Top 10 Movies By Tom Cruise of All Time

It is not by accident that Tom Cruise has been a long-lasting actor. From ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ to ‘Risky Business,’ Tom Cruise continues to be a bonfire star loved by millions across the world. Tom Cruise is 54 years old and has a career that spans almost four decades. He has acted a wide range of movies that run from action to horror and sci-fi. He starred in over forty films, all of which are worth rewatching. If at all the tabloids may have soured you on this reliable Hollywood actor, the following films remind you why Tom Cruise remains a big deal.

List of Top 10 Movies By Tom Cruise of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘Born on the Fourth of July.’


Many fans always forget that Tom Cruise boasts of working with big time directors. Back in the year 1988, Cruise joined ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ by Oliver Stone. The actor portrayed Ron Kovic, a disabled war expert, something that made many fans to question his acting skills. However, all the critics turn quiet when Tom is nominated for the Oscars. To the surprise of many, the film wins the ‘Oliver’ and sets Tom as an actor who has an extensive range. The film showed that he was ready to take a risk with the acting career and also earned Tom some respect.

9. ‘Risky Business.’

risky business, Top 10 Movies By Tom Cruise of All Time until 2019

For those fans who do not know where Tom Cruise came from, please read below to know. The actor’s superstardom was set by ‘Risky Business,’ a movie that makes him famous despite the fact that it’s not his first one. The video is incredible because of many reasons: first, Rebeca De Mornay does an adolescent performance that many people regard as fantasy. Second, Paul Brickman does a stylish direction that does amaze many people. Lastly, there is something funny about the film: Goodson Joel decides to celebrate the trip by his parents on the outskirts of the town by dancing in his underwear.

8. ‘Valkyrie.’


‘Valkyrie’ is a film set in Germany at a time when the universe engaged in the second world war. Tom Cruise takes the role of Col. Claus Von Stauffenberg, a daring man who attempts to kill Adolf Hitler in a well-planned assassination attempt. The intention is to carry later out ‘Operation Valkyrie,’ an arrangement by ‘revolutionary Nazis’ to seize the entire control of Germany from Adolf Hitler. The actor pretends t be the real person called Claus and brings out the movie’s message which is the virtue of self-sacrifice, even when faced with defeat.

7. ‘The Last Samurai.’


‘The Last Samurai’ is originally a Brad Pitt venture in which Tom Cruise takes the character of Alfred Nathan in the famous movie by Edward Zwick, ‘The Last Samurai.’ The film decides to soar on the shoulders of Tom Cruise as it transforms from respect and love to Hate and depression. The actor fits the role, despite some critics doubting the role during the initial stages. The film also lets us know about Ken Watanabe, someone who never leaves Cruise

6. ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.’


Tom Cruise does an incredible performance in all the three versions of ‘Mission Impossible.’ Tom Cruise takes the role of Ethan Hunt, and you must have felt impressed by the man’s actions including the incident where he climbs ‘Burj Khalifa’ one of the tallest structures in the universe located in Dubai. The scene is brilliant, and the movie has some new feedbacks portrayed by Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg. The film has already collected over $690 globally and remains the actor’s top movie on the ‘Box Office.’

5. ‘Collateral.’


Tom Cruise collaborates with Jamie Foxx to bring out more in the film that what exists in the script initially. It is beyond doubt that Mann Michael is always brilliant in whatever he does, but ‘Collateral’ would be just some mediocre film was it not for Foxx and Tom Cruise. However, it is initially hard for people to digest the fact that Cruise plays like an old ‘Hitman.’ However, the doubts vanish after his character Vincent shows up on the screen. This is one amongst Top 10 Movies By Tom Cruise of All Time until 2017.

4. ‘Rain Man.’


‘Rain Man’ is a film that shows a dark side of Cruise by him playing his little brother Charlie to Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), his autistic brother. The film is not solely based on the unity between two brothers but about the relationship developed between the two and how Raymond impacts the life of his young brother Charlie, despite him being mentally challenged. Chris gives justice to his character Charlie, something that makes the film an incredible ‘Character driven’ movie.

3. ‘A Few Good Men.’


‘A Few Good Men’ is a brilliant film that everyone seems to love. Tom Cruise plays the role of a young man called Lt. Daniel Caffee and he does it so well. Jack Nicholson also gives a terrific performance in the same film. When blended with Nicolson, Tom Cruise seems to be excellent as he puts a balance between those two characters. However, we cannot forget other actors who make the movie famous, who include Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kevin Pollack and Kiefer Sutherland.

2. ‘Jerry Maguire.’


‘Jerry Maguire’ is a film that boasts of being one of the best by Tom Cruise, on top of being a fan favorite. The perfect role played by Tom Cruise makes the film flow so well. Some money agents who are starved are after his aspirations in an attempt to ruin it. However, he happens to understand what makes people happy in life and he grows up as the movie comes to an end. The relationship between the protagonists and Jerry make the film one of the best.

1. ‘Top Gun.’


The film that turns Tom Cruise into a star is ‘Top Gun.’ Tom Cruise plays a cocky Marine pilot called Lt. Pete Maverick Mitchelle. He is sent to a ‘Fighter Weapons School’ known as ‘Top Gun’ to sharpen skills to combat the best pilots in the Navy. In 1986, ‘Top Gun’ was one of the best films, and the acting skills of Tom Cruise blew the minds of many people, not to talk about the jet sounds in the movie.

Tom Cruise New Movie 2016-2017

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Playing the role of an investigator called Jack Reacher, Cruise Tom gets into action after an Army Major is arrested after committing treason. Tom suspects malice and goes on a mission to prove that Susan Turner is innocent.

These above are the Top 10 Movies By Tom Cruise of All Time until 2017. Tom Cruise acts correctly in any role that he is assigned to play. If you have watched any of the above best ten movies, you will confirm that he is a good actor, who deserves credit. We love you Tom Cruise.

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