Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers In India

From their sharp wit and well trained eye to see the loophole in the rulebook or the agreement, Lawyers are the undisputed champions of all argumentative professions. You cannot just dupe or lie to a Lawyer even outside the courtroom and get away with it; their sharp eyes don’t miss a thing. Countless jokes have been made by people about the cold heartedness of the lawyers aver the world. But they are not wrong. Lawyers often have to coolly create mathematical odds and proceed to calculate their own moves even in most heart touching circumstances.

In India there are a few lawyers like the ones given below. Harish Salve among them has very big clients who have an ever increasing global demand. Below is the list of top 10 most expensive lawyers in India in 2018.

10. Ashok Desai (almost 2 lakh INR for each argument)

Ashok Desai

The first name on the list of most expensive lawyers is Ashok Desai. He is senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India. He also held the position of Attorney General from 1996 to 1998. Preceeding this, the lawyer also held the position of Solicitor general from 1989 to 1990. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan. The layer is an ethical practitioner and believes in giving back to the society.

9. R.F. Nariman(More than 2 lakhs Rs)

R.F. Nariman

Rohinton Fali Nariman is the son of Fali Sam Nariman, the best lawyer in the country and the second most expensive. The Harvard Law student is a judge in the Supreme Court of India now. He is the acting Solicitor General of India and a Senior Counsel. Nariman was the only exception made by the Supreme Court who appointed him senior advocate in the young age of 37 instead of the mandatory 45 years of age.

8. K K Vennugopal (approx 1.2-3 Lakhs per appearance)

K K Vennugopal

Kottayan Katankot Vennugopal is a very promienet lawyer serving as a senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India. His law practice is not just limited to India. He had been hired by the Government of Bhutan, which would basically mean Bhutan’s Royalty to consult while drafting the Constitution of Bhutan. The solicitor received the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhusan awards for his noteworthy works.

7. Mukul Rohatgi (approx. 5 lakh per appearance)

Mukul Rohatgi

The lawyer is the current Attorney General of India. The senior advocate in the Supreme Court of India has also served as Additional Solicitor General of India.

6. Abhishek Singhvi (approx 6 Lakhs per appearance)

Abhishek Singhvi

The lawyer was the youngest Attorney General of India at 37 years. Right now he is more of a politician than a solicitor though. He is a known member of the Indian National Party and a member of the parliament of India representing the aforementioned political party.

5. K. Parasaran (8-12 Lakhs per appearance)

K. Parasaran

The lawyer was the Advocate General of Tamil Nadu from 1976 to 1977 during the Emergency Presidents Rule. He was also Attorney General of India under the administration of Indira and Rajiv Gandhi. The famed lawyer was awarded with the Padma Bhushan and later the Padma Vibhusan work for his skills in the courtroom. He is also a President-appointee in the Rajya Sabha. He is therefore the most sought after consultant by the UPA. He is a very ethically driven professional.

4. Soli Sorabjee (from 1.25 – 2 Lakhs for admission days, 10-15 lakhs per appearance)

Soli Sorabjee

The second oldest solicitor was the Attorney General of India and has been awarded the Padma Vibhusan Award. He also served as solicitor General of India from 1977 to 1980. He is also an honorary member of the Order of Australia. Some of his noteworthy clients are Maneka Gandhi, S. R. Bommai, I.R. Coelho.

He is the president of the United Lawyer’s Association, Vice President of the United Nations Human Rights Commission. He has written two books “The Laws of Press Censorship”, “The Emergency, Censorship and Press in India” and “Law and Justice” and many monographs and articles. He is the mentor to Harish Salve.

3. Fali Shah Nariman (from 25 Lakhs per day, 8-15 Lakhs per appearance)

Fali Shah Nariman

Born in present day Rangoon in Myanmar, the 87 year old lawyer is the one the oldest lawyers in this list. He has remained president of the Supreme Court Bar Association since 1991 as he is a senior advocate to the Supreme Court of India. He is also a widely acclaimed solicitor for internationally arbitral matters. The lawyer has been awarded the Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhusan and the Price for Justice for his life’s work.

His voice still booms in the courtroom of the Chief Justice of India’s courtroom even at this age. He values the motto ‘work is worship’. He held a position in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and President-appointee member of the Rajya Sabha. He also has his autobiography which he named ‘before memory fades’.

2. Harish Salve (up to 30 Lakhs per day, from 15 Lakhs per appearance)

Harish Salve

Harish Salve is featured in the top 10 lawyers in the list in the world by multiple forums. He served as the solicitor general of India for a long term of nine years from November 1993 to November 2002. He presently practices mostly in the Supreme Court of India. But also appears in High Courts for required matters. The solicitor is also often called upon to consult international arbitral disputes. He was a CA before he became a law practitioner.

Salve was also designated the coveted position of the senior Counsel in the Delhi High Court. Harish Salve also worked as a junior to Soli Sorabjee, the second ranking lawyer in the list. Salve’s clientele include Reliance, Tata Group, ITC Limited, and Vodafone. He is ranked 18th most powerful man in the country.

1. Ram Jethamalani (approx 25 lakh per appearance)

Ram Jethamalani

He is the oldest lawyer on the list at 90. He has served in multiple positions while practising law. He has been the Union’s Law Minister and a Chairman of the Bar council of India. Even though he is presently incumbent the solicitor appears now and then and his fee makes him the most expensive lawyer on this list. But he has claimed that half of the cases he fights, he does it for free. He was an elected member of the Parliament in the Lok Sabha.

His main forte is Criminal law and has argued in many controversial cases which have brought him severe criticism.

The list of most expensive lawyers in India 2018 is basically of the 10 sharpest and extremely honed minds of the country living right now.

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