Top 10 Movies By Michelle Pfeiffer of All Time

One of the greatest stars who emerged in the 1980’s is Michelle Pfeiffer. The actress is renowned for her versatility and looks and is underlined by the diverse roles she has played in her career so far. Michelle Pfeiffer cares about all aspects of life, that is the reason she took a break of four years to bring up her kids, then re-emerged in 2007.However, only a few of her latest movies show up in ten of her best performances. Despite playing some incredible roles since returning such as Hairspray and ‘Velma Von Tussle her excellent works in Stardust in her role of Lamia are forever in our memories. Her career has earned her numerous awards, and here are Michelle’s best ten movies of all time.

List of Top 10 Movies By Michelle Pfeiffer of All Time in 2017

10. Dangerous Minds

dangerous minds Top 10 Movies By Michelle Pfeiffer of All Time 2017

In this film, Michelle Pfeiffer takes the role of LouAnne Johnson, a teacher based in California. She does her work well and even uses many inventive ways to engage the cynical students. Her determination to win the students over makes her dress unconventionally. She even teaches karate to her students, something that makes them connected. Michelle’s role in this film is significant.

9. Ladyhawke


Ladyhawke’ is an unusual fantasy movie in which Etienne Navarre is acting as Rutger Hauer gets accompanied by a beautiful hawk as well as a young companion Matthew Broderick, acting as Philippe Gaston. Together they confront many dangers although Navarre has fallen in love with Mitchelle Pfeiffer, who acts as Isabeau d’Anjou. Both Navarre and Isabeau can change their forms from human to animal and vice versa. Isabeau turns into a hawk, while Navarre transforms into a wolf.

8. The Age of Innocence


The Age of Innocence is set in a high American society towards the end of the 19th Century. Countless Ellen Olenska is the role played by Michelle Pfeiffer, a girl who comes back to New York after a terrible marriage in Poland. The role of a tormented guy called Daniel Day-Lewis takes Newland Archer. Daniel falls in love with Countless but unfortunately he marries her cousin Winona Ryder who acts as May.

7. Married To the Mob


In ‘Married to the Mob,’ Michelle Pfeiffer acts as Angela de Marco, a widow gangster from Brooklyn. Despite the death of her husband, Angela still has connections with the mob, provoking the Federal Bureau of Investigations to probe her. Stockwell Dean also happens to make notable appearances as a boss in the crowd but with ‘killer’ designs o Angela. The film is one of the few crime movies that Michelle acted earlier in her career.

6. The Witches of Eastwick


The film is based on an 80’s novel by Updike John and it revolves around three witches. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Sukie, and Susan Sarandon plays Jane while Alexandra plays Cher. The three fall under the spell of a manipulative, dark character named Daryl, a role played by Jack Nicholson. They realize that they possess some magical powers. However, tragic consequences disturb the three witches, making them understand that Daryl is an evil who must be dealt with.

5. Stardust


Michelle Pfeiffer plays as Lamia, ‘the Dark Queen of the Witches.’ The fantastic romantic adventure movie puts Pfeiffer in the spotlight due to her role in the film. Evil like no one else, Lamia has neat tricks as well, which help her in restoring her youth. Many movie lovers think that she eats whatever is left in the heart of a star.

4. Dangerous Liaisons


Dangerous Liaisons’ is set in France seven years before France got into a rapid revolution. Michelle Pfeiffer plays Madame Marie de Tourvel. The virtuous woman is increasingly tormented by everything that happens around her, events that she does not like seeing. Mitchelle Pfeiffer plays her role well, such that many people think the lady is the real victim of all the misfortunes.

3. Batman Returns


In Batman Returns, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle. Christopher Walken plays Max Shreck, an evil boss who makes the Catwoman turn to crime after a very nervous breakdown. The alliance between Catwoman and Danny DeVito who plays the Penguin becomes sour. As a result, both Michael Keaton who is playing Batman and Catwoman get targeted by Shreck.

2. Scarface


Scarface’ is a remake of a film that had released in 1982 with a similar name. The 1980’s-version had Michelle Pfeiffer getting her first major role in a popular movie. Elvira Hancock is the character played by Michelle, the wife of the principal actor in the film called Tony Montana, a role that Al Pacino plays. She plays her part well as the woman of a notorious drug baron in the movie.

1. The Fabulous Bake Boys


The Fabulous Bake Boys’ is a film that has Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges as the main actors, the two being brothers. Michelle Pfeiffer plays as Susie Diamond, a singer with positive impacts on flagging the careers of Seattle pianists such as Jack Baker, a character that Jeff Bridges plays. Frank Baker plays Beau Bridges in a movie that cemented Michelle as a legendary movie star of the 20th Century.

Michelle Pfeiffer New Movies 2017-2018

Murder on the Orient Express

Hercule Poirot is a famous detective of Belgium descent who is investigating the murder of a wealthy American. The shooting took place as he traveled on the ‘Orient Express,’ one of the most famous train in the globe. Branagh Kenneth is the director of the movie written by Michael Green and Agatha Christie. The stars in the same film are Penelope Cruz, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Michelle Pfeiffer has acted for long enough that she cannot compete with any new actress. Her versatility and talent makes any movie that he acts a thriller, which is why we love her. All the best madam Michelle Pfeiffer.

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