Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants That Look Edible

There are certain plants in the nature’s plantation that are quite beautiful and attractive just and they do reassemble some of the other edible species of plants. But to your surprise, this plants turn out to be poisonous and very dangerous to human health until they are capable of killing. It is kind of a tricky situation whenever a human confuses these plants with other edible ones because they might end up harming them to a critical point. We take a look at some of these plants that are quite confusing and harmful.

The list below gives you insight on some of the top ten most poisonous species of this plants that really look edible.



Originating from North America, this plan is commonly known by the scientific name ‘Cicuta Maculata’ and is closely related to the toughest poison on earth called Hemlock. The plant is a wild flower that grows in the wild at any given strategic points that belongs to the carrot family. In most cases this pant is mostly and always confused to the parsnips and sometimes the celery edible plant. In fact, the plant is a deadly poisonous plant that contains a toxic poison which is mainly concentrated in the roots and once consumed; it might cause very serious bodily complications.



This is another of the North American plant that is used as a herb and goes by the scientific name as ‘Ageratina Altissima’ and it contains one very poisonous and deadly alcohol by the name Trematol. It mostly affects the people who have ingested this deadly plant and it is also believed that an indirect ingestion that includes taking or eating something associated with another that had contact with the plant ca also affect you badly.



The plant that goes by the scientific name ‘Nicotiana Tabacum’ is only known for its big impact and influence in the commercial world of cigarettes. It is said that all parts of this plant are toxic in a way that it contains alkaloids, certain nicotine and anabasine which are way dangerous whenever they are fed on or eaten. Nicotine is considered to be an almost causer of severe cardiac poisoning and can also cause addiction and thee tobacco consumption has really caused many deaths in the world.



A plant that is best known for its scientific name ‘ Parthenocissus Quinquefolia’ which they say looks like the poison ivy and it has five leaves. It is largely known to cause rashes on the skin once it touches the skin of your body and has that irritating mess that is felt by the rashes caused. The much beautiful berries are said to be the most poisonous berries from any plant and can cause whole lot of harm to anybody who consumes it. It even causes death sometimes if not attended to fast.



As the name suggests, the so called berries might sound so amazing by the mention of the mere name itself but the ingestion of it is not very welcoming at all. Known by it scientific name as ‘Phytolacca Americana’, the plant is said to be dangerous and immensely potent meaning it can kill at mere eating and indigestion. They are dangerous and always have pinkish purple stalks, very tall stems and berries around them.


BUCKEYE Top Famous Poisonous Plants That Look Edible 2017

This is a plant that mostly grows in the parts of the United States and is known by the scientific name ‘Aesculus Glabra’. The plant is said to produce certain nuts that are very poisonous and deadly and could kill if consumed and digested in to the body. These nuts can easily be confused with chestnuts because they all have a shiny nutshell under an outer husk. The failure to differentiate the two can land you into serious health emergences that could end your life if action is not taken immediately.



Known by the scientific name ‘Wisteria Sinensis’, the plant is from the legume family that most compares with the beans and peas and might seem difficult to compare and contrast them. This plant has a close relationship with the legumes family but when it comes to the wisteria, the seeds are very much dangerous and poisonous in that when consumed and ingested, they are likely to cause harm when consumed. The entire plant is said to be very toxic as it contains a glycoside called wisterin.



This is a plant that is known by the same scientific name ‘Dogwood’ and comes with amazing shiny red berries that might easily be confused with the usual red berries used to make red wine and other wines. Basically found in the United States, the plant grows in the thick forests and plantations. They are mostly eaten by birds but the consumption of these berries by man might cause dangerous harm and even death due to its poisonous nature.



It is another plant that is meant to produce the red berries and mostly grows in the United States of America. It is known by its scientific name ‘Ilex Opaca’, this plant has this red berries that can be obviously be confused with the rest of the red berries. Meant for birds, the berries can kill since it carries toxins that could kill any human being who consumes and eats them.



Almonds better known by their scientific name ‘ Prunus Dulcis’ have a species of bitter almonds that have a very huge amount of cyanide that might seem very poisonous. The bitter almonds also contain a very toxic compound by the name amygdaline plus a deadly acid by the name hydrocyanic acid that can completely affect the respiratory system. The cyanide content is basically regarded as the dangerous and deadly poison to children if taken in plenty.

These plants do exist in our midst and most of them exist in the forests and vegetation around us. The trick comes with the great confusing one can make when you chose to consume them thinking it is the genuine one. It is good to properly identify them and confirm before consumption.

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