Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World

Nintendo is a Japanese multinational electronics and software company. Its headquarter is in Tokyo. It was founded in 1889 and at that time, the company only manufactured playing cards. But later on during early ninety’s, the company started making video games. As of March 2016, Nintendo has sold more than 700 million hardware units and roughly around 5 billion software units.

This company has created some of the most popular video games like Mario, Metroid, and also is the owner of the hugely popular, ‘The Pokémon Company’. The list of top 10 best selling Nintendo games 2017 is,

List of the world’s top 10 most popular best selling Nintendo games in 2017

10. Shovel Knight (Sold: 0.13M, Price: $21.00):

Shovel Knight Top 10 Most Popular Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World 2018

Shovel Knight is a side-scrolling platform game. The hero is a knight who has a shovel in his hand. The game was initially released for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U but later released across various other platforms including Windows and OS X. The game has been created on an 8bit graphics platform and thus it gives the feel of the age old retro games. People who are a diehard retro gaming fan should obviously enjoy it.

9. Mario Golf: World Tour (Sold: 0.48M, Price $28.00):

Mario Golf World Tour

Mario Golf World Tour is a golf simulation video game created by the famous character Mario. The motto of this game is to hit the golf ball with the club into the hole with the minimum number of strikes. This game has taken a shape of arcade gaming. Mario Golf also has the multiplayer option the player can play golf with other online players.

8. Zelda: Link between Worlds (Sold: 3.04M, Price: $38.00):

Zelda Link between Worlds Most Popular Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World 2019

This is an action-adventure game which was released for Nintendo DS. This is the 7th part of the very popular video game series The Legend of Zelda. This game sold its first 2.5 Million copies within the first five months. The game is represented in a stereoscopic 3D polygonal graphics, and the main character name is a link which goes on an adventure to defeat Yuga, the villain. This game has received numerous awards and nominations from the video game and media publications.

7. Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Sold: 3.37M, Price: $34.10):

Zelda Majora's Mask

This is another part of the Zelda franchise and is an action-adventure video game. Another remake was done on this game later exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. Here in this game the hero, the link can transform into different beings and has the capability to control time flow and.

6. Super Smash Bros. (Sold: 4.97M, Price: $30.00):

Super Smash Bros Top Popular Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World 2018

Super Smash Bros. Is a crossover fighting game made by Nintendo and have a total of 5 games in its franchise. This game features Nintendo’s some of the very famous characters like Mario, Link, Pikachu, etc. The main target of the game is to knock the opponent out of the ring or map. Each player has a damage scale which has an extreme value of 999%. The more a player takes damage, the more it’s easier for its opponent to knock him/her down.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Sold: 7.60M, Price: $20.00):

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

This game is another installment in the Zelda games and also one of the most popular ever. In the Ocarina of time, Link goes on an adventure to the land named Hyrule. He travels through time and discovers dungeons. The game got a Guinness book of world record for being the top rated game ever. Many critics still believe this game to be the greatest video game of all time.

4. Animal Crossing (Sold: 9.03M, Price: $24.10):

Animal Crossing Top 10 Most Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World 2017

Animal Crossing is a Nintendo DS game and falls in the category of strategy games. It can also be referred as a community simulation video game where the player has to build his village and go out for collecting wood, hunting, fishing, building houses and farming. One of the main advantages of this game is, there are several customizations available, which makes this game a lot more versatile.

3. Super Mario 3D Land (Sold: 10.78M, Price: $30.50):

Super Mario 3D Land

This game is also based on the character Super Mario and was developed by Nintendo EAD for Nintendo DS systems. Later its sequel Super Mario 3D World has also released specially for Wii U. This game has a similar storyline as the classic Mario game. Mario goes on a mission to save his Princess Peach and kill the kidnapper Bowser. The game has nearly 96 different levels in 16 different worlds. This game is a mix of the classic side scrolling Mario game and the modern days 3D Mario games. Most of all, if you are an insane Mario fan, then this game is for you!

2. Mario Kart 7 (Sold: 12.11M, Price: $19.00):

Mario Kart 7 Top Most Best Selling Nintendo Games in The World 2017

Here comes another game from the Mario franchise and one of the highest sold Nintendo games ever. This game is the 7th Major installment in the Mario Kart family. This game was published for Nintendo DS gaming consoles. It features famous Mario where he has to do Go-Kart racing. There are several different colorful Mario-themed tracks where the player needs to race. Each path has a unique specialty.

There is also a multiplayer mode where different players can compete. The game got nearly 85% positive response from the critics. This game also has a new first-person racing mode, which is entirely new to this franchise. The player has to collect coins which are spread all over the tracks. Collecting these coins increases the speed of the cart. Mario Kart 7 is one of the greatest hits ever on the Mario platform.

1. Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (Sold: 14 M, Price: $40.00 each):

Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

Pokemon X and Pokémon Y are the two most sold Nintendo games in the world with more than 14 Million items sold worldwide. This is a role-playing video game published for Nintendo DS. The aim of the player is to play as a beginner Pokemon trainer and find and train Pokemon. There is also head on battles with other players online, where the player can gain experience by winning the battles. The experiences can be used to evolve the Pokemon. Players can also trade their Pokemon with other online players to gain an extra amount of experience.

So this was the list of top 10 best selling games of 2017. If you still haven’t played a single one of it, then what are you waiting for? Grab a Nintendo and start playing today!

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