Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments In The World

After a long period of working, one needs to rest and rejuvenate the body plus spirit. In addition, to achieve this, you need to treat yourself in a nice Spa, get a massage, body treatments, facials and beauty services. A Spa is mostly a Resort where mineral-rich spring or seawater used to give medicinal bath, offering various health treatments. This treatment has been there since 18th century, but has been developing with the modern world. Many have embraced this activity, turning to be a great core business and create employment. Below are the most expensive Spa treatments in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments In The World in 2017

10. Caviar Face Treatment

caviar face treatment, Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments In The World 2017

When it comes to feeling good and beautiful money is not the determining factor, spending a lot more and getting quality services should be the worry. At Caviar, you be offered with skin care treatments including; steam, exfoliation, extraction, facial masks and body massage. The name derived from exotic food that is delicious and delicacy, now known to be great for your skin too. It is a 90-minute session that; helps in eliminating the lines and combating ageing agents, leaving your face smooth and bright.

9. Sheep Placenta


Looking forward for a smooth and supple bright face, you will have to go for an extra mile taking care of it. Do not irritate by these two names, but it have been tested and proved that, the cell in the sheep’s placenta prevents your skin from many damages like sunrays and harsh weather conditions. Keep in mind not the real placenta applied on your face, but after it been taken from a healthy sheep, it is processed and well preserved. It is very expensive treatment ranging from five hundred dollars, but excellent results.

8. Elysian Cleanse


This treatment is available at Waldorf Chicago, offering a complete body treatment. This treatment involves; deep marine massage, marine rejuvenation and sea weed wrap. This used to exfoliate your body leaving it looking good and fresh. The massage followed by an eye and scalp treatment, to offer beautiful and well-moisturized body. This therapy normally uses water and water known to give your body and skin a glow look.

7. UMO Gold Face


This treatment is very expensive but the best facial treatment in the world. Mostly available at skin clinic in London, where they use pure carat gold and this compound is the best in hydrating and adding elasticity than any other compounds. This treatment get rid of fine lines that are brought by ageing factors, open poles for the skin to moisturize and ending the dull skin. A gold mask is one of the most expensive Spa treatments, leaving your face soft free from wrinkles.

6. Micro ablation and Triphasic Combination


Wishing to look beautiful and with a young looking skin, this is the best combination of treatment to go for. These treatments make use of electromagnetism known to end many skin problems and helps in clearing wrinkles. Rated as the most expensive spa in the world; and commonly used by many celebs and notable people around the world, and believed to prevent skin tumor.

5. Vampire Facelift


This treatment is associated with drawing blood from the client, separating the platelets from the blood used for the facial therapy. After the blood is processed, is the re-injected into the client’s face. This treatment helps you to gain a youthful face, beautiful and smooth look. The name originated from vampires, as they are associated with blood, it is very expensive ranging from 1500 dollars per session. This is one amongst the Top 10 Most Expensive Spa Treatments In The World 2017.

4. Grand Luxe Facial


This treatment is recommendable for people with sunburns, rosaceous and skin conditions. Grand Luxe Facial therapy, include; use of protein drops, use of LED light to help in clearing the dark heads. It is a long process starting with masking your face caviar mask, to clean and open skin poles. This treatment promotes the health of your skin, helps the skin to maintain its moisture. After your summer holiday, these are what you can dig your pocket into and get this treatment, to continue looking beautiful, with a smooth skin and looking much younger.

3. L. Raphael Oxy Star Anti Pigmentation Treatment


You desire and wish to have a celeb look, glamorous and smooth touch of skin; this is the most expensive Spa treatment you can find around the world. It is good for your face to look young and fresh. It does not come cheaply but it is always worth it with this treatment. The company that exclusively offers these services is located in Switzerland, with twenty years of experience. The treatment involves the use of oxygen to eliminate wrinkles, ageing lines and sunburns. This process will leave your skin looking beautiful, smooth and well moisture.

2. Evian Bath


You need skin toning that will leave with a baby soft skin touch, and bathe like a real celeb, you should visit Hotel Victor located at Miami Beach. Evian is an expensive French Mineral Water, mostly used by royal families, celebrities and very rich people around the world. This treatment believed to illuminates the skin with effects of this mineral water, giving a luxurious feel due to orange or pink gerberas that added into it. The spa is installed with 1000 Evian bottle water, to give you an exceptional experience while sipping your favorite champagnes or chocolates.

1. Diamond and Ruby Facial


Topping this list of the most expensive Spa treatments in the world 2017, is Diamond and Ruby Facial and as the name says it all. This massage uses real diamond and ruby crashed and applied on your face, to absorb the negatives and helps in exfoliating the skin. This process will not only leave your skin beautiful, but will offer the feeling of peace and calmness.

After winning a million dollars and you, deserve a good relaxing feel later feeling beautiful. The above list contains the most expensive spa treatments in the world 2017 you can consider to visit. With technology, advancement will help and guide you on the best spa to get your massage and facial.

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