Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains in China

A villain movie is a film with motion pictures to create the illusion of moving images. This film is created by photographing the actual scenes, and then processed in both art and an industry. Villains in a movie are characters who tend to have negative effect on other characters. Chinese actresses are very beautiful, sexiest topping this features they are very talented, capable of performing and acting in different regions. Beijing is the capital city of a populous nation in East Asia China. Below list takes you through sexiest female movie villains in China.

List of Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains in China in 2017

10. O-Ren Ishii

o-ren ishii, Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains in China 2018

She acted the film Spoiler Alert volume one and two and Sin City, a dome to kill for you. It was released in the year 2014. Clamming to fight like a samurai, she assassinates all the ladies, she has a bad temper, but she is beautiful and poetic. She decapitates her enemies; she was the one behind the assassination of a newlywed bride. She owned a club by the name Deadly Viper Squad and carried the code of her name. Quentin Tarantino created it and the actress who played as O-Ren is Lucy Liu and Ai Maeda. Lucy was born back 1968; she is an actress, voice actress and director.

9. Amy Elliott-Dunne


She is featuring in the Gone Girl, she is funny, smart and drop dead gorgeous girl. She is incredibly dangerous and will do everything to get what she wants including; lying, committing murder, blackmailing and someone else paying for her evil deeds. She is un- resistible adulterous who falsely accuses who have angered or raped her. The film was derived from a thriller novel that was written by Gillian Flynn. Rosamund Pike played the part of Amy Elliott. Born 1979, she is a great actress and took part as Romeo and Juliet.

8. Queen Ravenna


Featuring in Snow White and the Huntsman and was released in the year 2012. She is the legend evil Queen of the snow white. Very attractive but uses her power to remain ever young and beautiful by draining younger women their beauty and energy. For her to remain in power she ate the heart of Snow white. Ravenna had a younger sister Finn and a brother Freya; she was the window of King Magnus. This film was created by Brothers Grimm, got the idea from fairy tales. Who played this fictions role include; Lana Parrilla, Lucille La Verne and Charlize Theron.

7. Kathryn Merteuil


She filmed Cruel Intentions back 1999, this portrays how it is not right to trust those attractive, naturally gorgeous but uses it to manipulate and abuse for her pear pleasure. She is sexy and evil for better or worse. Merteuil is a fictional character also the main villain from both Cruel Intentions and Cruel Intentions 2. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Amy Adams are the actresses behind Kathryn Merteuil. Sarah started acting at a very tender age of four, born 1977 she is a beautiful great actress. Amy Adams was born in the year 1974, she is a singer and actress and in her career she has won numerous awards.

6. Dr. Elsa Schneider


In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, she is beautiful, gorgeous and a sexy villain willing to do anything to attain her goals. Her real names are Alison Doody; she is an Irish actress and a model. She was born 11 November 1966. Dr. Elsa Schneider was an Austrian archaeologist who enlisted the unwitting assistance of Grail scholar.

5. The Devil


Bedazzled, this movie is comedy but displaying the manipulative side using her beauty and her naturally sexes a built character.

4. Ava Lord


Sin City universe, in the graphic novel -A Dame to kill for, she is beautiful, manipulative, violent and ruthless. Ava is an expert in lying and considered as a goddess representing a classic femme fatale. Her innocent look façade it for her own personal gain or amusement. Frank Miller created this movie. Eva Green acted as Ava Lord even in the second series as the main antagonist of film adaption. Eva Green started acting in theatres and was born in 1980.

3. Santanico Pandemonium


From Dusk Till Dawn, was released in the year 1996. She everything you need to see in a female villain, stunning but shows no mercy as she kills men after enrolling them into her club through her attractive, seductive move dance. She is a queen vampire of the Titty Twister, and dances with a snake at a strip club. This fictional character is played by; Eiza Gonzalez, Salma Hayek and Ara Celi

2. Raven Darkholme / Mystique


The most popular movie X-Men released in the year 2000. She is naked like the half of the film, with blue body paint. This villain has a deep hatred for normal humans and she is eager to eliminate the human kind. She is able to transform to anybody she wants and perfect the way she is. Dave Cockrum created this movie and Chris Claremont ranked the greatest comic book villain of all time. Rebecca Romijn acted mystique in the 2000 film, and Jennifer Lawrence took part as Mystique in 2014 X-Men.

1. Selina Kyle / Catwoman


Batman Returns, she is the ultimate femine villain that has done better in Batman Returns using high heels and red lips that’s how to get a super hero’s attention. Catwoman is ranked as the top comic Book Villains of All Time, sexiest women in comics and the greatest Villains of All Time. Those who portrayed as Catwoman include; Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar. Catwoman is morally ambiguous, anti-hero, a crime fighter and loves Batman.

Fiction movies have a large market around the world. They entertain at the same time giving chills while watching. This kind of movies fascinates people by thinking how something can happen or done by superpowers and the presence of super humans. Above list consists of Top 10 Sexiest Female Movie Villains in China 2017.

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