Top 10 Movies By Russell Crowe of All Time

Russell Crowe is an Oscar winner who is not a stranger to many cinematic epics. His famous film called ‘Noah’ thrills theaters across the world. In the movie, he plays Noah, the biblical man who build the ‘Arc.’ In celebration of his brilliant career, we look at some of Crowe’s best eclectic repertoire as we count down ten of his finest films. Have a closer look, and we hope your favorite film makes the cut.

List of Top 10 Movies by Russell Crowe  of all time in 2017:

10. ‘Noah.’

noah, Top 10 Movies By Russell Crowe of All Time2017

The ‘Noah’ movie is an act of almost the same occurrences we read in the Holy Bible. In the biblical stories, Noah was chosen by Yahweh to make an arc, but people refused to join him, the only thing they did was to ridicule him. In this film, a gentleman is chosen by the creator of the universe to undertake a major task before the entire world is cleansed with floods. Darren Aronofsky is the director of this 138 minutes’ great thriller movie.

9. ‘A Beautiful Mind.’


‘A Beautiful Mind’ is a film about brilliant brains, and that is what makes the film so predictable. A mathematician who is brilliant but asocial takes a secret assignment in cryptography. However, his life later turns and becomes nightmarish in this 135 minutes’ film. The director of the movie is Ron Howard, actors being Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connery, Ed Harris and Christopher Plummer.

8. ‘The Next Three Days.’


What do you think you will have done in ‘The Next Three Days?’ In less than three days, the life of a couple of changes to the worst and is turned upside down after the wife is accused of murder. Paul Haggis directs this 133 minutes’ film, and he does the best. Actors starring in this movie include Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Buie.

7. ‘Robin Hood.’


During the 12th Century in England, a guy called Robin and his band that consists of marauders fight corruption in a local village, something that leads to an uprising. People revolt against the crown, something that alters the balance of power in the world forever. Ridley Scott directs the 140 minutes’ film, and that is so attractive. Apart from Russell Crowe, other actors in the movie include Josh Brolin, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

6. ‘American Gangster.’


The film called ‘American Gangster’ is a flashback of the 1970s in the Unites States of America. A hardworking detective has a mission to bring down a particular drug empire run by Frank Lucas. The heroin kingpin who hails from Manhattan smuggles drugs to the territory from the east, and his syndicate is so strong to fight. The 157 minutes’ film about drug cartels is directed by someone familiar to movie lovers, and that is Ridley Scott.

5. ‘Man of Steel.’


One man remains from an extinguished race regarded as an unremarkable human. The guy is under pressure to reveal his true identity when the universe comes under invasion by some survivor armies. They plan to destroy the planet and bring it down, and that is where the horror part of the film becomes real. Zack Sidney is the only guy who can direct such an incredible movie.

4. ‘Cinderella Man.’


‘Cinderella Man’ is a true tale of James Braddock, a certain washed up boxer who comes back and turns into a champion as well as an inspiration around the 1930’s. The 144 minutes’ film is directed by Howard Ron and features Russell Crowe, Craig Bierko, Paul Giamatti and Renee Zellweger. The movie is a beautiful inspirational story for any person who may have lost some hope.

3. ‘A Good Year.’


Here is a movie whose title already tells you that good things may be expected in the film. In the movie called ‘A Good Year,’ an investment broker from Britain inherits the vineyard and chateau of his uncle in Provence. The Estates’ location is the same place where he spends almost his entire childhood, but he discovers more things in the process of renovating and selling the estate.

2. ‘The Insider.’


When people make hot deals, some decide to expose them, and that is where the whole problem starts. In ‘The Insider,’ a research chemist is under professional and personal attack when he decides to go against the cartels in the industry. The chemist appears in a one hour expose on Tobacco, where he reveals some secret information about the big companies. Mann Michael is the director of the movie which is over two hours in length.

1. ‘Gladiator.’


In ‘the Gladiator’ film, a Roman general gets betrayed, and his entire family is murdered by a corrupt son of the emperor. The military general travels to Rome to seek revenge as a gladiator. The movie plays for almost three hours and is directed by Scott Ridley. Major players in the film include Joaquin Phoenix, Russell Crowe, Oliver Reed and Connie Nelson.

Russell Crowe’s New and Upcoming Movies 2017

1.’The Nice Guys.’


The movie takes a look at Los Angeles in the 1970’s, where mismatched pairs of some private eyes investigate a mysterious death of a famous porn star and a missing girl. Black Shane is the film’s director, with its writers being Anthony Bagarozzi and Angourie Rice. Actors are Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling.

2. ‘The Mummy.’


An ancient queen who has her destiny taken away from her in an unjust way gets awake in a different and modern era. She suffers from terror and malevolence. Kurtzman Alex directs the film, edited by Paul Hirsch and will release in June 2017 in the USA.

Russell Crowe blends well with other amazing actors to produce incredible films. The actor will thrill you more when his new film titled the “Mummy’ comes out. Russell Crowe, you add taste to movies, and that is why we honor you.

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