Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World

This are just a few of the fashion brands that are in the world. If you love these then you will want to buy from them more and more without a doubt. They can give you everything you want and need. Just visit the websites they have so you get the most out of what you are buying because some places are not the originals.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World in 2017

10. Manolo Blahnik

manolo blahnik, Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World 2017

These are shoes that will look amazing on any woman’s feet. Manolo Blahnik a Spanish Fashion Designer plus the founder of a self named shoe brand. With more unique and wonderful designs than you have ever imagined. A color palette that covers all the hue and shades that are possible. She fulfils every ones footwear fantasy and then a lot more than what you could think of.

9. Tiffany & Co.


Is a luxury American jewelry and a silverware corporation, with the headquarters that are in New York City. Tiffany sells all kinds of jewelry, plus sterling silver, some china that is amazing, beautiful crystal, stationery, fragrances that smell wonderful, you can also get things that can be personal accessories, as well as leather items. Tiffany is renowned for the luxury goods, especially for the diamond, diamond jewelry especially for the diamond engagement rings. Tiffany markets itself for the arbiter of taste and the style.

8. Prada

prada, Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World 2018

This is an Italian label that specializes in the luxury items that are leather items that will feel and look amazing, shoes that look amazingly wonderful on your feet, luggage and hats. Runway shows that many people attend, boutiques that look amazingly wonderful , perfumes that smell so good you will dream of them in your sleep.LG Prada phone are one of the business today. Just take your time and look around.

7. Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Top Famous Fashion Brands of The World 2019

This is a fashion house. It was found in nineteen eighty five by two different people. They have great trends and items that are luxury. The classic trends are such great to have or just to look at. Younger people will look at these items more than older people but they still love the fame. They make hundreds of millions just in a year. When you look them up just take your time to learn how they work.

6. Gucci


This brand came about in 1921 in the city of Florence, Italy. They are now worth almost eight billion dollars and keeps going higher and higher in price each year. They are considered to be one of the best brands today and the way the products are made is the reason they have such a high fan base. The brand has teamed up with an auction house and are going to succeed quite well in the vintage area.

5. Armani


1975 was the year this company began and they have a ton of different products to choose from. No matter if you are wanting clothes that are ready to put on or some jewelry or even household items. You will find it with Armani. The items are all said to be the absolute highest priced stuff in the world from the men or female clothes to eyeglasses or perfume. Find a department store that is high end and you will be able to buy some of this crazy expensive stuff if you can afford it. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World 2017.

4. Chanel


This is a brand that knock offs were made from. This brand is known for women and men. The perfume of Marilyn Monroe and some of Paris Hilton sunglasses. It was found in the early nineteen hundreds. The little dress that is black is one of the best things that they ever came out with but you will love the look of it. The items they have are comfortable but also they are very affordable. They use jersey fabric that will have you wanting more.

3. Louis Vuitton


This is the one that had a hand in the reason that knock off items became a big thing in the underground markets. Many different women and even men will know a chanel item from first glance. They have perfume, sunglasses, and the most amazing purses and clothing that is around. The business started in 1909 and have a more recognizable haute couture selection than any other ones. There most famous pieces would be the perfume called Chanel no. 5 and the Chanel suit.

2. Dior


This business make so many different things that it is amazing great place to do your shopping at. If you love leather or the makeup then this is great for you. Just take your time on the website so you make sure to see everything that you have got to get and you really want. They do a lot with kids clothes so your kids will look amazing with you and your friends. Just make sure to get the correct size and you make sure you are ordering from the site so you do not get the knock off brands.

1. Burberry


From fragrances to clothes to accessories, this brand is number one because of how awesome their fashion is. The trench coat that the company sells is the most famous but they also carry items like beautiful handbags and shoes plus jewelry like watches. If you want to feel even more beautiful then invest in an item from this company but for a warning they are quite expensive so be prepared to spend a good chunk of money.

These above are the Top 10 Best Selling Fashion Brands in The World 2017. These brands will have you wanting more than you have ever wanted in your life. Just take your time and do not forget to buy the little one something while you are on the site. Buy for you and your family at low prices and some are higher but that is ok because they will have you walking around in style more than anything.

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