Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World

It is common knowledge that tree and plants grow, but what is not common is rate at which these plants grow. Growth in plants is not something one can expect to see change on daily basis; rather, it is slow and gradual and can only be noticed in weeks or months depending on the type of plants and their growth rate. These changes are observable in terms of size, look, and depend on not only their species, but also availability of nutrients and other conditions. However, with all environmental conditions constant, some species of plants grow at a faster rate than others grow. This article seeks to outline top ten fastest growing plants in the world, starting with number ten.

List of Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World in 2017

10. Duckweed

Duckweed Top Most Famous Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2018

Duckweed is scientifically known as Wolffia microscopic, it is among not only top ten fastest growing plant, but also smallest flowering and therefore the fastest reproducer universally. As expected, population of duckweed is among the top species. These plants complete its full life cycle in every 30 hours. If it were to reproduce with maximum effectiveness and continuously, duckweed will theoretically be able to be the size of the earth four times in a period of four months only.

9. Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia Top Famous Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2019

Giant sequoia trees are famous for their giant sizes; they grow at a very high rate and can easily attain six feet height in a period of about six to eight years. This species of plant grow at a higher rate on both outward (secondary growth) and upward (primary growth. Woods from giant sequoia is precious and therefore their high rate of multiplication works out to cater for their high rate of being harvested for human use. This rate of growth is not mostly from height, but rather its colossal trunk whose rate of accumulating rings is higher than that of any other plant. In 1970, scientist noted that a California tree named General Sherman tree, was the world fastest growing tree having increased its trunk size by three inches in 40 years.

8. Transgenic Eucalyptus


This is an artificially established plant that is developed by joining of eucalyptus gene with those of brassica. Product formed from the two genes result to a species of plant that grow up to 30 percent faster than original species. Within a period of five years, transgenic Eucalyptus attains a height of 100 feet, or 16 feet per year. Although some people are praise it for the amazing rate of growth, some are worried that it might overtake planet. Long-term consequence on the overall ecology of such a faster growing plant is hard to imagine or predict now.

7. Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo Top Popular Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2019

This is the only member of Barberry family that grows at a faster rate. With a period of three to four years, Heavenly Bamboo can attain a height of about seven feet. These types of tree species grow in tropical regions and are very beautiful. Just like any other plants growing in tropic climate, Heavenly Bamboo does not need much care and maintenances and can grow to maturity with scarce water and nutrients.

6. Kudzu


This Japanese plant grows under sunny and warm conditions. Kudzu grows grow a feet every day and can grow to a height of about sixty feet in a single season. This plant is considered a “stubborn” type of tree due to its tendency of uncontrollably growing at the expense of everything around it. It chokes off other trees by preventing them from accessing the much needed sunshine, and smoothers any other flora growing around it. Kudzu is a very difficult plant to kill, and can reduce an entire forest in to a mare skeleton.

5. Acacia


Acacia is a thorny but an impressive fast growing tree with capability of growing up to over 30 feet in a period of twelve to fourteen months. They grow in the tropics and therefore are under conducive whether throughout the year. As such, they are able to grow about an inch every day.

4. Hybrid Poplar


This is one amongst the Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017. This is one of shadiest plant with ability to grow in all direction within a period of five years. On a time span of one year, the Hybrid Poplar is capable of growing to just about 12 feet, which translate to an average of one foot every month. Most of trees in which hybrid poplar belong are artificially bred in zoology labs and are used for their aesthetic value as they are very beautiful.

3. Eastern Cottonwood


Eastern cottonwoods are type of tree species commonly found in the North American side. On a yearly basis, this type of tree grows for approximately ten to fifteen feet. Regardless of the prevailing environmental conditions, this type of tree grows for about five feet every year. Because of their long life span, they grow very tall.

2. Wisconsin Fast Plants


This is a an artificially bred plant which was fast done in the university of Wisconsin through combination of fast growing flora and under selective breeding. It attains germination, formation of leaves, budding, flowering and maturation of its seed within a very short period. Wisconsin Fast Plant appeals to many researchers due to its ability to survive with low maintenances and its ability to reproduce and grow thicker and longer within a period of just several months.

1. Algae


They are the fastest growing eukaryotic plants known by human. Although they do not possess all qualities of normal plants, they are able to grow twelve inches with a period of seven days. They are highly toxic to human beings and are tough to distinguish between their different species

So, these above are the Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World 2017. It is evident that some plants grow at a faster rate than others do. Fast growing plants can be of great help as industrial raw materials because of sustainable harvesting. However, if not controlled, such plants may turn out to be an invasive pest. As such, it is advisable for researchers to be extremely cautious when breeding these Fastest Growing plants.

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