Top 10 Movies by Vivien Leigh of All Time

Vivien Leigh is a two-time winner of the Academy Award as well as a long-serving queen of the silver screen. He ranked at position sixteen on the AFI’s list with the top 100 stars. She was born on the 5th of November 1913 and was famous for her affair with Laurence Olive both personally and professionally. Olivier was her second husband, although her most incredible movies never featured the wife and husband acting duo. Below is a view of Vivien’s most remembered roles.

List of Top 10 Movies by Vivien Leigh of All Time

10. ‘Dark Journey.’

Dark Journey Top Most Popular Movies by Vivien Leigh 2018

The ‘Dark Journey’ is a film about the First World War, which was fought by many countries. Germany and French are two such countries which were on opposing sides, and so are all their workers and citizens. However, two spies From France And Germany fall in love despite their countries being at war with each other. The 77 minutes’ movie is directed by Victor Saville and acted by Conrad Veidt, Joan Gardner, Vivien Leigh and Anthony Bushell.

9. ‘Things are Looking Up.’


In the entertaining movie called ‘Things are Looking Up,’ Scatterbrain circus woman must cover for the sour sister of her school mistress. She does the cover up for her because of the sister, although she hates the lady. The film is directed by Albert de Courville, who does a great job despite the movie being only 77 minutes in length. The actors are Max Miller, Cicely Courtneidge, Mary Lawson and William Gargan.

8. ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement.’

Gentlemen's Agreement Top Popular Movies by Vivien Leigh 2019

In this movie, a reporter makes everyone believe that he is a Jew for them to allow him to cover a story that concerns anti-Semitism. After that achievement, he discovers the real depth of hatred and bigotry. The reporter happens to show how hatred between religions is deep rooted, but he has to face the same stereotype for him to be allowed to report. Elia Kazan directs the film that is written by Moss Hart and Laura Z. Hobson. The actors of the movie are Dorothy McGuire, Gregory Peck, and John Garfield.

7. ‘Fire Over England.’


When you hear England, on woman comes to your mind: Queen Elizabeth. The lady runs this show, and that is why the title of the movie is ‘Fire Over England.’ The Queen tries to solve the deteriorating relationship between her country and Spain. A naval officer whose dad was killed by the Spanish volunteers to go undercover in Spain, where he learns about plans to ambush the British army. The aging Queen Elizabeth struggles with the fact that the officer is madly in love with Vivien Leigh.

6. ‘A Yank at Oxford.’


In the film, we find Lee Sheridan, a guy whose ego is always stoked by Dan Sheridan, his father who is a newspaper publisher. Jack Conway directs the 102 minutes’ movie that is hard to believe is not real. The actors of the film are Vivien Leigh, Robert Taylor, Maureen O’ Sullivan and Lionel Barrymore.

5. ‘Caesar and Cleopatra.’


When the Roman Civil War was at its peak, a young guy called Cleopatra meets a middle-aged guy with the name Julius Caesar. The man teaches her how she should rule Egypt. Gabriel Pascal is the director of ‘Caesar and Cleopatra,’ a 138-minute’ film. The actors are Stewart Granger, Claude Rains, Vivien Leigh and Flora Robson.

4. ‘Waterloo Bridge.’


During the First World War, a young guy called ballerina loses her employment after believing that her beloved fiancée has been killed at war. Due to depression and losing hope, she turns to prostitution. Her life becomes tragic as a result, not knowing that her fiancé may not be dead. Mervyn LeRoy directs the 108 minutes’ film. The actors are Robert Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Virginia Field and Lucile Watson.

3. ‘That Hamilton Woman.’


‘That Hamilton Woman’ is the tale of dancehall and courtesan girl who was called Emma Hamilton. Her relationship with Admiral Horatio Nelson and Sir William Hamilton dominates an extended part of the movie. The film is set when the Napoleonic wars were going on and documents the rise and fall of Emma Hamilton. Alexander Korda directs the 128 minutes’ movie. The actors include Sara Allgood, Alan Mowbray, Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.

2. ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’


In ‘A Street Car Named Desire,’ a disturbed guy Blanche Dubois decides to move in with her sister. In the New Orleans home, she is tormented by her brother in law from Britain as reality crumbles around her. Kazan Eliza is the director of the film. The actors are Marlon Brando, Vivien Leigh, Karl Malden and Kim Hunter. The movie is loved until today.

1. ‘Gone With the Wind.’


‘Gone With the Wind’ is a 238 minutes film about the American Civil War directed by Victor Fleming. In the movie, a manipulative belle from the South is a turbulent affair with a runner as the American Civil War goes on. The relationship goes on regardless of which side of the civil war the two individuals belong to. The actors of this movie are Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, Barbara O’Neil and Thomas Mitchelle.

Vivian Leigh’s Most Fascinating Movies

1. ‘Ship of Fools.’


A ship has different clusters of passengers headed to post-war Germany. The persons on board represent a very diverse microcosm of the 1930’s society. The director of ‘Ship of Fools’ is Stanley Kramer, while the writers are Abby Man and Katherine Anne Porter. The actors are Jose Ferrer, Vivien Leigh, and Simone Signoret.

2. ‘Sidewalks of London.’


Along the sidewalks of the theater districts in London, the street performers (buskers) happen to earn enough cash for a low-cost room. However, one of them by the name Charles who usually recites dramatic monologs happens to see a young pickpocket. The film is directed by Tim Whelan and written by Clemence Dane and Bartlett Cormack. The actors are Rex Harrison, Vivien Leigh, and Charles Laughton.

Vivian Leigh is a long-time actor who a majority of us may have forgotten, although the movies she acted remain thrilling. Our love for Vivien will never fade, and we will love her always.

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