Top 10 Reality TV Shows Ever

Almost everyone loves to see what life is like from a front viewing perspective. That is why reality TV is such a big success. You get to see all the onscreen drama that unfolds along with the romances, competition between the others, see pretty states or countries that you only wish you could go too, and then in the more active reality series like survivor you get to see pretty cool stunts being performed. This all is made to keep people entertained and that is why everyone sits down on the couch every week to watch one of the reality shows that is their favorite. Below are ten of the best reality series that were ever came up with.

List of Top 10 Reality TV Shows Ever until in 2017

10. The Hills


It aired on MTV from two thousand and six to two thousand and ten. Only being on the TV and was focused on Lauren Conrad. It was focused on other girls but the main one was Lauren. Heidi Montag was a plastic surgery addict and she also was a recording artist. Lauren was an author and a designer. Produced by Adam DiVello and Liz Gateley was the executive producer.

9. The Osbournes


If you do not know Ozzy then you do not know the man who bit the head off a bat. This show just pretty much showed the life he was living with his wife and two kids. When they allowed the crew into the house they did not change how they talked or did anything. Words were bleeped out because well they said a lot of dirty things. It showed the battle of cancer of Ozzys wife Sharon and it showed when almost died because of an ATV accident. It was taken off the TV in two thousand and five only being on for three years.

8. Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore Top Most Reality TV Shows Ever 2017

Aired on the MTV channel and started in December of two thousand and nine. It shows the lives of eight different people who spend their summer at the Jersey Shore. It was one of the most viewed shows but it ended in Two thousand and twelve in December There was fights and drama during the show and they did not care what was going on. The fights was mainly between the females over the guys and the males fought over the girls. They all had to deal with each other no matter how bad it got. They drank and partied all the time. Some went nude and some just got tired of all of it.

7. Jon & Kate Plus Eight

Jon & Kate Plus Eight Top Most Famous Reality TV Shows Ever 2018

This couple started out with just two twin girls then they ended up with sextuplets. Three girls and three boys. If you look up what is going on now you will see that the couple has split and there is a lot of drama between them. One of the boys has been sent off dealing with some illnesses. They fight about the kids and they air it out all over the news for the money and fame. Kate moved on to have her own show and Jon is with another woman. It all started that he cheated but no one knows for sure if that is what really happened. He just said he could not deal with the show anymore and it was getting to him.

6. Real Housewives of Orange County


You will see the lives of the wives of the “Real” lives of these wives. They go around spending money and doing as they please. They get plastic surgery and all kinds of different things. The drama happens on this show to but in the end we all believe it is just for the cameras to see how they can do anything and it will be talked about. The seasons are seen on Bravo and trust me it is one show that gets a lot of attention. The girls talk behind each others back s just like any other person would but the other one always finds out and it ends with a big blow up.

5. Project Runway


It is on Lifetime Television. The people who are designing the clothes compete to make the best outfits and dressed that they can. Each week a different outfit is eliminated and is judged by materials, how long it took for them to make it and then you have the theme of what they made. The model that tries everything on Heidi Klum and then you have the person who made it all happen which is Eli Holzman. The focus of the fashion is the main reason that it has aired for so long.

4. Newlyweds:Nick and Jessica


Being aired on MTV and focusing on Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s wedding. It only had forty one episodes and it started in two thousand and three. The last season was in January on the twenty sixth in two thousand and five. The very last episode that it ever played was on March thirtieth of two thousand and five. It just proved that it was safe for celebs to be on TV.

3. The Bachelor


This dating game show started in two thousand and two. It was on ABC. All that happens is a bunch of women try their hardest to win the heart of a man. They do what they can just to make him happy. Each time they do a rating he will get rid of one of the ladies and go from their. It does not matter that they tried their hardest they just get booted off. He asked them certain questions and seen if they was his perfect match. The girls would cry and it would all end. There are so many shows out there like this one that you could be on pretty much any of them if you tried hard enough.

2. American Idol


This is where people would get on the show and show them that they could sing. They would try their hardest and each judge had to decide if they made it on the show or if they just was not good enough. Each week America would send in their votes to try to get the person they like the most to stay on the show. It started in two thousand and two and some of the people was really good. Then you had the ones you would wonder why they really got on the show. If you seen some of the people who was on the show you would ask why but they make it and they compete to try and get their spot. No one was ever happy about leaving but when it was their time they had to walk away with nothing. The winner would win a chance at a big time spot in the music world and some of them still sing today doing the best they can to get the albums done and hit number one on the music list.

1. Survivor


It is just what the name means. People are stuck in the wild and have to fight to eat and stay warm. They have to use their brains to make sure they have shelter and they compete to win food. If you are the winner at the end you win a million dollars. Some of the people on the show would fight and this really made it harder. They would try so hard and some would even end up crying and giving up but they still did the best they could.

These above are the Top 10 Reality TV Shows Ever until 2017. It is always fun being excited about your favorite show or seeing the life of your favorite reality show, but people should always remember that those that are one the shows like this are just as normal as normal folks. Just because they are on TV does not mean they are not in a difficult position in life for some reason or other. But, it is always entertaining watching other people’s drama in their lives instead of focusing on what is going on in your own.

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