe. Do they not only provide homes but also ensure that these animals are treated in a humane way in the communities where they are found. To some people rats are a nuisance but to them they are a source of joy. It started its operations of rescuing these animals back in 1951.

8. Dogs Trust


This UK based animal welfare organization is the best place for homeless and injured dogs go and find a home and good medical attention. Main objective of Dogs Trust organization is to take care of the welfare of dogs and offering education to the society on how a dog should be treated. A dog being man’s best friend needs a home and veterinary care to makes its life worthwhile.

7. Performing Animal Welfare Society


This an organization with a mission to protect our wild life by providing sanctuary to our abandoned animal from poachers who are the biggest threat to this animals which are almost becoming extinct this organization ensures that species which are exposed are taken by PAWS. They ensure that they provide and enforce the best standards for all animals. “PAWS” have a sanctuary, which host these animals in California where they host 7 bears, 1 black leopard, 11 elephants, 4 lions and 2 tigers. These are some of the animals almost becoming extinct due to poaching. In other terms, we are lucky to have such organization “PAWS”

6. D.E.LT.A Rescue


It was established in the year 1979 its sole purpose was to provide home for homeless animals and health facilities have been established to provide care for injured animals. This organization have land of about 150 acres which provide enough space for this animals which have been injured, in this land they provide a conducive environment for this by providing medical care and feeding this animals making their life better. In these facilities, they have doctors who are dedicated to help these animals and personnel who protect these animals.

5. Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR)


This organization has a focused objective to protect endangered birds species. This organization was started back in the year 1999, this is among the best homes in the world known to provide nest for bird to lay eggs and they give food for the endangered species this organization has among the best veterans, scientists and researcher who go to the field to look for this endangered species of birds. The following are among the endangered species Giant ibis, New Caledonia owlet-nightjar.

4. The Marine Mammal Centre


This is one of the best animal welfare organizations in the world 2017. It takes care of the welfare of marine mammals like whales, seals and dolphins. In this organization, they provide a home for these animals and treat those that have been injured. They admit those rescued marine’s mammals that have been injured and give them medical care that ensure they recover fully. It has networks all over the world. The organization is known to feed the offspring’s of rescued animals with bottles.

3. The Wild Animal Sanctuary


This organization is a sanctuary for wild animals that have been rescued from ill treatme4nt by members of the society leading to the animals being injured. They ensure that these ill-treated animals find a home in their organization. The veterinaries in this organization has an objective of ensuring that these animal’s health is not at risk and not taken for granted. The wild sanctuary has provided a home for animals that would have otherwise ended up dead somewhere out of injuries.

2. International Fund for Animal welfare (IFAW)


This organization is dedicated to ensuring that wild animals are threated in the best manner possible. It is global organization located in USA, Canada and the wild life continent Africa where they have trained and qualified scientists and 375 campaigners who creates awareness on taking care of wilds animals and protecting them from being injured. This organization rescues wild animals that are injured and treats them.

1. PetSmart Charities


At number one is the best animal welfare organization in the world. Their objective is to teach every individual on ways of having a healthy relationship with their animals. They also take special care for animals, provide them with a warm place to rest, give the animals meals and more importantly they provide medical care to these animals. The organization keeps both wild and human friendly animals that have found a home in this organization. Since they have taken into their organization so many animals, they are selling some of the animals that are pets to humans.

These are the top ten best animal welfare organizations in the world 2017. All the best listed animals welfare organization are best basing on the kind of animals they take care of, but for the purpose of listing they are given different positions but all of them are equal in terms of how important they are in taking care of animals.

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  1. Thank you for this compilation. As a animal lover and supporter of multiple organizations over many years I asked myself one day after seeing how much I had given: “But, where has all the money gone?” If you look at the NPO’s on your list and the other “top animal welfare organizations” ( the well heeled well established ones ) form 990’s from years 2012 – 2016 collectively they have earned over 10 Billion dollars ( NOT including real property assets ). The form 990’s ( publicly available ) are not easily read by a lay person – in fact most donors don’t even know they can read them and would be VERY interested to know WHERE THE MONEY HAS GONE!

    Granted these organizations do evidenced based good work BUT at what cost?: Each year these organizations get bigger BUT the problem(s) they purport to solve escalate as well. WHY? Because many of the problems they frame to donors can be solved with money which is not necessarily true. Most people who give $10-25 per month would LOVE to know exactly how their money is being spent and would most likely give less if they discovered their donation was going to someones retirement fund or “Holiday Gathering”. Many donors are most likely just plain embarrassed to ask. For example most people who watch the tear jerking ASPCA late night commercials are not aware the ASPCA is a animal shelter ( primarily ) based iN NYC!. Why no vetted news organizations has asked the simple question: Where has all the money gone?” is beyond belief. I can hear it now – “But if we probe we will alienate readers” NO YOU WON’T Don’t pick on one Animal Welfare Organization look into them – all, the one’s on your list and the ones I mention below would be a great start. Please get out your shovels and dig the money pit is deep and wide. The top animal welfare organizations are like snowballs getting bigger, more complex and richer with time while the problems they claim your donation will solve gets bigger too! Where Has All The Money Gone?
    Best Friends
    American Humane

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