Top 10 Movies by Sean Connery of All Time

Sean Connery was born as Thomas Sean Connery in 1930 in Scotland, Edinburgh. His mother was a cleaner, while his father worked in a local factory. He worked as a coffin polisher, an art school model as well as a milkman. He began acting in small parts of the British televisions and theatres. He got his first major role as an actor in 1958, in a movie titled ‘Another time: Another place,’ which he did with Turner Lana. A year later, he received general notice for ‘the Little People’ and Disney’s ‘Darby O’Gill.’ When the first James Bond film was released in 1962, Connery transformed into a star, and here are his ten finest movies.

List of Top 10 Movies by Sean Connery of all time in 2017

10. ‘The Man Who Would be King.’


In this film called ‘The Man Who Would Be King,’ two soldiers of British origin make a choice to quit their job as soldiers. They intend to set themselves up and become deities in Kafiristan. However, this is a land where no white person has been to, since Alexander. John Huston is the director of the 129 minutes’ movie that features courageous people, who want to do something different. Actors involved here are Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Saeed Jaffrey and Christopher Plummer.

9. ‘The Hunt For Red October.’

The Hunt For Red October Top 10 Movies by Sean Connery

In the November month of 1984, the best submarine captain of the Soviet Union involves a violation of orders. He heads to the United States of America, against the orders that he should follow, according to military command. What the viewer of a movie wonders is whether this captain is a defector or an initiator of war. John McTiernan directs this 135 minutes’ film.

8. ‘From Russia With Love.’

From Russia With Love Top Most Famous Movies by Sean Connery 2018

James Bond finds himself in a plot to assassinate a Russian beauty with the intention of retrieving an encryption device used by the Soviet Union. A particular SPECTRE stole the device, and the only way out of this mess is to kill the Russian Beauty. Sean Connery, Lotte Lenya, Robert Shaw and Daniela Bianchi are the actors of this 115 minutes’ film directed by Terence Young.

7. ‘Finding Forrester.’


In this movie titled ‘Finding Forester,’ a young prodigy who involves in writing gets a mentor who happens to be a reclusive author. Gus Van Sant is the film’s director, and his long-time experience in directing such films makes the movie interesting. Those who act the 136 minutes’ long movie include Rob Brown, Sean Connery, Anna Paquin and Murray Abraham.

6. ‘The Untouchables.’


Elios Ness is a Federal Agent is on a mission to stop someone known as Al Capone. Because of the rampant corruption and the embezzlement of public funds, he picks a small team and assembles it for the mission. ‘The Untouchables’ is a 119 minutes’ film directed by De Palma Brian. Stars who make the movie excellent include Sean Connery, Robert De Niro, Kevin Costner and Charles Martin Smith.

5. ‘The Rock.’


An ex-con who also happens to be a chemist is selected to lead a counterstrike when rogue military men pose a threat to the country. The group of military men has a renegade general as their leader in an attempt to carry out a nerve gas attack against San Francisco, from their bases in Alcatraz. Michael Bay directs the 136 minutes’ film acted by Sean Connery, Ed Harris, John Spencer and Nicolas Cage.

4. ‘A Bridge Too Far.’


‘A Bridge Too Far’ is a film about ‘Operation Market Garden,’ which occurred in the summer season of 1944. The allies join hands to capture many bridges that are strategically important in Netherlands. They hope to break all German lines, but poor planning and mismanagement results in the failure of this entire process. The movie goes for two and a half hours and is directed by Richard Attenborough.

3. ‘The Hill.’


‘The Hill’ is a film about the Second World War and the effects of the same conflicts on Africans. In a military prison located in North Africa, six new inmates find it hard to survive during the second world war period. They face sadistic guards and brutal punishment, which makes things more difficult. The 123 minutes’ film is directed by Sidney Lumet and acted by Sean Connery, Ian Bannen, and Harry Andrews.

2. ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’


When no one expects, a doctor called Sr. Henry Jones goes missing while going after the Holy Grail. Indiana Jones is an eminent archaeologist who has to stop the Nazis, just like his father did. Spielberg Steven is the director of the film which is 127 minutes’ long. Those who act the movie include Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, Denholm Elliott and Alison Doody.

1. ‘Goldfinger.’


James Bond has a new mission to investigate a ‘gold magnate’s smuggling.’ He uncovers a plan to contaminate a gold reserve known as ‘Fort Knox.’ Guy Hamilton is the director of this 110 minutes’ movie. The actors in the film are Gert Frobe, Sean Connery, Shirley Eaton and Honor Blackman. Sean Connery fits his role and makes the film the best.

Sean Connery’s Most Daring Movie.

 ‘You Only Live Twice’


Sean Connery has many movies, but the most daring one must be ‘You Only Live Twice.’ From the film’s title, we get the idea of someone who is not afraid of death, after all, he thinks there is another life to live. Before the provocation of nuclear war, a Japanese ‘Secret Service Ninja’ and ‘Agent 007′ must stop the massacre. The culprits of the space jacking series must be arrested and the real culprits identified. Harold Jack Bloom writes the film, and Roald Dahl does the screenplay. Mie Hama, Sean Connery, and Akiko Wakabayashi are the key players in the movie.

Sean Connery is a star who we must recommend, and his films tell it all. We love you Sean Connery, and we do love your movies even more.

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