Top 10 Movies By Will Smith of All Time

Will Smith is a favorite actor to many, thanks to his abundant acting talent. Smith was born on the 25th day of September in 1968 in the United States of America, Pennsylvania. Being born at the fun summer season, he fits to be an actor and is nicknamed ‘The Fresh Prince.’ He started acting around 1985 and has since then managed to act, rap and produce films. The list we have here does discuss the actor’s highest grossing films until today, followed by an original synopsis. We hope you enjoy reading.

List of Top 10 Movies By Will Smith of All Time in 2017:

10. ‘I, Robot.’

i robot, Top 10 Movies By Will Smith of All Time 2017

Human beings have decided to rely on robots to help them perform different tasks in this modern-day era. These creatures have become increasingly advanced, and each is always programmed to obey human orders. They can therefore never harm people because humans are their bosses. In the film, a scientist is found dead, and a humanoid robot happens to be the main suspect. The world now wonders whether robots are safe around their human electronic servants. Will Smith acts as Del Spooner, the robot that hates a Chicago cop who has an assignment on a murder probe.

9. ‘Enemy of the State.’


Robert Clayton Dean acts as Will Smith who is a husband, devoted father as well as an attorney who shops for a sexy thing for the wife. Unknown to him is that a video tape is already available and was delivered by Jason Lee, a friend who knows everything about the assassination of a U.S. senator. The murder is led by a corrupt officer who works with the ‘National Security Agency’ called Thomas Reynolds, also known as Jon Voight. Reynolds, therefore, goes after Dean to hide his activities, but the audience soon finds the truth. Dean seeks the help of Brill Gene Hackman, an intelligence operative.

8. ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’


The tale of a single father who transforms from living in the streets to being the owner of a brokerage firm. Will Smith brings the theme to the big screens, and the superstar does it right. He appears opposite to Jaden Smith who is his biological son. The movie is set in the San Francisco town in the 80s, and it films the comeback and hard times of Chris Gardner. The salesman has the custody of his son but finds it hard to provide for them due to the hard economic times.

7. ‘Shark Tale.’


In this film, a fish named Oscar is ambitious despite being small in size. He dreams of making a lot of himself at a time when an anchor drops and kills Frankie by accident. Oscar is celebrated by mistake as ‘the shark killer.’ The overnight fame of Oscar gets the attention of Lola, a fish that happens to woo Oscar from his steady date. Oscar makes friends with Lenny and is forced to know what to do when Sykes and Don Lino choose to take care of different sharks.

6. ‘Hitch.’


A man who trains the dateless how to be attractive to ladies comes to know how hard it is to do the same thing he happens to teach. A man in the city of New York city wants to signal a positive impression with a specific girl. Alex Hitchens, also known as Will Smith happens to be the actor in that role. Hitch makes a career from coordinating three successful dates for a guy and it works to the advantage of both of them. Many men have married women they started dating with the assistance of Hitch. However, Hitch falls for Eva Mendes (Sara) and discovers how much he is limited romantically.

5. ‘Hancock.’


In the film, a lush who drinks hard thrusts to a superhero mode in the traditional look of director Peter Berg. The movie takes a conventional view of the personal life of crime fighters. Will Smith acts as an embittered do-gooder whose life is more similar to a rock star. The idea of being a role model who grows being disillusioned with the admiring public who have always been loyal to him.

4. ‘Men in Black II.’


Will Smith plays Agent Jay is a high ranking person of ‘Men in Black.’ The secret organization has the assignment to go after the unruly visitors who hail from other worlds. His ex-cohort Tommy Lee (Agent Kay) makes his memory clean and starts living a contended and simple life as a mailman. A nasty alien peril rears his ugly head known as Lara Flynn Boyle (Serleena). The shapeshifting is in search of a visitor who escapes with the leading powers that are capable of destroying the whole world.

3. ‘I Am Legend.’


A brilliant scientist races to discover a medicine that cures a dangerous human-made virus. Humanity comes to crumble down around Robert Neville, who is Will Smith and very immune to the extremely contagious superbug virus. The population of the world and New York City have turned into deadly carnivorous bloodsuckers. They fear light and live in isolation so as to prevent the spread of this deadly virus to other humans.

2. ‘Men in Black.’


Will Smith stars as Darrel James Edwards, who is a cop in New York City with a flippant and athletic physique and an authoritarian attitude against the law enforcers. After the pursuit of a mysterious perpetrator in a certain night who is an alien, James gets recruited by Tommy Lee Jones (K). He works a veteran working for the secret government agency spying on foreigners invading the planet earth. The agents wear a black suit, sunglasses, shoes and ties, something that makes them be nicknamed ‘Men in Black.’

1. ‘Independence Day.’


He tale in this film starts with massive spaceships that many inhabitants of the earth receive warmly. They hope that the alien life will be better and favorable to them in many ways. However, the extraterrestrials are not peaceful, and they have weapons that are capable of destroying many world cities. The survivors face chaos and join hands to put up a rebellion to save the entire human race.

Will Smith Upcoming Movies 2017-2018

1. ‘Bad Boys for Life’ (2018)


‘Bad Boys for Life’ is a Will Smith movie that is still cooking, it will release in 2018. Joe Carnahan directs the film and written by George Gallo. Other actors in this film are Derrick Gilbert and Martin Lawrence.

2. ‘Bad Boys 4 ‘ (2019)


The plot of this movie remains anonymous, but George Gallo is the man who is directing it to the end. Will Smith acts the movie alongside Martin Lawrence.

Will Smith is a legend, and we all do love him. He has perfected what he does over many years, and that is why we celebrate him today. ‘Mob love’ Mr. Will Smith.

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