Top 10 Movies by Jessica Alba of All Time

Jessica Alba continues to appear in both major flops and blockbusters as well, but we love her regardless of where she makes her appearance. We have therefore decided to compile a list of ten movies by Jessica Alba. She is an exceptional actress on the globe but her beauty and moments have always shined the screens. Alba has a long and great career before her, and we will see more of the queen in the near future.

List of Top Ten Movies by Jessica Alba of all time in 2017

10. ‘Valentine’s Day.’


In Los Angeles, Valentine’s day is not only about treating your other half in a great way. Many other activities take place on the same day. For instance, intertwining singles and couples break up while others make up as a result of the pressures and expectations of the great day known as Valentines. Marshall Garry is the director of ‘Valentine’s Day,’ which spans for 125 minutes. The actors are Jamie Foxx, Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway.

9. ‘Into the Blue.’

Into the Blue Top Most Famous Movies by Jessica Alba 2018

‘Into Blue’ s a title that may mislead you into believing that the movie is about luck and good things only. Far from that, the movie is about a group of drivers who get into deep trouble with a notorious drug lord. Trouble starts when the drivers come across the drug lord’s cargo that was in a sunken vessel. Stockwell John directs the 110 minutes’ movie acted by Scott Caan, Paul Walker, Ashley Scott and Jessica Alba.

8. ‘Honey.’

Honey Top Most Movies by Jessica Alba 2017

The film does not concern the honey that comes from bees, which is what a majority of us are conversant with. Honey is the name of a lady who is sexy and works as a music choreographer. Her life is shaken up after her only mentor gives her a deadly ultimatum. She has to spend a night with him or else she will be blacklisted from the industry. The 94 minutes’ movie is directed by Bille Woodruff and acted by Mekhi Phifer, Jessica Alba, Missy Elliot and Romeo Miller.

7. ‘Meet Bill.’


Bill is a guy who has many serious problems in life. His wife cheats on him and has never been faithful. On top of that, he is fed up with the job that he does and has o mentor a very rebellious teen. Melisa Wallack and Bernie Goldman are the two directors who make the movie a great success. The actors are Jessica Alba, Aaron Eckhart, Elizabeth Banks and Logan Lerman.

6. ‘Machete.’


An ex-Federale is hired to assassinate a Texas Senator, but the guy who hires him turns against him. He betrays him and sets him up instead. The Federale launches start a brutal revenge rampage against the man who formerly served as his boss. Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriguez are the directors of this film that is acted by Michelle Rodriguez, Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and Robert De Niro.

5. ‘The Killer Inside Me.’


We interact with different people in life, although the strange thing is that we do not know who they are or which personalities they hold. Such people penetrate to the uniformed forces as well, which are supposed to protect us. A deputy Sheriff in West Texas is unmasked, and people are shocked to find out that he is a notorious serial killer. The film is directed by Michael Winterbottom and acted by Kate Hudson, Casey Affleck, Ned Beatty and Jessica Alba.

4. ‘Sin City.’


‘Sin City’ is a movie that explores the miserable and dark town known as ‘Basin City.’ It tells the tale of three persons who are all caught up in very violent corruption and embezzlement of public funds. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller are the directors of this film. Actors on board are Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis. If you are yet to watch ‘Sin City,’ please add it to your watchlist.

3. ‘The Sleeping Dictionary.’


Truscott Jon heads to Borneo to work alongside Iban. He, however, reports to Bullard Henry who offers him a sleeping dictionary, which turns to be a local who teaches him their language. He also gives him Selina, a beautiful woman who thrills John in the course of the teaching. The locals rebel against the affair, and so does Bullard. He decides to go against their advice, which leads to tragic consequences.

2. ‘Awake.’


‘Awake’ is a movie that focuses on the tale of a man suffering from ‘Anaesthetic awareness’ who always stays aware and awake despite being paralyzed. A heart surgery that was performed o him led to the disability, and her mom has to wrestle with her demons as events unfold. They attempt to reveal the tale of her young son’s wife that is much hidden. Harold Joby is the director of the film acted by Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, Lena Olin and Terrence Howard.

1. ‘The Eye.’


Many people have received eye transplants, but none has been given the one that a lady in this film does possess. The woman is given an eye transplant that enables her to watch into the supernatural world. Will the eye be beneficial or disastrous to her? The 98 minutes’ movie is directed by Xavier Palud and David Moreau. The actors are Alessandro Nivola, Jessica Alba, Rade Serbedzia and Parker Posey.

Jessica Alba New Movies 2016-2017

‘Mechanic Resurrection’


Arthur Bishop is of the idea that his criminal past had been put behind until his formidable foe does kidnap his lover. The remaining choice is to go around the world to execute three assassinations and make them look like natural accidents, something that he has always done. Directed by Dennis Gansel and written by Tony Mosher and Philip Shelby, the film is a thriller. The actors of the movie are Tommy Lee Jones, Jason Statham, and Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba acts in the finest action movies. That is what fans love most about her, plus the fact that she always fits her role and works to satisfaction. Her newly released movies tell everything.

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