Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth

These trees are very big and can be seen anywhere they are grown at. They tend to keep growing and they can reach heights so big that they can sometimes be very dangerous. They are sometimes very rough and some of them are smooth. Some have leaves that are huge and can shade a lot of what is under them. Do not believe how big they are just go stand beside one and feel like an ant.

List of Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth in 2017

10. Gothmog

gothmog, Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth 2017

This tree is very big standing at ninety meters. The trunk alone is three meters around. The bark on this tree is very stringy but it also has leaves that are glossy. The leaves can be anywhere from six centimeters to twenty two centimeters long. They can be a cm and a half wide to seven centimeters. It is located in Australia and is very beautiful if you love the fact that it is just one of the tallest on the list.

9. Queets River Spruce


It is a very large tree. It may not be the biggest but it does make the list. It stands seventy five point six meters tall. It can be found in Washington. And people love to take pictures by it to show how big it is. The truck is really big to. No matter how you look at it then tree can be very scary if he ever fell. It is one of the largest in the Sitka spruce species. Very nice to look at and a rough bark.

8. Red Creek Fir


This tree stands over three hundred and thirty foot tall. The grass and plants just climb up the side to grow. When you stand next this you look like an ant because of the size. If you go see this tree you will see that the roots kinda just grow up the trees trunks and makes it look like they have little arms growing from the sides of it. Found mainly in North America.

7. Rullah Longatyle


This tree is sometimes called the Strong Girl because of how big it really is. It is one of the largest blue gum tree in today’s world. It stands two hundred and ninety seven foot tall and has a volume of thirteen thousand. The bark looks smooth and may be a little sticky. It has beautiful designs that grow in the tree has it grows. It is found in Australia and is one that you will want to see.

6. Eucalyptus Regnans


This is an evergreen tree so that means it stays green all year round. It stands three hundred and seventy four foot tall. It may not be the tallest on this list but it hits the middle mark and then the trees only get bigger from here. It is a flowering plant so that is makes it that much more interesting. It is thin around but it stands pretty tall so if you try to climb it it may sway just a bit because of the thinness of the truck. This is one amongst the Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth 2017.

5. Quinault Lake Red Cedar


It is the biggest redcedar tree in the whole world and the wood circumference measures to be five hundred cubic meters. It is located in Washington by the northwest shores of Lake Quinault. It is about a third of the volume size to the biggest tree general sherman and it stands about one hundred and eighty foot tall. Plenty of people that are traveling stop to view this pretty tree and they enjoy taking photos with it to show the size difference compared to normal trees.

4. Tane Mahuta


It is the biggest tree by volume because it is five hundred and sixteen cubic meters. The tree is located in New Zealand and is said to be thousands of years old, between 1250 and 2500. So far it is the biggest of its kind to still be standing today and its name means lord of the forest. The name seems to be very fitting considering the tree is the biggest out of all the other trees that are surrounding the thing in its area.

3. Arbol del Tule


The name of it is a spanish saying and in english means the tree of tule. It is a cyprus tree that is planted directly in the town’s center in the Mexico state, Oaxaca. The town that it is located in was actually named after the tree and the thing is exactly fourteen hundred years old. It supposedly has the biggest trunk in the world because it is thirty eight point one feet in width. The tree is third on the list because its volume of wood is twenty five hundred cubic feet, which is a lot.

2. Lost Monarch


It is twenty six feet in breast height and an overall height of three hundred and twenty feet tall. When it comes to the wood volume, this tree is the biggest redwood in the country and it is about forty two thousand cubic feet total. All the trees that are surrounding this one are very tiny in size compared to this one.

1. General Sherman


You can see this one in the Sequoia National Park in California and is said to be the biggest one that is living with a single stem in terms of its volume. With a cubic feet of fifty two thousand and five hundred, that is why it makes the number one spot on this list. The tree is at the age of between twenty three hundred years old and twenty seven hundred. With how California is with wildfires it is surprising how this beauty has survived the multiple counts of fires plus all the changes in the climate along with it making it through someone cutting it down.

So, these above are the Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth 2017. They tend to be very strong and sometimes people take pictures beside them so they can show just how tall they are. These are beautiful and will be around for a very long time. Take your time and take a few pictures so you can show off to your friends and family how big they are and how wonderful they can be.

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