Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women

On the streets of NY, Milan, or Paris you are going to find so may different styles but only the ones that you like are really what matters. If you plan to change up your style a little this year for a more updated look then grab something along the lines of some of the trends listed below.

List of Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women in 2017

10. Ruffles Galore

ruffles galore, Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2017

The ruffles can be found of many different clothing choices from shirts to pants, dresses, and even shoes. A lot of items have so many layers of ruffles which has become one of the most requested designs in the fashion world this year. They can be put on the breast area, the collar of a shirt or dress, run them along the shoulders, or put them going down the front of a blouse. However the ruffles have chosen to be worn you are going to stand out among your peers and be unique with your style.

9. Stirrup Pants

stirrup pants, Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2017

From far away these pants will look like any normal clothing item but once you have gotten up close notice the fabric that wraps around the outside of any shoe on the foot. The design is one of the coolest anyone has come up with so far. Whether the stirrup is on jeans, leggings, or a pair of trousers you are going to be involved with the new trend in no time. Just remember to show them off by placing the stirrup on the outside of your shoes or else what is the point in wearing the attire anyways.

8. Mix n Match Bold Prints


A great way to start with this style is to grab two of the same prints but get them in different colors. Put them both on and you have the mix n match trend. Many of other combinations consist of bohemian styled patterns, geometric prints, even floral designs are going to be included in this trend. Your eyes are going to have a time trying to figure out which pattern is what when pairing these things all together.

7. XXL Sleeves


Many of the street style stars have been having a great time playing with proportions and enjoying the really long sleeves type of trend. These will run way past the wrist and hands for a unique fashion, plus who needs hands to enjoy themselves anyways. The extra long sleeves are found on blouses and jackets but sometimes can be on dresses as well. Many women from fashion agencies have modeled these and they all look so cool that plenty of people will want to give this style a try.

6. Pleated Midi Skirts


If you do not like the patent leather pants fashion then try out a pleated midi skirt. It does not matter if you choose to keep the style basic or if you want to glam it up a little bit. These work great with anything from a crop top that is short, a bomber jacket, even pairing it with a tucked in shirt will work. Whatever you choose to do these pleated skirts will look stunning and give you the ability to move freely since they are loose fitting in the legs and thighs.

5. The Cold Shoulder


This year many women are going for the bare shoulder looks. There are many clothing options that have left the shoulders bare such as dresses, tops, and even some jackets. You may end up with some very weird tan lines though if it is a style you have chosen to wear a lot during the sunny months. Always remember to rub in some sun block to keep the shoulders from burning as well. Many women have chosen to go with a trend like this because of the rare look and how cute the style is with any other clothing options they want. This is one amongst the Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2017.

4. Patent Leather Bottoms


Patent leather was once considered a fashion from the rougher side but this year bottoms have become a great option for this type of trend. Pants and mini skirts house the patent leather and both ideas looks unique and awesome. Whether you choose the pants or the skirt you can pair one of them with a loose shirt, baggy hoodies, or any outerwear and you will see a more modern outfit that fits into a great trend. The main way to get this fashion to work is by making sure your choice is not tight but they do fit nicely. Plenty of room is going to be your best friend when wearing any of these so you will not be considered trashy but a classy chic instead.

3. Unexpected Layering


When a person is capable of mastering the art of layers they are going to be wearing some of the absolute best fashions on the streets. Take some sweats and put them with professional attire like trousers or combine unique shirts with dresses and make a big statement. It is one style that no one seen coming but now that it has we can all appreciate the terrific idea of it. Although, there are many people not able to get the hang of this layering but with practice and a little skill you will be styling yourself with it in no time.

2. Pyjama Rama


I have to say that this is one of the most genius ideas so far. What person wakes up and enjoys getting dressed in plain and boring clothes when we can throw on some pajamas and be just as trendy. I am not talking about your pajamas with hello kitty on the front, these are the more high end pajama trends such as silk, wide pant legs and shirts, robes that are silky and the sexy slip ons that have that little bit of lace. Wear this to parties or pair some different clothes with them to get a more casual look.

1. Red All Over


Red is absolutely the ideal color this year whether it be fire engine red or a crimson blend you are going to be part of one hot fashion league when you where an entire outfit in this color. Some women even choose to add shoes of the same color. Wear a dress or match up an entire section between pants, blouses, shorts, shoes, coats, and so on. Does not matter if your choice is long or loose, they are all going to give you a look of elegance that makes you look stylish.

So, these above are the Top 10 Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2017. Overall, we all have different tastes and ideas for what we like. With these listed items you are going to definitely find something that works for your wardrobe and you will love it.

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