Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World

God made so many things that make nature very beautiful which consist of endless species consequently it enhances beauty in Mother Nature. Naturally, things look attractive from afar that catches eyes for example caves, falls, escarpments, forests and so many others. Amongst all these beauty we should precisely not forget bouquets of flowers which are made of lovely and soft petals. Flowers are considered to send messages of peace and calmness world widely and mark as a very important aspect. Flowers are ideal for lovers for show love, also are given to patients by people as a show of them to get well soon. They are practically used in the whole world to mark different occasions. Here are top ten most beautiful flowers species in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017

10. Chocolate Cosmos

chocolate cosmos, Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2018

Just as it name suggest, chocolate as we all know is a sweet and beautiful thing. These flowers are most loved and liked species and very rare to be found in the world. It consists of flowering plants in sunflower family. They are natural to meadowland and scrubs, which are found in Mexico and in United States. It is widespread also over South Africa in high eastern plains. Chocolate Cosmo has very beautiful colors and fragrance, which is vanillin scent.

9. Cherry Blossom

cherry blossom, Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017

They are very pretty flowers which are rare to see because they grow in areas where there is a lot of ice covered. Cherry Blossom only appears on March and April. They are usually found in Japan local and Himalayan Mountains but have slowly distributed to entire Northern Hemisphere, because of their popularity. Mostly they are found in white and pink colors. There cultivate in number of different shapes and qualities. So many poets worldwide are inspired by its beauty and help to write different lovely poems.

8. Oriental Poppy

oriental poppy, Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017

It belong to Papaveraceae family and they are herbaceous plants often grows into colorful flowers. One species of this plant is a source of crude opium drug that contains powerful alkaloids medicine such as morphine. This have been used as narcotic medicinal, an analgesic and recreation drug since the ancient time. In addition, it produces edible seeds. Poppy flowers have been used as a symbol of remembrance of died soldiers in trench warfare that took place in poppy fields during world war. It has very beautiful colors, which are considered a sign of romance.

7. Dahlia


They are so much pretty and are considered to be leaders of flowers if it could trip. This is because of their shape and designs are so pretty and different to watch multiple layers that you could think are not real. Interesting thing about this plant is that they have around 42 species and are easily available in market. Some of these varieties are much beautiful and lovely which shows a symbol of romance to different cultures. In addition, it is known as Valley flower that is Mexico national flower.

6. Orchid


Orchids are very lovely and attractive flowers. If you are looking for something fancy, then you have to choose these flowers. They have large amount of species, which is about 27,800 that is so much great and big to hear. It has many and different colors but trench beautiful and common that is easily available is white blue that looks like purple. The benefit if orchid flower is it has an attractive fragrance and is mostly use in production of perfumes. You can easily find them in glaciers, desert and around the earth. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017.

5. Tulip


Tulip is a scientific name for Tulipa. This are considered to be the most charming flowers globally. They have about 75 species and there not only beautiful but they are topics for so many poets. For almost thousand years, these flowers have been used in poetry and as a sign of romance in most cultures. They are found in upper areas like on the mountains. Turkish culture and traditions is considered part of the earth that is paradise, because of these unique flowers.

4. Lotus


They are also called Nelumbo Nucifera, bean of India, sacred lotus, or Indian lotus. It is one or two aquatic species plant in Nelumbonaceae family. In favorable circumstances, their seed may remain feasible in years and has an oldest record of development being from that seed are 1,300 years that was recovered from Northeastern China dry lake bed. Natural from Tropical Asia, Queensland, and Australia, normally cultivated in garden waters. It is a countrywide flower of Vietnam and India.

3. Bleeding Heart


Bleeding Heart is most beautiful blossom as its name and due to its shape. This is because their shape looks like color and bleeding red. Poets are also written for this flower and people are very impressed by beauty and shape of it. It has an imaginary look and looks so dramatic. This species belong to poppy family kind. Most of these flowers are found in Japan, China and Korea. Due to its dramatic beautiful shape, it is considered to be the most stunning flower internationally. It has also a romantic shape.

2. Plumeria


They are cute and beautiful flowers that have variety of names such as Temple Tree, Frangipani and Champa, however, most famous of them all is tropical flower which belongs to Apocynaceae family. It is not only beautiful, but also has fresh and best fragrances that are used for production of perfumes. These attractive flowers have combination of three colors yellow, pink and white, but you may find other kind having red color but are rare to find. Most poets use Plumeria flowers in their poem.

1. Rose


These are the most beautiful flower you will find globally. All people love having rose flowers around them and using them as a sign of romance. They have 100 species and are easily available in wide variety of colors including red rose, yellow and white. Their fragrances are used to make different types of perfume.

So, these above are the Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World 2017. Flowers are reproductive structures that are found in floral plants. Many people like using them as a way of love, giving to a sick person in hospital, in weddings and at you house of a refreshing air smell. Above are some of flower species you can use.

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  1. I visited tulip garden in kashmir. Its too beautiful. your collection is really good and justify title of article.

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