Top 10 Richest Video Game Companies in The World

Who do not like to play games? Do you like or not? Everyone plays games in some way. It is the matter of time how people change and enjoy another level of gaming and experience new heights of playing video games. The developers are also working hard to build awesome games that bring happiness and knowledge altogether.

Well, a game is not bound to any age group. This is something that anyone can play. In the way towards popularity, several gaming companies are well-known to different parts of the world. It is then important to find your suitable video games that bring enjoyment. The developing companies are able to make such outstanding games that support to earn money in large amounts. Several companies are earning in billions only from these video games.

Let you check top 10 richest video game companies in the world in 2017:

10. Square Enix ($1.26 billion):

Square Enix Richest Video Game Companies 2018

This is a Japanese company that is popular among highest-paid gamers from all over the world. The production of such awesome games support Square Enix to reach the list of richest video game companies all around the world. It’s popular games include Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. It also gains popularity because of Dragon Quest.

9. Ubisoft ($1.84 billion):

Ubisoft Richest Video Game Companies 2017

According to the report, Ubisoft is the world’s third largest independent game developing company. This is a French company which comes in to development in the year 1986. In 1990s, it began its venture in the gaming platform with Ever quest. Today, it holds some of the popular and favourite video games in its pocket that include Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and many more like Assassin’s Creed. Prince of Persia comes under its belt.


8. Konami ($3.24 billion):

Konami Richest Video Game Companies 2018

It is one of the richest video game companies that hold Contra in its pocket. People love to play its games because of which it reaches this top level. The company has developed different types of games like arcade, slot machines, horror. This shows the caliber to perform in the gaming industry and acquire appreciation from its valuable fans.

7. Electronic Arts ($4.14 billion):

Electronic Arts Richest Video Game Companies 2017

This production house is well-known because of its popular games that include Need for Speed. This is famous among people because of developing sports-based games. EA Games are able to make its stand in the computer games and PlayStations too. With Lucasart, EA has developed the famous Star wars games that attract people from various parts of the world.

6. Namco Bandai ($4.74 billion):

Namco Bandai Richest Video Game Companies 2017

This remains one of the popular and richest video game companies from all over the world. This creates the popular game Pac-Mac and has also introduced Tekken and Naruto. This Japanese company is becoming one of the favourite platform that people loves the most.

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5. Activision Blizzard ($4.85 billion):

Activision Blizzard Richest Video Game Companies 2016

Another richest video game companies Activision is being combined with Vivendi games to improve its potential to build powerful games that are able to fulfil players desires and named as Activision Blizzard. This gaming industry holds Call of Duty and World of Warcraft as its popular games.

4. Sega (4.9 billion):

Sega Richest Video Game Companies 2016

This gaming industry is now combined with its previous competitor Nintendo and build several outstanding games. The joined intelligence helps the company to grow, develop and build creative games that include today’s Super Mario.

3. Nintendo ($6.28 billion):

Nintendo Richest Video Game Companies 2018

This venture is able to attract game lovers. Perhaps, people love to play its enchanting and attractive games(Best Selling Nintendo Games) without giving a single pause. This creates the developer to build a game like Pokemon(Most expensive Nintendo Games)and make its position in the list of richest video game companies in the world.

2. Microsoft Studios ($12.82 billion):

Microsoft Studios Richest Video Game Companies 2016

The world of Microsoft touches another potential level through gaming industry and creates popular games like Halo along with Xbox. This company also have richest game designers in the world. The main feature of all Microsoft Studios games is of no console. This means its games do not need gaming consoles and users can play freely on PCs and phones.

1. Sony Computer Entertainment ($13.4 billion):

Sony Computer Entertainment Richest Video Game Companies 2017

This venture capitalizes every gaming industry and top the list of richest video game companies all around the world. With its games support different platforms, users are able to enjoy from various sources. Sony Entertainment is presenting its various groups of games that include PlayStation, arcade games, racing games, first person shooters and gaming consoles.

To reach such a height is only possible with enthusiasm and continuous hard work in this field. Nothing is impossible to achieve in this world, but the fact is that how long you are focused for the same. Well, there are industries which has less manpower but able to create attractive, effective and strategic games. If you are developing games for the people, then you should develop your confidence. If you like to play games, then you should try any of the games developed by these richest video game companies in the world.

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