Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World

Games are of various types indoor, outdoor and video games. Yes video games are the most famous among children now a day. Video game is one of the inventions that show the power of science and it also shows how far human beings have gone technologically. Video games help human being to interact with virtual world with the help of hardware devices. Formerly cathode ray tubes were used as an interactive hardware device.

Video games are of different types like casual games, educational games, and action games and so on. The sophistication and technologies have made video games expensive. In this article you will come across 10 most expensive video games.

List of The world’s top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in 2017.

10. Red Dead Redemption (Price $108 Million)

Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar San Diego is the company that has produced this game. This game was released in 2010 for play station 3 and Xbox 360. This game was done in series that is it was a part of former game Red Dead. It is played in such a way that the player is considered as at third party. The story of this game is based on the city of Mexico. The players are given direction and they have to combat with enemies by connecting virtually.

Trains and horses are the transportation provided in the game. This game has used a system named moral where player gets moral points when they do good deed like helping a person, saving someone’s life and so on. 800 people are involved behind this game. The production of this game started in the year 2005. This game has a number of awards to its credit and it was well received by the game lovers. It’s worth its cost.

9. APB: All Points Bulletin (Price $109 Million)

All Points Bulletin Popular Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World 2018

All-points bulletin one of the most expensive and interesting game. This is a multiplayer game played online. This game is created for Microsoft platform by Real-time Worlds. This games plot is based truffles that occur in urban areas. Upgrades of the virtual products provided in the game are available. The game was launched in 2007 but it was re-launched in 2010 as this game was criticised by a group of game lovers. But the better version that got re-launched is something more worth than what customers pay for.

8. Too Human (Price $110 Million)

Too Human Top 10 Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World 2017

Too human is a game developed by Silicon Knights. This game is published by Microsoft and game studios platform. This game has a long history of ten years, the license of this game was transferred to Nintendo and finally the selling rights were given to Microsoft. This game has two modes on is single player where the player is a third party and the second mode is this game can be played online as a multiplayer game. The plot is designed as a war between human being and machines. This game was not a hit among gaming people but it didn’t have any criticism by gamers and had a fair receiving it could achieve a 60 percent of the market.

7. Grand Theft Auto IV (Price $115 Million)

Grand Theft Auto IV

This game was released for play station and Xbox on April 2008 and by December 2008 Microsoft also had the right of having this game in their systems. Vehicle or foots are used as the transport in this game. It’s an action game where you can do all the action and crimes that you wish to, virtually. The game’s plot is based on revenge. Production of grand theft started in 2004 only 150 developers worked behind this game. This game had a global release that had great reviews and the game lovers accepted this game. Experts of this field rate this game, and it received a score of 98 out of 100. This game is still a most wanted game in various nations.

6. Star Citizen (Price $117 Million)

Star Citizen Top Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World 2017

Microsoft and Linux are the platforms on which the game star citizen is developed. This is one of the most complicated multiplayer online games. It is a hybrid game of different genres. The development of this game started as a demo upgraded version of cry engine 3. The second module of this game was released on 2014. This game is developed by crow funding and the best part is after ever season of crowd funding this game was made better and additional features were added. If you are bored of playing old games try this new exclusive hybrid video game developed by Cloud Imperium games and Foundry 42

5. Star Wars: The Old Republic (Price $211 Million)

Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars were released on December 2011 for Microsoft windows software. Bio Ware has developed the multiplayer online game. This is an awesome story based game where there are two groups and the player joins any one groups and the game proceeds episodically. The cost of this game is high due to its developmental expenses. The game requires subscription.

Star wars comes with a subscription package that has to be renewed every month to play this game. The game’s pre-production started in 2008 when Bio Ware hired 12 Writers to write a plot for the game as they wanted character wise individual story line along with a major plot. This game was a hit at the beginning of its launch itself nut gradually the subscriptions got reduced due to which the company made the game free to its users. If you are interested in complicated games then this game will fascinate you.

4. Final Fantasy VII (Price $214 Million)

Final Fantasy VII

Play station is always a hit among game lovers. Final Fantasy 7 is a play station game developed by Square and was launched in the year 1997. This game was quickly developed the development was started in 1994. This was the first time when the company emphasised on game play system. This game was criticised but it had a record sale of 2.3 million within 3 days of its launch. This game should be one of the games in your playing list.

3. Grand Theft Auto V (Price $269 Million)

Grand Theft Auto V Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World 2018

This action game is a free adventure game. This game is developed by Rockstar North and was launched in the year 2015. The game can be played as first person or as third person by the player. It is one of the most expensive video game ever developed. The plot is simple yet the game is sophisticated. The game was not well received on its first launch and was not well received but the revised version of this game came with a bang and was loved by most of the game lovers.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Price $276 Million)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

This game is an adventurous shooter game where the player plays as the first person. The game had a global release on November 10 2009. The upgrades itself as levels are achieved. The game can also be played online as multiplayer. The game is still a thrill for gamers since its launch as the developers has used real life contents mixed with fiction. If you are adamantly against crime and terrorism then this game is going to grab your attention.

1. Destiny (Price $500 Million)

Destiny Top Most Popular Best Selling Most Expensive Video Games in The World 2019

An all new level of graphics this game was designed for Xbox and play station platforms. The game is developed by the famous game developing company Bungie. The game was launched in the year 2014. This shooter game is played by the players as first person. After completion of each level the characters and the game is upgraded. The code name of this game at the time of its development was paper tiger. The plot of the game suggests that the game is purely based on imagination where another planet like earth is formed. The game received a mixed reaction from gamers which made the game above average but not a hit.

The details of these games suggest that several fields are involved in the production of a game. The high graphics technologies and heavy complicated plot designing and marketing strategies and the pre-production costs and the specialised developer’s fees are reason these games are so much expensive.

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