Top 10 Movies By Sean Penn of All Time

From the time Sean Penn made his breakout appearance as ‘Jeff Spicoli’ the beloved stoner in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ the actor has never looked back. Penn has won many ‘Academy Awards’ He has won many awards as a dramatic actor, which makes his career journey remarkable. Mr. Penn has had many cinematic exploits that we have decided to highlight the brightest highlights from Penn’s distinguished filmography. Get ready for the total recall, here are Sean Penn’s best ten movies.

List of Top 10 Movies By Sean Penn of All Time in 2017:

10. ‘Milk.’

milk, Top 10 Movies By Sean Penn of All Time 2019

The film is a tale of Harvey Milk, a gay rights activist in the United States of America. The guy does an incredible job to advocate for the rights of gay people, despite the numerous challenges faced in an extremely traditional society. In the 128 minutes’ film, Milk becomes the first ever person to be elected to political office despite being openly gay. Gus Sant Van is the director of the movie acted by Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Diego Luna and Emile Hirsch.

9. ‘I am Sam.’


In the movie we are calling ‘I am Sam’ a man who is mentally handicapped fiercely fights to gain custody of his daughter of seven years. In the process, he happens to teach his lawyer the value of family and love, despite the lawyer being cold hearted. Jessie Nelson directs the 132 minutes’ film that is acted by Sean Penn, Dakota Fanning, Michelle Pfeiffer and Dianne Wiest.

8. ‘The Thin Red Line.’


The 1998 film directed by Terrence Malick is a unique adaptation of ‘James Jones’ autobiography in the script of Malick Terrence. The 1962 novel focuses puts focus on the conflict witnessed at Guadalcanal during the period when the world was engaged in its Second War. The movie is acted by Nick Nolte, Jim Caviezel, Sean Penn and Elias Koteas. The film is a favorite among historians.

7. ‘Dead Man Walking.’


In this fascinating movie, a nun confronts a convicted killer who is on the death row. The nun does sympathize with the victims of the killer as well as his individual family. Tim Robbins directs the 122 minutes’ film that shows how professionals are faced with severe mental choices as they execute their duties. The film is acted by Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Raymond J Barry and Robert Prosky.

6. ‘Colors.’


In this ‘Colors’ film, a hardworking cop together with his rookie partner is on a patrol of Los Angeles streets. Their mission is to reduce the gang violence and keep the same vice in control. Their mission is coupled with numerous challenges, as gang related issues are always on the rise in Los Angeles. Dennis Hopper is the director of this film, which plays for 120 minutes. The actors on board are Maria Conchita Alonso, Sean Penn, Randy Brooks and Robert Duvall.

5. ‘Taps.’


Military officials (Cadets) take extraordinary measures to make sure that the future of their academy is safe. The barracks and the military academy is under the threat of Condo developers, who want to use the same for their benefits. Becker Harold is the director of this film that is 126 minutes long. The actors of this movie Timothy Hutton, George C. Scott, Sean Penn and Ronny Cox.

4. ‘First Time at Ridgemont High.’


The film is about teenagers and school children in Southern California, who have weird behaviors. The students do enjoy the unknown subjects which include Drugs, rock n’ roll and sex. Amy Heckerling is the director of the two-and-a-half-hour film that thrills us. The film is acted by a group of actors who include Jenifer Jason Leigh, Judge Reinhold, Sean Penn and Robert Romanus.

3. ‘Carlito’s Way.’


‘Carlito’s Way’ is a film about a former convict in Puerto Rican who is successfully released from prison. He makes a choice to quit drugs and violence, although the pressure around him is much to bear. He goes outside the busy New York City and tries a new kind of life. The Brian De Palma-directed movie is 144 minutes’ long. The actors are Al Pacino, Penelope Ann Miller, Sean Penn and John Leguizamo.

2. ‘State of Grace.’


Noonan comes home to New York, and he heads to Hells Kitchen after being absent for over a decade. He later hooks up with the rest of the people and life seems to change for the better. The directors of the movie are Michael Lee Baron and Phil Joanou. The stars in the film are Gary Oldman, Sean Penn, Robin Wright and Ed Harris.

1. ‘Mystic River.’


A tragedy takes place and happens to reunite three men after the family faces severe circumstances. The tragedy overshadows the lives of the family members in the 138 minutes’ film. Clint Eastwood is the director of this movie acted by Sean Penn, Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins and Emmy Rossum. The film is the best that Sean Penn has performed, and that is why the film is position one on this list.

Sean Penn New Movies 2016/2017

1. ‘The Angry Birds Movie.’


When the film comes out, make sure you watch it know why it has birds that are filled with anger. Flightless and happy birds inhabit an island, but unfortunately, some mysterious and green pigs visit the same island. Three incredible cast come up, and they are Chuck, Red, and Bomb, they intend to investigate what the pigs want. Reilly Fergal and Kaytis Clay direct the film with the writers being John Kaytis and Mikael Hed. Expect to see stars like Josh Gad, Jason Sudeikis, and Danny McBride.

2. ‘The Last Face.’


Charlize Theron is the CEO of an international agency that gives aid in Africa ad comes across Javier Bardem, a relief aid doctor. ‘The Last Face’ happens in the rise social and political revolution, and tough choices are confronted. Sean Penn is the director of the Erin Dignam written movie. Stars in the film are Jared Harris, Charlize Theron, and Javier Bardem.

Sean Penn must be great to have acted all those incredible films. Watching his films taken you to a different world, which is what we love most. Nice work Mr. Sean Penn.

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