Top 10 Most Lovable Gaming Lead Characters

Games such as these go back to when Mario and Pac-Man and Lara Croft were all popular gaming characters. Today there is even more characters that are just as popular and famous. Even though those types of character will always be in the hearts of everyone that enjoy playing games, the newer characters have a greater shine to them due to the graphics in the gaming world being so much better now. Listed below are the top ten most lovable ones of today’s gaming world.

List of Top 10 Most Lovable Gaming Lead Characters in 2017

10. Ratchet and Clank

ratchet and clank, Top 10 Most Lovable Gaming Lead Characters 2017

Ratchet is a mechanic of lanbox from a planet called Valdin. He is the main character in this game and the player mainly controls him. Clank is the second main character and is a small robot that was constructed by a war robot factory. Clank escapes from the factory somehow and Ratchet finds him. They become partners in stopping Blary and a lot of other threats that are happening around the Galaxy.

9. Dante


He is the son of Sparda which is a demon of great. Because of Dante’s heritage, he has powers that are way past that of any human being. He also has a twin brother by the name of Vergil. Dante and Vergil was both raised by the mother Eva who is human. Dante has muscles, silver hair, and eyes that are ice blue. He is usually wearing trench coats throughout the game and has strength that is superhuman. He also has stamina and reflexes that are superhuman as well. All of these features of his make him one of the most powerful characters in the gaming world. With the careless and confident attitude that Dante sports, that actually puts him one step in front of the rest.

8. Commander Shepard


He is a human protagonist in this really popular game. There is both a male and female version of the Commander Shepard. This soldier veteran of the system alliance Navy is trying to stop the reapers race that is intent on wiping out all of the organic life. The character is really great and a lot of people prefer the female Shepard who is nicknamed femshep by all of the gaming fans in the world.

7. Max Payne


In today’s gaming era, the developers take more chances with the main characters to show they can be more sensitive or troubled and not always that much of a hero. In the original game Max Payne, the leading character Max was an NYPD officer and ended up going undercover for the DEA. In the beginning he is seen smiling and being a happily married man that had a great personality. But, his family ended up murdered and Max lost the meaning of his life and he ends up trying to get towards his one purpose and that is vengeance for his family being taken away from him.

6. Marcus Fenix


He is often seen as a character that is mounting and a grunting juggernaut but Marcus does have his moments of being vulnerable. That characteristic is only shown towards his fellow soldier, Anya. Many of his duties as the leader of Delta Squad are important and they give the game a more human like tendency because of many people being able to relate to the hero.

5. Ezio Auditore


This character played in game Assassin Creed in two thousand and seven. He is the main person and he seeks revenge on his father and brother. He does right for his other family members. You will want him as a friend not an enemy. He has a hidden blade. He his the most memorable character in the game so far. He is very deadly with the blade that he uses to kill people. You will remember a lot of his clothes that he wears during the game. The white and red colors really stick out and his boots are really cool and will make you want some just like them.

4. Carl Johnson


He is the main person in the game of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that was made in two thousand and four. He commits crimes and is a gangster. He is no saint but he tries his best to get through life doing what he is doing. He does not take crap from anyone in the game. Steal cars and kill people and pretty much just run the town down while you destroy anything in your way. He moves of in the criminal ranks to do what he is doing.

3. Kratos


Her plays in the game God of War Series that started in two thousand and five. He moves through the games doing simple things that will have you pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to do the moves or getting through a maze. He commits crimes that are terrific violence. He feels like an overpowered god that slays the god Zeus in one. The blades that he carries around are on fire and the chains he uses will help you jump from place to place.

2. Master Chief


Everyone knows the game Halo by now. The first game came out in two thousand and one. He wears armor that protects him from the other people in the game. Him and his army will get through the game so that they can get rid of the bad guys. You will never see him without his green armor and helmet. He is very silent when it comes to doing his job. Move through the game try to kill everyone who tries to get in your way. He has great strength.

1. Nathan Drake


This guy is smart and funny. Very passionate and has just the right amount of crazy. He is great to have for adventures. He falls out of planes and hanging out of trains. You will not forget any of the adventures that he takes you on. He was first seen in the game Uncharted that was made in two thousand and seven. You will remember the first and last adventure because he draws you in so much. He is the best character in the gaming world.

These above are the Top 10 Most Lovable Gaming Lead Characters 2017. These people that they have placed in these games are really cool and will show you so much you should never forget a level you played. The on and on of going through the adventures will have you trying your best. They do so much in each game that you will get so aggravated if you have just started playing the game. They have cool outfits and they have awesome moves that will have you no doubt trying to figure out how to do them.

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