Top 10 Hottest And Sexiest Pokemon in The World

One of the most popular video game franchises, Pokemon boasts of some really appealing female characters that can make you laugh with their antics but are also hotties with enough power and greatness. They are hot chicks having the power and talent to train the best of the best. They do their bit to make the Pokemon universe more interesting for gamers, and make them like the series more.

Here are the top 10 hottest Pokemon characters in 2017 that you will love to check out. The compilation includes some of the best known female characters gamers love and like to encounter. They appeal to kids as well as adults, and serve to make the gameplay more interesting.

List of top 10 hottest and Sexiest Pokemon in The World in 2017.

10. Shauna

Shauna Hottest And Sexiest Pokemon 2018

Her presence makes Pokemon Y and X more attention grabbing. She is assistive in the Team Flare Labs and teaches gamers that friends should join hands in order to stop Lysandre, an evil force. She is one of the most popular female Pokemon characters.

9. Misty

She has been a regular in the Pokémon series, and has featured from 1998 to the present. This bikini beauty is the favorite tomboy of everyone. She has been there in the Pokémon anime for a number of seasons, in the books, toys, Pikachu and Ash manga, the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga and more. She is also referred to as “The Tomboyish Mermaid” and is one of the sexiest cartoon characters in the series.

8. Número Ocho

One of the hottest beauties, she is a long haired chick and a very appealing figure. Although she does not have a lot of contribution to the series, she is assistive in helping gamers to combat in the Distortion World against Team Galactic. Her Garchomp loves her, which is slightly surprising for some.

7. Jessie

She is the bad girl of the Pokemon anime charectors, and her combat skills match that of Youngster Joey. In the triad, she is the strongest one. There are some speculations about why she is not in the leading position unlike Meowth and James. She stands out for her ability to steal Pokemon for the agency known as Team Rocket. Her beautiful purple hair goes to the back from head. She is one of the sexiest woman characters in the Pokemon series.

6. Serena

Her battling skills, cooking abilities and honey colored hair make her one of the most popular female characteristics in the Pokemon Universe. She loves Ash Ketchum. Her attitude separates her from other women in the world of Pokemon. She is a powerful character.

5. May

May Hottest And Sexiest Pokemon 2016

She is from Generation 3, and her combat skills are equal to that of Ash. Although she was at first a rival, she quit later. She appears 10 years older, like Dawn. Her beautiful legs and hair make May look great. May is undoubtedly one of the hottest girls in the universe of Pokemon.

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4. Iris

She is from Pokémon Black and White and is the daughter of Drayden, the leader of the gym. Although a trainer, she goes around calling others a little kid. In White 2 and Black 2, she turns into the champion of Unova. Iris looks amazing in any situation, which makes her deserve a place in this list.

3. Skyla

She is another character from Pokemon Black and White. This intelligent girl comes to the aid of Elesa whenever she is in trouble. She has been designed to be one of the sexiest ones out there, and her shapely legs are proof enough.

2. Hilda

She is a powerful trainer of Pokemon and is a beautiful woman who has good combat skills and repairing abilities. Rather than a single shipping partner, she has dual partners in Hilbert and N. She is interested in two things, boys and gym badges. Her little shorts make her look fetching and one of the hottest ones around in the universe of Pokemon. However, her minimal lower clothing is another reason why she is also the child of controversy. This is a femme fatale many men would love to have in their lives.

1. Misty

Misty Hottest And Sexiest Pokemon 2017

The 2nd gym leader of Kanto, she is the mother of Togepi and is renowned for her clothes or the lack of them. She is left by a man in the games. In SoulSilver and HeartGold, she had long hair and in the Pokémon World Tournament could make use of Jellicent. She looks like a queen, which separates her from many other women in Pokemon. She is the love interest of Ash, and is one of the sexiest chicks in the series.

These are some of the most popular female characters of Pokemon in 2017, and are loved by fans the world over. These girls have made their place in the hearts of gamers with their beauty, talent and hotness.


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