Top 10 Movies by Emma Stone of All Time

Emma Stone is an actor who has proved to be versatile, taking on almost everything, from blockbuster franchises such as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ to period dramas such as ‘The Help.’ Her acting is so excellent that it is hard to imagine a time before she existed in the film industry. However, the actress had barely touched a segment of the entertainment world before 2007. She first appeared on television at the age of sixteen on ‘In Search of the Partridge Family’ and went ahead to appear on other shows including ‘Lucky Louie.’ She then took the big screen in 2007 with the role of ‘Jules’ in ‘Superbad, ‘ and the stardom began. Here is a look at Stone’s most incredible roles in her acting career this far.

List of Top 10 Movies by Emma Stone of all time in 2017

1. ‘Superband.’

Superband Top Popular Movies by Emma Stone 2019

‘Superband’ is Emma Stone’s breakout role as a gorgeous cool girl in the teen comedy produced by Judd Apatow, a film that also sets the stage for whatever you would think about Emma. Self-deprecating, hilarious, beautiful and the person we would all want to hang out with. Emma Stone’s character inspires Jonah Hull to withstand all challenges experienced in the movie. Emma makes the film fantastic.

2. ‘The House Bunny.’


Emma Stone takes the role of Natalie in the Anna Faris comedy. A nerdy sorority girl who is unfortunate, fans found it hard to accept her role because she looked flawless, although it remained to be fun. Emma plays the virgin sacrifice during an Aztec party at Zeta Alpha Zeta.

3. ‘Zombie Land.’


In this fright-com, Emma Stone acts alongside Abigail Breslin, Jesse Eisenberg, and Woody Harrelson. The film is a tale that follows four survivors who attempt to run away from the zombie apocalypse. The film allows a rising actress called Wichita to display her comedic chops in a funny and incredible cast. Packed with over top gags and silly jokes, ‘Zombie Land’ is a hilarious film that boasts of rave reviews even from the critics.

4. ‘Easy A.’

Easy A Top Most Popular Movies by Emma Stone 2018

Emma Stone appeared in several roles when this film released in 2010. The teen comedy did place the actress on a map and cemented her status as a leading lady. The film provides a modern view on ‘The Scarlet Letter’ by Hawthorne’s Nathaniel. Stone acts as Olive Penderghast, a teenager from California who jokingly cheats her friend about losing her virginity, only to have the story spreading like wildfire. That does tarnish her reputation around the school and makes her lose some friends. The movie made a commercial success, and her performance earned positive reviews.

5. ‘The Help.’


In the film, Emma Stone takes the role of ‘Skeeter,’ a lovable in an affair with two black maids. The relationship takes place during the ‘Civil Rights Era’ in Mississippi as some girls help an aspiring journalist with cleaning columns. Everything intensifies when the lady chooses to write the stories instead. Despite the fact that it is Octavia Spencer who illegally steals the show, the role played by Emma Stone is still incredible.

6. ‘Crazy, Stupid Love.’


Stone is a fresh law school graduate who refuses and then falls in love with Ryan Gosling. As the lucky girl, it is fair to say that Stone did shine brighter than ever. Many people love that part when she is in the ‘Gosling House’ looking sexy, and they tell him that they will bang before she self-consciously calls the super-hunk out because he looked photoshopped. The film is ‘Crazy and Stupid,’ just like ‘Love.’

7. ‘Friends With Benefits.’


Despite many people thinking that Emma Stone got a small role by being the girl who dumps, Justin Timberlake is very awesome. She departs from the conversation because of the affair and is more concerned about the Mayer concert. ‘Friends With Benefits’ is a phrase that has long been used by many people to mean different things but the choice of the same title shocked many.

8. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man.’


Emma Stone acts as Gwen Stacy, an adorable movie girlfriend in movie history. She is the love interest to Peter Parker and the daughter of a police captain who never approves a dangerous Spiderman dating his daughter. Fans love the role, but it is wise to note that in real life, Emma Stone fell in love with the same Spiderman named Andrew Garfield, something that makes them loved, on and off the screens.

9. ‘The Magic in the Moonlight.’


It is evident that any film with both Colin Firth and Emma Stone as stars has to be charming and adorable. Emma acts as a psychic who doesn’t care that Firth tries to disapprove her powers. She goes ahead and falls in love with him, although the most incredible part of the film is the 1920s styles that Stone applies. The Charisma of Stone as a young Sophie Baker continues to earn positive reviews.

10. ‘Birdman.’


‘Birdman’ is a movie that is capable of landing Emma Stone an Oscar award. Emma acts as Keaton Michael’s brush fresh and aggressive daughter who has just come out of rehab and now serves as a personal assistant. She gives no hot about anything, and she fits the role. From the girl’s pursuit of adrenaline highs to her potty mouth, we are amazed and shocked at how incredible she is in the role.

Emma Stone’s Upcoming Movies 2017-2018

2. ‘Battle of the Sexes.’


‘Battle of the Sexes’ will release in 2017. The film is a real tale of a tennis match that was played in 1973 between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King. The directors of the movie are Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, with the writer being Simon Beaufoy. The stars include Steve Carell, Elisabeth Shue, and Emma Stone.

1. ‘The Croods 2.’


Also set for release in 2017, very few details are available about the movie at this point. The film will release in Australia and is directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders. The screenplay is done by Kirk DeMicco and the film’s series is called ‘The Croods.’

Emma Stone is a very promising young actress. We are still waiting for her upcoming releases, and we love her a lot.

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