Top 10 Most Popular Puzzle Games for Android

Android operating system has become one of the majorly used and admired phone operating systems in the world and has taken over as the most used operating system. The one advantage of this system is that, it is simple to operate and easily coordinates with many applications installed on it with ease and a lot of compatible applications work on this operating system. One of the major applications that best works with it is the games applications. The major games falling in the puzzles section which are quite challenging and interesting.

The following are some of the top ten puzzle games that android has so far in 2017.

10. BLEK

BLEK Top Most Popular Puzzle Games for Android in 2017

An advanced android game that mostly is structured to be played using the touch screen android phones. These game gives different challenges as per the growth in each stage which the player passes through thus it does not create a lot of monotony and boredom. The main activity is to clear certain coloured dots in given attempts and this is simply done by drawing certain doodles. Immediately you release your finger, the drawing is reflected onscreen which in turn when it hits a given black dot, if you are able to get all the coloured dots in one go, then you are the winner.

9. DROP 7


A complex puzzles game that requires attention and concentration, but quite interesting in its twists and turns. With this game, you are supposed to drop certain discs on a board that if the number found in the row or column, the so called disc is cleared. Then that means that certain numbers on the disc are affected and that there will occur different chain reactions affecting the entire puzzle. The blank discs present are also available in the puzzle to make matters harder for the player.



This is another tricky game that can keep you on toes mainly on the ability and understanding of the English words and the speed of doing so. The game majorly comes with a timer that needs you to sort out certain words from the letters that appear onscreen. Each and every time you complete a word in the letters, the game changes another letter giving another option to create a different word. The moment you manage to create all words from the letters given then you are the winner.



This is a very interesting game that tries to combine the Sudoku game with the painting skills in one game. This brings about wits and creativity that makes the game quite an advanced one. The task of the player is to fill the square in correspondence with the numbers to really create images of animals and objects. Once you are very comfortable with that, the then difficulty curve is another hurdle. It is a game that will keep you on toes and very occupied to the end as long as you keep on playing.



It is another game that brings brains on task and enables the player to think and use his wits in analysis and determination of movements. The player simply controls the hooded princess Ida who is to be guided through certain scenes and you should rely on an architectural manipulation to achieve your mission. For you to be able to reach your destination, then you need to be clever and smart all through these puzzles. It is a very short game but as interesting as it might sound, brings out a stiff story that runs through the game effectively.



This is another amazing and very interesting game that brings in a little boy who is elastic and has this tendency of dying very easily through very many ways. The task of the player is to guide him through difficult puzzles that might enable him find his only sister. It is a very smart and very stunning game that even the puzzle continues to get harder as the game continues though the game never reaches the unsolvable point.



This is another complex but enjoyable game that gives the payer a chance to find clues in certain locations and do the next task as required. The key and important task to undertake here is the ability of observation and keenness since the player moves from one room to another in order to find this clues and hard riddles. It is a very smart game that interacts with player and gives him time to think and use his or her brains t acquire and deduce facts from riddles and clues.



Guided by angry birds, this game inform of puzzles comes with an interesting task that involves cutting the ropes with your fingers on the phones screen. The task is meant for you to deliver goodies to a lazy creature called the Om Nom. It starts with an easy and slow motion but later picks up very fast and increases the pace to high speed. Through the process, the game introduces new challenges in the puzzles and makes it more interesting and amazing plus introducing minor games in between to increase the interest.



This is a very simple and easy game that needs time and interest for you to be able to play it at your own convenient time. This is a game that needs the player to connect two simple dots in order to match in terms of colour and progress to another grown level that brings and creates a tighter puzzle. The levels are very many and numerous to up to almost 500 levels which means that you might be able to take all day long trying to solve this puzzles.


THREES Top Most Famous Puzzle Games for Android in 2018

Simple game but indeed very difficult to play, this game brings the challenge of arranging and playing with numbers. The player is supposed to add ones to twos then combine like numbers to double them up. Yes, it has been regarded as the hardest game in the rest of the android games but the players also find its challenging matter as very interesting and provocative.

These games do offer interesting solutions to your free and leisure time that you have been wasting with boredom. They give an option that might increase and challenge you in terms of wits and the general intellect of the players.

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