Top 10 Sexiest Power Rangers In The World

The popularity of the Power Rangers Franchise continues to surprise many people. Snatches of old superhero shows from Japan with cheap effects, goofy monsters, big robots and colorful costumes with scenes featuring American actors added to the shows and dubbing the original scenes in English – how did end up a winner? Part of its popularity undoubtedly lies in some of the hottest girls being featured regularly in the show.

Take a look at the top 10 sexiest power rangers in 2017, known for their gorgeous bodies, attractive faces, fantastic attitude and charming personality. These pretty and talented girls have done their bit to make the show a hit and have made it very popular with kids and teens around the globe.

List of the world’s top 10 most popular sexiest power rangers in 2017

10. Kimberly, MMPR

Kimberly, MMPR, Sexiest Power Rangers 2016

When Amy Jo Johnson took on the part of Kimberly, she used her real life expertise in gymnastics. She is loves to shop for good clothes and is always cracking jokes or making witty remarks. Funny and bright, Johnson has made the show a hit with her wisecracks as well as amazing fashion sense. She is the original Pink Ranger, and one of the most popular rangers.

9. Ashley, Turbo/In Space

Originally, she came in as a cheerleader. The athletic Tracy Lynn Cruz played Ashley to perfection and was dressed mostly in grey jumpsuit and yellow shirt. As the new Turbo Yellow Ranger, this pretty girl rocked with her understated sex appeal and humor. Plus, she kicked some serious butt on the show.

8. Kira – Dino Thunder

Emma Lahana rocked the screen with her turn as Kira, the only girl in the team of Rangers. She is a budding singer.Her bright eyes and long dark hair made her a hit with watchers, and as the one to utter sonic cries and push back enemies she is a girl with some spunk. She is cute but one of the hottest rangers in the series, no doubt about that.

7. Mia – Samurai

Mia – Samurai, Sexiest Power Rangers 2018

Under the label of Nick, Erika Fong was a great choice for the part of Mia, the attractive singer and combatant the Pink Ranger as one of the first new Rangers series. She looked with flowing dark hair behind her. She is one of the most popular Power Rangers of all time.

6. Tori, Ninja Storm

As the surfer Tori, Sally Martin was a hit with her fantastic bikini body. Even in her crime-fighting avatar, she looked great in her dark ninja robes. Her blonde, long hair just contributed to her attractiveness. She was one of the sexiest attractions in the franchise, wowing both kids and teens among the viewers.

5. Kat, MMPR/ Zeo/ Turbo

With her long blonde hair and Aussie accent, Catherine Sutherland made Kat different from the rest. Her arresting looks and vibrant presence in the series made teens fall in love with her. Even after she has hanged up her acting boots, Sutherland is most popular as Kat and is recognized everywhere as the Power Ranger.

4. Tenaya, RPM

Tenaya, RPM, Sexiest Power Rangers 2017

Adelaide Kane made the character of Tenaya her own, with that black hair and unique silver crown. In that brown skintight suit, she looked every bit the sexy girl even when she had a visor in the furious fight scenes. As an evil artificial intelligence, this was one of the sexiest bad girls everyone really loved.

3. Gia, Mega Force

The very attractive Ciara Hanna is the typical American-looking girl with her blue eyes and lush blonde hair. Even when she was the tomboy of the gang, she looked fetching in her yellow shirt, leather jacket and dark pants which highlighted her derriere and legs in the best possible ways. With her comical smirk, amazing fight skills and that gorgeous bikini body, Ciara is one of the latecomers in the series but stood out as one of the sexiest ladies in the franchise.

2. Maya, Lost Galaxy

Cerina Vincent stood out among the dark jumpsuit-clad members of the outer space colony with her leather boots and midriff-baring yellow dress. As the jungle girl Maya, she was fetching in her yellow suit as she battled foes swinging on vines even as her brown curly hair flowed behind her. She is one of the hottest ones out there.

1. Lilly – Jungle Fury

Lilly – Jungle Fury, Sexiest Power Rangers 2017

As the bad girl clad in leather, Lily with ninja skills is the pizza place worker fighting the evil lord along with her fellow Rangers by her side. Whether in normal clothes or in yellow suit, Anna Hutchison made Lily look attractive and imbued the character with a fantastic humor. She is one of the most popular girls in the series.
\These are the top 10 hottest power rangers in 2017. They have wowed fans of the Power Rangers series with their amazing beauty, gorgeous beauties, charm and fitness.

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