Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World

It has been noted that most women and few men are very much interested in fashion items. Most of them desire to get quality products from trusted companies. Quality items produced by these brands include watches, clothes, shoes, fragrances and several other items. Top 10 most famous fashion brands in 2017 review are listed below.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2017

10. Coach

coach, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2018

Coach is a famous company in United States of America that started working in 1941. Most people globally know them because of producing luxurious and leather products. This popular company manufactures variety of products such as bags, watches, clothes and shoes. Currently, Coach operates in more than 600 stores located in different parts of USA. Their brand value exceeds $4 dollars and because of that, it entered into partnership with Billy Reid with an aim of producing more expensive leather bags. A single bag is worth $20,000 and is mostly used by government officials and high class people.

9. Fendi

fendi, Top 10 Most Famous Fashion Brands in The World 2019

This is an Italian Fashion brand that started working in 1925 and popularly known for making durable handbags, shoes, clothes, fragrances and scarf as well. Fendi started in Italy but has successfully opened several branches in different countries and has a total of more than 200 stores operating day and night. Baguette is their most famous bag costing approximately $5000. Middle class people can afford their products especially bags which comes at a relatively low price. Fendi is estimated to have a brand value of about 3.6 Billion.

8. Burberry


Burberry is a British a luxurious brand that started operating in early 1856 and its headquarters located in London. There are three other sub brands and both of them are making shoes, scarf, bags, clothes and many others. More than 500 stores are scattered in many countries and operating successfully. Burberry has a Brand value of more than $4 billion and their most expensive product is coat made of peacock feathers. Its price can be approximated to $35,000 and most expensive compared to other products of this fashion Brand. Burberry is featured in position eight of this article.

7. Cartier


On our position seven, we have Cartier fashion Brand found in Paris. This fashion house is famous in making decent jewelry and good-looking watches. Beginning their operation in 1947, Cartier has been popularly known for quality products. They have been selling these two products in more than 130 countries with an approximate number of 200 stores. People came to discover it after making an attempt of buying their durable watches and jewelry at an affordable price. Cartier has a brand value of approximately $7 billion. In market value and demand, this brand is growing very fast and cannot be compared with others.

6. Chanel


Chanel is contributing a lot to our list of most famous Fashion brands 2017 by appearing in position six. It is a private company owned by France. Most people are aware of it due to luxurious and quality products all time. They specially deal with Bags, shoes, clothes and perfumes. Marily Monroe is Chanel’s ambassador representing his brand in various countries. One of their bags is very expensive and costs a huge value of $265,000. This is due diamonds attached to it. Chanel is common and most of their products are distributed all over the world.

5. Rolex


This is a popular and luxurious fashion company dealing with decent and quality watches that comes at a relatively low price to people of all classes. Rolex has a very expensive watch sold at $53,000 and has its headquarters located in Switzerland. Their operation started in 1905 and is currently celebrating more than 100 years of good and quality services to its clients. One good thing about them is their relatively low price products. Most people can afford and of high quality. This is one good reason why Rolex is being featured in this article at position 5.

4. Prada


Prada is another contributing popular Fashion brands 2017 that began operating in 1931 in Italy. It started with selling Handbags, sunglasses, watches and shoes. It is one of fast growing companies by doubling its value to 63%. Clients love their product for have pure material that are long lasting and are of low prices for people of different classes of life. Prada’s most expensive bag is worth approximately $10,000 and is made of ostrich feathers. Copies of all these products are readily available in various countries hence affordable to everyone. Save your money by buying products from this fashion house.

3. Gucci


Gucci is popular among many clients and have been in existence since early 1921. It is a French company producing handbags, men’s bags and scarf. Its brand is approximately $12.7 billion but has recently increased at a rate 50%. Their crocodile shoulder bag is the most expensive and is sold $35,000. Gucci is generally a luxurious fashion brand popular in making leather goods and belongs to a French company known as Kering. It has been in market for 95 years but still loved by clients hence having a chance to represent this topic in our list.

2. Hermes


Hermes is an international French fashion company that started manufacturing goods in 1937. It is specializing in lifestyle accessories, fragrances, home furnishing equipments, Jewellery, watches and other ready to wear items. Thierry Hermes is a director and founder who named it after his own name for remembrance. Currently, Hermes serves clients worldwide with high Fashion clothing and other valuable stuffs.

1. Louis Vuitton


Louis Vultto is making France proud by topping in this list as most popular Fashion brand in market 2017. Founded on 1854, this company has been on market for the last 162 years. Louis Vultton was its founder and it his own name. Its head quarters are located in Paris, France. In France, they have several other stores in different areas, and are approximately 460 worldwide.

Those are common and most famous Fashion brands worldwide 2017. All of them are successful and produce high quality fashion items.

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