Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World

The world’s largest video game company by revenue Nintendo is a Japanese multinational company that makes consumer electronics and software. They have their headquarters situated at Kyoto. Fusajiro Yamauchi founded this company on 23 September 1889. Initially the company used to sell handmade hanafuda playing cards. Till 1963 the company tried many small businesses like cab service, love hotels etc.

Nintendo is one of the top companies in game production and also has the most number of collaboration in the production or marketing of a lot of games. The firm has created some of the most bestselling video games in the world. We have listed the top ten expensive games of Nintendo. Keep reading to know about top 10 expensive Nintendo games.

List of The world’s top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in 2017.

10. Ice Climber (Price $5200)

Ice Climber Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World 2017

Ice Climber is developed and also published by Nintendo. This game is based on vertical platform. Nintendo also released a version of this game in 2000 for Nintendo e-readers. This game is made by long time Nintendo developer Kenji miki.This game is not for a specified age group who ever plays it once becomes a fan of this game hence try this game once.

9. Gumshoe (Price $7500)


Gumshoe is published by Nintendo for NSE. NSE zapper used to play this game. This game was launched in 1986 in North-America and in 1988 in Europe. Yoshio Sakamoto is the person who developed this game. Gumshoe is based on a story of a retired FBI agent who turns up as a detective. He gets a call from gangruler that his daughter has been kidnaped and he has to collect five Black Panther diamonds to see his daughter again. This is one of the games that are ruling all market go grab it.

8. Super Mario Bros (Price $8999.99)

Super Mario Bros

This is a platform based game produced and marketed by expensive Nintendo games. This game is pseudo sequel of the game Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros were originally launched in japan for family computer in the year 1983 later in 1987 it was also launched in North America, Europe and Australia. The main agenda of the games is based on the story of saving a princess Toadstool. As one of the most famous games of Nintendo this game has multiple versions to its name.

7. Rock Man Mega World (Price $9000)

Rock Man Mega World

Rock Man Mega World was launched in Japan which is a remake of Mega Man game series. The game has a solid plot the villain of the game Dr Wily travels time to destroy mega man and to capture the world. Mega man has to stop him from doing so and has to protect the world. And is one of the most interesting super hero games. Very few have the luck to play games like this go grab your chance.

6. WildGunman (Price $9500)

WildGunman Top Popular Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World 2018

A light gun shooter game Wild Gunman created by Nintendo. It was originally build by arcades in 1974 by Gunpie yokoi. It was updated and released by Nintendo entertainment system in 1985.It is one of the games that use NSE peripherals. In the original game the gunman was an electro mechanical arcade game. The new version uses photographic images with cartoon style video game. This is an interesting game for those who love the virtual world.

5. Bump and Jump Test Cart#13 (Price $9999)

Bump and Jump Test Cart#13 Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World 2017

It is a racing video game that is made on road but with various obstacles hence the player has to go forward with leaps and jumps over the obstacles. If the player fails to jump over obstacles he will crash his car. It is an expensive game but if you are a lover of video game then you must try this out you will surely like this game.

4. Zelda2 Prototype (Price $10300)

Zelda2 Prototype

Zelda2 Prototype was published by Nintendo for family based computer system in the year 1987. This game was released in north America in the year 1988.This is a sophisticated and complex game. The player does not have much power in the beginning of the game but as levels proceed the player gets additional powers and points for better combat and can defeat enemies efficiently in higher levels. If you love adventurous games this is the one you are looking for. The game is a bit expensive but it is worth its cost.

3. Donkey Kong Jr Math (Price $19999)

Donkey Kong Jr Math

Donkey Kong Jr Math was released in Japan by Nintendo. In this game the players had to solve math problems in order to win the game. This game was released in 1983 for the family computers. In 1986 this was the only game in education series. It was not acclaimed much by the customers. But Donkey Kong Jr was re-released in 2014 which showed no better result for the game people were reluctant to accept this game. But I would suggest this game is worth its price and it is good for children who are weak in mathematics as it will help in developing mathematics skills in an innovative and joyful way.

2. Stadium Events (Price $25000)

Stadium Events Top Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World 2018

This is a 1986 sports event game popularly known as Running Stadium in Japan. This game is developed by human entertainment and is published by Bandai for Nintendo. Stadium Event is a fitness game that allows the player to take part in four different events like 100m race, 110m hurdles, long jump and triple jump. If you are fitness lover or a sports lover this game is for you and you would love to play this game.

1. Duck Tales (Price $50000)

Duck Tales Top Most Popular Best Selling Most Expensive Nintendo Games in The World 2019

Capcom has published and launched the video game Duck tales which is an action based platform video game. This game is released in North America by Nintendo. This game has captured the market due to its Disney connection. The game has got a strong plot. Decent graphics and its power to be supported in any system helped the company to sell more than millions of copies worldwide on various systems. If you are looking for a decent as well as intellectual game then this game is for you.

Nintendo is the world’s largest game producing company which has a huge fan base. The company’s games are a hit among gamers of various ages. They have various types of games even the latest game Pokémon go is also backed by Nintendo. The fan base it has created in its early stage is the backbone of this company. This is the reason they are the highest revenue collectors in the list of companies that creates games.

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