Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World

You want to see something cool? Then go see one of these trees you will not have to deal with the mystery of not knowing anymore. The more you look at it the more you will not understand them. If we could takes trips every year just to see if it is still growing that would be cool but no one is sure how old some of them are and if they will stop growing and fall over. Better enjoy them while you can because they will outlive you and so many more after us.

List of Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World in 2017

10. Eucalyptus Deglupta

eucalyptus deglupta, Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World 2018

The tree is very tall and the branches are a rainbow color and is really pretty. The inside of the bark is a bright green color because every so often people with trim the bark back to see the inside of it. IT is being grown in tree plantations and is used to make paper because of the pulpwood. Used for pulpwood plantations in Philippines.

9. Silk Floss Tree

silk floss tree, Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World 2017

The flowers that grow on this tree are so beautiful. They grow in bundles and are little small flowers that are just like a petal just very tiny in size. It is the mallow family. Some of the trees reach up to eighty one foot and is found in South America. During the dry times people will prick the tree so it can get water and other nutrients and will stay alive and grow even bigger than what they found it to grow.

8. Methuselah Tree


This tree grows in the White Mountains high up. The age of this tree is amazing coming in at four thousand eight hundred and forty four to forty five years old. It is the world’s oldest known living tree. It is mentioned in the Bible and was said to have been talked about back in nine hundred and sixty nine years. It feeds off the cold weather and that is what helps it live longer.

7. Silk Cotton Trees in Ta Prohm


If you do your research you will see that this tree grows at the ruins in Ta Prohm. It grows under the ruins and has just kept growing with no problems off falling over or being destroyed. The silk cotton tree has been see n by so many people because everyone will go and see how it has grown so big in the ruins and have no clue as to where and when it started or when it will end and destroy the rest of the ruins.

6. Teapot Baobab


If you look very closely at these trees you will see that the trunk is smooth with the limbs only being at the top. The light brown color stays the same on every single tree that is from this family. The smooth feel makes it so nice to touch it when you are walking by them. It is said to be about a thousand years old and holds over thirty one thousand gallons of water.

5. Elia Bouybon, Olive Tree Vouves


This tree looks really old and the roots and branches are all intertwined at the bottom of it. It is old because it is around three thousand and four thousand years old. The age may say this but that is only what they could round it to because no one knows the right age. It is fifteen foot tall and the leaves look weird but it is a really cool tree that would be cool to go see just to see how it has grown the way it has.

4. Angel Oak


It is located in the Angel Oak Park that is why it has the name it has. It is anywhere from three hundred and four hundred years old. It stand at sixty six foot tall and it a little over twenty five foot around. The shade from this tree covers seventeen thousand square feet and you will be in the shade no matter where you go. One of the limbs are eighty nine feet long. It is east of the Mississippi River.

3. Tree Of Life


One cool thing is it is the only tree that stand in the Bahrain desert. Nothing else will grow here and it has been proven because it they tested it. This tree stand alone and no one can figure out why it has not died and the fact of it being over four hundred years old makes it a mystery also. Over fifty thousand people go and see the tree for proof each year and well they get the proof because it is still there and not going any place else.

2. The Tree Of Tule


Some people say it is six thousand years old while others say it is not over three thousand but no one is really sure how old it is. The trees trunk is so strong that nothing can cut through it and has the stoutest of any other tree out there. It sits on the Church grounds in Mexico. It has a few weird shapes growing in or that have already been there. Just go see the tree and feel the trunk to get the proof that everyone wants so badly.

1. Axel Erlandson Circus Trees


These trees are some of the coolest trees around. One has holes in it like a latter. It looks like the roots grew upward and kinda made a pattern. No one knows how this happened but they refuse to cut it down or even mess with it because of the coolness of it. It is called the basket tree and the you have the telephone booth tree plus the two leg tree. These are three of the five. If anyone knew the other two names no one has spoken up and said what they could have because no one can find out what they are. The attraction opened in nineteen forty seven and people will go just to see if they can figure out what has happened to the trees to make them grow this way.

These above are the Top 10 Wonderful Trees in The World 2017. These trees grow weird or they plain out can not be touched because of the history behind them. Tress usually do not last over thousands of years without falling down and rotting. These trees outlived a lot of people and will still be around in the long run. You can go see each and everyone of them but do not try to harm them because you can get in a lot of trouble. They have so many trees around these days that every so often a new one will pop up that was not there before. It is great for us because we use them for the oxygen but in the end our forest and woods are still having problems because people keep cutting them down.

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