Top 10 Most Popular Hottest LOL Players

LOL or League of Legends (often dubbed just league) is an online battle arena video game that involves multiple players. It was published by Riot Games and was originally inspired and based on the game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod, Defense of the Ancients. It is supported on Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms. It was widely acclaimed and downloaded soon after its release and has grown in popularity ever since.

The game follows a highly detailed plotline with each gamer assuming the role of the summoner who controls the Player. The main aim is to destroy the opposing teams nexus using a range of abilities. Each gamer gets a chance to choose their players. The ‘players’ are also differentiated by their ‘skin’. Read on to find a little more about the top 10 most popular LOL players of the season.

List of top 10 most popular hottest LOL players in 2018

10. Zed

Most Popular LOL Players

His character has calculated and sly moves up his sleeve. His character is that of a ninja assassin and has a high sense of timing. The character has not had many wins to its name but it will surely get to the Champions trophy because of its skill.

9. Cassiopeia

Most Popular LOL Players

In League of Legends Cassiopeia is a terrifying character taking the shape of a half snake and half beautiful woman. The recent upgrade increased the abilities if this player considerably. The appearance has also been modified and a new fang has been added to her appearance. Because of these upgrades the new Cassiopeia is able to stack her passive faster than its previous avatars. The skills of this character also increase exponentially in each level; therefore, it’s very popular among young players.

8. Kassadin

Most Popular LOL Players

Kassadin, the void walker, is also an assassin, but perpetually ghosted and takes marginally less magic damage than the rest of the other players. In active level, Kassadin fires a void energy orb at his targets which interrupts channelled activities and provides him a shield. His earlier versions were not as developed the most recent version though. This has improved his viability while facing shot-based champions. The newer version is also more sustained to handle solid waves of clearing sustain champions.

7. Rumble

Most Popular LOL Players

Rumble is the mechanized menace, a member of Yordle. He is considered a strong lane champion, and has enough tech skills to change the outcomes of a losing battle. Cheating panic or frenzy is one of his advantages. In Danger zone, Rumble’s basic abilities are dialled to a 50 heat or above and therefore often used as a player to recover lost grounds in team fights.

6. Rengar

Most Popular LOL Players

Rengar- the pridestalker is one of the most aggressive players of the game. He is set on a wild characterization. He is not a very good player in path. He won’t attack targets already in attack range until his timer has been refreshed. However, his strategies are entertaining. He can cast his abilities during the dash. The character is defined by his agility. The opponent will face challenge in striking against him. The character makes a lot of effort to make his summoner win.

5. Morgana

Most Popular LOL Players

Morgana, often dubbed Malevolent Morgana, has an easier execution than the other players. She takes the form of the fallen angel. Released in 2009, it was one of the oldest players that retain some of its original traits. She is capable of dark magic damage in a much larger scale in active level and has much developed shields. Even in unfriendly circumstances her abilities come in handy and are slower than other players in some situations.

4. Nasus

Most Popular LOL Players

Nasus is the Curator of Sands. His primary role is that of a fighter. He permantly has 20% life steel which makes the player very solid. His signature attack is his siphoning strike. In active level, his basic strike gains bonus strikes and deals bonus damages. The character is marked with flawlessness I the diversion tactics and that makes him unique among all the champions of fantasy land.

3. Maokai

Most Popular LOL Players

Maokai is the Twisted Treant. His primary role is of a Tank. He pulls energy from the spells cast in his vicinity gaining charge on every occasion a nearby champion, including himself uses ability. In active mode Maokai announcements an arcane reaction that travels in a line and deals magic damage to all opponents in its range and slowing them down. The recent upgrades made him famous for his ‘gank’ capacities and double power diversions.

2. Darius

Most Popular LOL Players

Darius is the Hand of Noxus. His primary role is that of a fighter. He is almost a force house. He is another one of the oldest players who hasn’t been upgraded much from his previous versions; he is still a ‘strong’ contender. The character is popular for its physical attributes.

1. Kalista

Most Popular LOL Players

Kalista is the Spear of Vengeance. The character, as the name suggests is based on an elaborate lore of vengeance. So far, she is one of the hottest LOL players. The legend of legends. In active level, Kalista has a black spear that she hurls at the target and upon striking the target performs its death animation and becomes Oathsworn to her for the rest of the game. It’s almost impossible for the opponent to stun her.

The game not only offers the gamers a range of animated players, but the developers have also provided each character with a rich back-story to help connect the ‘summoner’ to the ‘player’. Which makes it more interesting.

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