Top 10 Movies by Sally Field of All Time

Sally Field was born in a place called Pasadena in California, 1946. She commenced her acting career on television by featuring in a TV series called ‘Gidget’ in 1965, which followed another series known as ‘The Flying Nun.’ She successfully graduated from ‘The Actors Studio’ in 1974 under Strasberg Lee. She reached global fame in 1977 after she starred in ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ alongside Burt Reynolds. Two years later she starred in ‘Norma Rae,’ which won her her first Oscar as the ‘Best Actress.’ Her second Oscar would come in 1984 for her role in the ‘Places in the Heart’ film. The queen has featured in over 300 television episodes and over 40 films. She has received two Oscar awards and three nominations. She also boasts of two ‘Golden Globe’ awards and eleven nominations. On top of all that are three ‘Emmy’ awards and eight nominations. Here are her best-performed movies.

List of Top Ten Movies by Sally Field of all time in 2017

10. ‘Steel Magnolias.’


In ‘Steel Magnolia,’ a young and talented beautician arrives in a small town in Louisiana and is employed at a local salon. In the new city, a group of ladies share a strong bond of love and friendship, and they happily welcome her into their place and the group as well. Herbert Ross is the director of the ‘Steel Magnolias’ which goes for 117 minutes. The actors include Olympia Dukakis, Shirley MacLaine, Julia Roberts and Sally Field.

9. ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

Mrs. Doubtfire Top Famous Movies by Sally Field 2019

Many things happen after divorce, but I am sure that nobody was ready for what happened in ‘Mrs. Doubtfire.’ In the film, an actor bitterly divorces his wife but is denied custody of the children. Because the kids are held in custody by his previous wife, there is only one way to spend time with them. He pretends to be a female housekeeper and asks for employment. Columbus Chris directs the 125 minutes’ unbelievable drama. The actors include Sally Field, Robin Williams, Harvey Fierstein and Pierce Brosnan.

8. ‘Smokey and the Bandit.’


In ‘Smokey and the Bandit,’ a Bandit gets hired to run a trailer tractor carrying overloaded beer. The vehicle travels over country lines as a pesky sheriff involves in a deadly pursuit of the vehicle. Hal Needham directs the 96 minutes’ movie. The actors are Sally Field, Burt Reynolds, Mike Henry and Jerry Reed.

7. ‘Absence of Malice.’

Absence of Malice Top 10 Movies by Sally Field 2017

In ‘Absence of Malice,’ a prosecutor leaks false information that the owner of a liquor warehouse has committed a serious crime. He alleges that the proprietor has murdered a union head, after which the life of the man unravels. Sydney Pollack is the director of this thrilling crime movie that goes for 116 minutes. The actors are Paul Newman, Bob Balaban, Sally Field and Melinda Dillon.

6. ‘Sybil.’


In ‘Sybil,’ we meet a young lady who seems to be disadvantaged from birth. Her childhood upbringing was very harrowing that she develops over fifteen different personalities. The personalities are what makes the film thrilling as she is capable of being many persons, God, bad, evil and religious. The movie is 198 minutes in length and is acted by Sally Field, Joanne Woodward, Martine Bartlett and Brad Davis.

5. ‘Not Without My Daughter.’


Religious and regional hatred continues to exist in our modern-day society. In this film, an American lady is trapped in the ‘Islamic State of Iran’ by her husband. The only way to escape from the place is to flee in secrecy. The biggest challenge is to escape with her daughter, but she vows that she can never leave her behind. Brian Gilbert directs the 116 minutes long emotional movie. The actors are Alfred Molina, Sally Field, Roshan Seth and Sheila Rosenthal.

4. ‘Places in the Heart.’


The film depicts a scene in the ‘Deep South’ around the 1930s when a widow and her family members attempt to run a cotton farm with the assistance of desperate friends. Challenges face the widow in various activities on her farm, but she is determined to make everything successful. Benton Robert directs the 111 minutes’ film with actors such as Lindsay Crouse, Sally Field, Amy Madigan and Ed Harris.

3. ‘Forrest Gump.’


‘Forrest Gump’ is a 1994 romantic drama in which Tom Hanks stars with Field. Hanks won the ‘Academy Award’ for the ‘Best Actor’ following her role in this film. Field, on the other hand, played Mrs. Gump, the mother of Forest Gump. With a unique southern accent, Sally Fields succeeds in giving Mrs. Gump to ensure her tad slow son gets equal opportunities to other children. The bond between Sally and Hank as mother and son grows strong. Sally is seen as a mother ready to do anything for her son.

2. ‘Eye for an Eye.’


The 1996 crime thriller film has Sally Field playing as Karen McCann, a woman who is happily married. However, her life turns upside down after her only daughter is raped and murdered. Field gives Karen an unwavering solution to seek justice for her daughter and protect the rest of her girls from Doob. Karen begins a crusade similar to a vigilante that aims at catching Doob. He sets a trap for him to come to her house, after which she plans to kill her and pretend it was in ‘self-defense.’

1. ‘Norma Rae.’


In ‘Norma Rae,’ a young and single mother collaborate with a textile worker to unionize her mill. However, there are many dangers and problems involved. Martin Ritt directs the 114 minutes’ film that seeks justice for every factory worker. The actors are Beau Bridges, Sally Field, Pat Hingle and Ron Leibman.

Sally Field New Movies 2017-2018

‘Hello, My Name is Doris.’


A lady who is over sixty years of age attends a seminar that inspires her to go after her co-worker almost half her age. The Michael Showalter directed film is inspired and written by Laura Terruso. The actors are Max Greenfield, Sally Field, and Tyne Daly.

Sally Field has featured in the most fascinating movies that Hollywood has ever produced. It looks like every director wants to give her a role, regardless of how irrelevant the same role is. Having Sally Field in a movie makes it a hit because a majority of movie lovers ‘die to have her’ in every film.

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