Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends In History

Fashion is something that should be taken with a lot of seriousness. It becomes sad when other fashion designers and stylists take things lightly. Good thing is that they learn things the hard way ad cannot try playing with their careers anytime soon. In this article today, we are going to look at worst fashion trends that have been invented and observed before. Most of them were never improved and are not in market today. Their manufactures never received any profit due to carelessness. Go through the list below ad look at these bad fashion trends that were experienced several years back.

Here are the Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends In History

10. Disco Suits


John Travolta invented this fashion trend in early 1970’s. These suits mentioned in tenth position of this great man were white in color. It was so sad for many fashion designers to learn that those disco suits did not match well during that great event. They were considered clueless and poorly designed for such occasions. Another fashion icon to help in improving their looks later remade disco suits. That however did not work hence considered one of worst fashion trends of History.

9. Puffball skirts


Puffball skirts are another popular fashion trend that was invented in early 1980’s and were popular during that time. These skirts are one of worst Fashion trends featured in this article. For those people that haven’t come across these attires, they look like balloons in the lower part and have a small waist area. Puffballs were manufactured and released to market by Puffballs on Asos. It was recorded that first clients of these attires were laughed at and never felt comfortable at all when walking with them in most common streets of United States of America.

8. Scrunchies


Scrunchies are described as poor hair holders. They are one of worst fashion trends described in History and they were popular in early 1980’s. American Apparel is the worst offenders of this fashion trends for hair. These people did a lot of effort in establishing and manufacturing of this kind of hair items. However, their efforts were not recognized by anybody but mocked instead. As we all know, most of the things that were popular many years back are being needed to come back to fashion. To surprise of many people, Scrunchies are no longer needed.

7. Spandex


Spandex fashion trend is ranked in seventh position of this article. It is amongst worst fashion trends described in history. Spandex is a pure overall suit that had black and white stripes running from top to bottom. This kind of fashion trend was manufactured and released to market in late 1970’s. According to opinions of many clients, they considered it poorly designed ad was therefore left alone. This means that manufactures and talented designers of Spandex never got any profit. It is so sad to learn that none of their efforts were recognized by any person in market worldwide.

6. Mullets


Mullet is another worst fashion trend featured in sixth position of this article. It was designed ad released to market by David Bowie. This talented man was a well known fashion is icon from United States of America. His work was highly appreciated by most people from German. Mullets however did not bring any success to his career. For more information, you need to know that Mullets are actually hair holders that are said to be ridiculous ad worst among many in several years back. Parents had trouble because their young daughters refused to put them on.

5. Tiny backpacks


You may wonder why these fashion trends are among worst ones featured in this list. For your surprise, tiny backpacks have no any market value today. They were manufactured in 1995 with an aim of being used by teen schoolgirls. Sad news is that they were not used for many years before boot and left for other better results. Manufactures had a poor idea of these backpacks being won by small and tiny skirts. However, this was not supported by any parents of that time. It is due to this reason that tiny backpacks have not been brought back to fashion today.

4. Shellsuits


Shellsuits are other kind of worst fashion trends of history. They were manufactured specifically for young ladies that had a desire of doing any sport game. Shell suits were common in early 1990’s but slowly faded away as years went by. This is a clear understanding that they were not good at all. Materials that are used in these suits are highly flammable and not log lasting. Most of their colors are considered tasteless and this is according to many clients that openly gave out their reviews to manufactures.

3. Platform Trainers


Platform Trainers are other kind of shoes that were manufactured ad released to market in 1990’s. A popular shoe manufacturing company in United Kingdom was the inventor of Platform Trainers. This company did this with an aim of improving life of many sports people worldwide. Platform shoe looks like those of Reebok but have large sole area. Records show many clients of history did not like those large soles. A worst event was observed in Turkish Television show concerning Platform Trainers. A beautiful lady and actor was unable to walk with Platform because of its large sole. She fell off from stage and was seriously hurt.

2. Tie Dye


Tie Dye T-shirts are in second position in this list of worst fashion trends in History. It was first invented in London by Ashish but her efforts were not recognized by any person. What annoys many people is formation of many colors in a in a tiny attire that is not pleasing at all. There were efforts made by other fashion icons to help in improving its looks but in vain.

1. Adult Onesies


Adult Onesies are worst of all fashion trends featured in this list. They were manufactured specifically to be used by people of innocent age especially when in cold conditions. Their designs are awful and not pleasing at all.

These are the worst fashion trends ever experienced in history. Despite fact that manufactures did a lot of effort in establishing them, their efforts were never recognized by anyone simply because of poor designs that were different from high prices.

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