Top 10 Best Selling Wedding Dresses in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Wedding Dresses in The World in 2016 and 2017. We all know the general fact about any wedding dress that they play an essential role in the wedding night. Brides are expected to wear their wedding dresses in a manner that resembles their families, their status and most obviously their beauty. Today’s modern dwelling has seen a change in the tastes of brides.

The more expensive and unique their dress is the more charismatic they look. Although many weddings are more for politics than love, particularly among the rich class. The choice being mostly a white gown is not new as it became popular in the 1840’s, after the marriage of Queen Victoria, where she wore a white gown. Most of today’s wedding gowns are strapless or sleeveless because such dresses require not-so-hectic skills of the designers and it also eases the brides fitting correctly. The modern change has turned the presence of wedding dresses to a new path. The choice calls for the dresses which look nude but aren’t actually so.

As according to the fashion director at Brides, Elle Strauss, ”Many of the retail versions of these dresses are lined, so you can get the illusion of nude without actually being nude”. Well, this year designers are trying more and more new types of the feathers which are used on a lot of gowns, wave details too are holding good with swirling patterns. Tiered skirts came back with flowing layers of tulle and also silk which gives the best from the fashion designer’s collections for the brides to try on. So if you are a bride to then follow this list to surprising the groom:-

List of the world’s top 10 best-selling wedding dresses in 2016-2017

10. Strapless tiered tulle ball gown wedding dress with jeweled ribbon (Net Price: $200-$2700)

Strapless tiered tulle ball gown with jeweled ribbon wedding Dresses 2016-2017

Nothing looks more joyful than a tiered tulle ball gown. This whimsical gown adds a ton of texture to the looks. Since weddings are all about making yourself look good from every angle and down to every single detail hence this is an awe-inspiring dress that bids farewell to one’s comfort, and you will surely feel love for this one.

9. Strapless chiffon A-line wedding dress with a high slit (Net Price Range: $449-$1258)

Strapless chiffon A-line wedding dress with a high slit wedding dresses 2016-2017

This high slit looks way to sexy and being strapless and having the A-line cut; it takes the wedding experience to a different level. Slip this leggy look and you will be ready for your carpet moment.

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8. Long-sleeve lace V-neck sheath with ruffle on the skirt and sheer underlay(Net Price Range: $499-$1675)

A few sheer skirts were up last season, but this year it is all about the see through bottom. This ethereal design detail with a V-neck sheath and ruffle on the skirt makes it perfect for the girl who wants to reveal little without going overboard in front of all.

7. Beaded cap-sleeve tulle ball gown with plunging V-neck(Net Price Range: $190-$720)

Beaded cap-sleeve tulle ball gown plunging V-neck wedding dresses 2016-2017

No wonder this glamorous dress will make you happy on your wedding night. The Beaded cap-sleeve gown will make one look flawlessly dynamic when one walks down the aisle in this sultry V-plunge neckline gown.

6. Sleeveless lace crop top with wide leg silk pants(Net Price Range: $100-$1200)

Sleeveless lace crop top with wide leg silk pants wedding dresses 2016-2017

The year 2016 has seen the rise in the demands for sleeveless wedding gowns as I have already mentioned beforehand. Moreover, to put this particular beauty in the picture, it has been a hit this season. The concept of two-legged gowns giving a closer resemblance to silk pants has indeed made a major mark in the market. With a deep cut V- shape having a crop top is what actually makes this dress even more popular.

5. Strapless silk faille sheath wedding dress and with a tulle overskirt (Net Price Range: $169-$499)

Strapless silk faille sheath with a tulle overskirt wedding dresses 2016-2017

This gorgeous silk faille sheath gown will make a lasting statement among its users. Also, who does not love a good overskirt, not only the brides but the designers too like this types of crafted gowns? With a layer of A-line cut tulle having engraved, these add-ons give the dress the romantic layers that it requires to woo the bridegroom.

4. Lace sheath hand embroidered with Chantilly lace and flowers over sheer lace and tulle skirt (Net Price Range: $199-$876)

Lace sheath hand embroidered Chantilly lace flowers over sheer lace wedding dresses 2016

The lace sheath wedding is ideal for private and vintage wedding ceremonies. These types of dresses bring endless flexibility; they can be made from the fabric of any color without thinking too much about the color mix-up. Lace wedding dresses would probably be one of the most enduring in all wedding dresses till date. Since vintage ceremonies are back in this year, it has helped brides to choose this stunning outfit for their weddings.

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3. A-line wedding dress with tulle skirt and illusion bodice with floral embroidery(Net Price Range: $229-$487)

A-line and illusion bodice with floral embroidery wedding dresses 2016-2017

These A-line dress suits best to the pear shaped bodies which are also called inverted triangle body shape. This sensuous piece with illusion bodice is what makes it more than different. This intricately designed gown has deep A-line and is full on illusion bodice. From ultra sexy sheer top with a lace appliqués covering up just the right places and a more tightly woven lace bodice with layers of nude lining makes it stunning.

2. Lace mermaid wedding dress and a sweetheart neckline and feathers at the skirt(Price US $291-$350)

Lace mermaid with feathers at the skirt wedding dresses 2016-2017

Lace mermaid wedding dress is in itself a beauty which would hold the audience in total awe and loud and cheerful claps. Lace mermaid comes from the ‘Feather’ class where every dress that comes out has a unique touch embroidered with feathers and this particular gown too flaunts the delicate white feathers at the skirt. This is among one of the unique details that quite brilliantly adds whimsy to any bridal look. This is a must buy for this year.

1. Chiffon Sheath with plunging neckline and floral appliqués at the hem(Net Price Range: $158-$897)

Chiffon Sheath plunging neckline floral appliqués at the hem wedding dresses 2016-2017

The Chiffon Sheath has quite the reason to be on top as this magnificent piece comes from the class of ‘3D Floral Appliqués ’. Floral appliqués will always be a bride standby no matter what, but these three-dimensional embellishments make romantic gowns look very modern. Wearing the chiffon sheath with plunging neckline will make the bride surely hot and beautiful and not to mention this has comfortable fittings.

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No one feels happier than to see herself perfect, slim and stunning in her wedding dress. The above list surely will help the brides to choose between the various trends that are going on this year and also these are the best-selling wedding dresses.

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