Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in The World

Engagements are one the most valued events in a girl’s life and so every prospective fiancé wants to go far and beyond to please the woman they are with. Some men choose rings based on sentimental meanings while others choose based on quality and value. The last category of men choose both a ring with a sentimental meaning and one that’s on high value, these are the ones who win on both ends. Celebrities have been known to break the banks when it comes to buying engagement rings. Here is the countdown of top ten most expensive rings in 2018.

10. Anna Kournikova engagement ring

Anna Kournikova engagement ring

Anna Kournikova is one lucky girl. She got the pear cut pink diamond ring from her then boyfriend Enrique Iglesias. The ring’s diamond rock weighs about 11 carats and has two other supporting trillian stones at the sides which makes it all the more spectacular. The ring is reported to be worth an impressive $2.5 million. The ring is from Argyle jewelers.

9. Catherine Zeta Jones engagement ring

Catherine Zeta Jones engagement ring

The ring is from the Fred Leighton vintage collection. Michael Douglas gave this ring to Catherine Zeta Jones while asking for her hand in marriage. The diamond rock weighs 10 carats. It has one huge diamond at the center then another twenty eight smaller stones surrounding it. The ring is worth a staggering $2.5 million.

8. Jacqueline Onassis engagement ring

Jacqueline Onassis engagement ring

This valuable ring here was put on the finger of Jacqueline Onassis by her second beau Aristotle Onassis during their engagement. The ring is reported to have weighed 40.42 carats for the diamond and is said to have only been worn twice because of how valuable it is. It is a Lesotho III stone with a green diamond and a clear ice diamond on it. The ring is valued at $2.6 million.

7. Melania Knauss engagement ring

Melania Knauss engagement ring

The soon to be first lady of the United States received this ring from her husband Donald Trump as an engagement token. The weight of the diamond is 15 carats. The ring is a Graff engagement one and it has an emerald cut design. Stunning is the only word fitting for this ring. The sparkly gem is valued at a jaw dropping price of $3 million.

6. Jennifer Lopez engagement ring

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring

The ring to start with is from the Neil Lane collection namely blue diamond. The ring was give to Jennifer Lopez from her former husband, renowned fashion designer Marc Anthony. The diamond ring weighs 8.5 carats. Although Jenifer has received other valuable rings, this one is one of her most priced possessions as it is worth $4 million.

5. Grace Kelly engagement ring

Grace Kelly engagement ring

The Prince of Monaco, Rainier III gave this spectacular emerald cut diamond to Grace Kelly when he was asking for her hand in marriage. The rock weighs 10.47 carats and it has two other diamond stones on the sides to add to the beauty and splendor of this ring. The engagement ring is from Cartier engagement rings and is said to have cost a whopping $4.06 million.

4. Paris Hilton engagement ring

Paris Hilton engagement ring

The beautiful Paris Hilton got this covetous ring from her former fiancé Paris Lastis. The ring weighs 24 carats and it has two triangle stones besides the main middle diamond therefore making the ring feel and look more luxurious. The most outstanding feature about this ring is that it is made from white gold. As if that is not enough the middle diamond is cut in a rectangular shape. The worth of this ring stands at $4.7 million.

3. Beyonce engagement ring

Beyonce engagement ring

The popular pop superstar was given this ring to her by her man as an engagement token by her equally popular husband Jay Z. The beautiful rock weighs an impressive 18 carats. The rectangular cut diamond ring is from the Lorraine Schwartz collection. This is one of the most expensive rings in the world. The ring’s worth is a jaw dropping $5 million.

2. Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring

Elizabeth Taylor engagement ring

Elizabeth Taylor was the owner of this rare rock. The ring weighs 33.19 carats and it was gifted to her by her husband Richard Burton. Richard was fond of giving extravagant gifts to his wife but he surely outdid himself with this white diamond. The diamond is clear as crystal clear and it is reported that it is the rare and pure kind of diamond. The Ring is an asscher cut Krupp diamond. The ring was sold to an Asian jewelry collector during an auction for $8.8 million.

1. Mariah Carey Engagement ring

Mariah Carey Engagement ring

Mariah’s current engagement to James Parker was symbolised by this highly valuable engagement ring. The ring weighs 35 carats and it is a design from Wilfredo Rosado who is a luxury jeweler in New York. The extra ordinary ring was crafted by the best jeweller and is probably the only ring in the world that looks like hers and as valuable as hers. The ring cost a stunning $10 million.

These above are the ten most expensive rings in the world in 2018. Diamonds are truly a girl’s best gift. The rings mentioned above are the epitome of idealism when it comes to luxury and romance. If you want to shower your wife to be with luxury getting her an expensive engagement ring will fulfil the purpose but you will have to cough up some serious cash in order to get a diamond rock on her finger.


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