Top 10 Movies by Nicole Kidman of All Time

Nicole Kidman is among the few actresses who have made bold and diverse range of choices. Her passion, fearlessness, and elegance bring an incredible blend of modern sensibility with old Hollywood. Within the last two decades, she has switched between interesting and incredibly brave choices. Nicole Kidman has majestic capabilities that are irresistible to the eyes. Her career has been brilliant, internationally recognized and critically acclaimed. Her commercially successful movies have won more than 80 awards and over 100 nominations. She boasts of being the first actress from Australia to receive a nomination for an Academy Award for a leading role as well as the first Australian female to win an ‘Academy Award’ for the ‘Best Actress.’

List of Top 10 Movies by Nicole Kidman of All Time until in 2017

10. ‘The Others.’


What would you think if you faced many problems? A majority of us would believe that some people haunt them. That same thing happens in ‘The Others’ movie. A woman who resides in an old darkened house with two of her photosensitive kids is convinced that their family home must be haunted. With the director of the film being Alejandro Amenabar, the film is one of the finest.

9. ‘The Invasion.’


How does our professional work touch our families? In this film known as the invasion, a doctor who specializes in psychiatry in New York is on a mission to unearth an unknown epidemic in an attempt to know its origin. However, he is shocked by a revelation that the only person with the capability to stop the epidemic is his son. The film is directed by Hirschbiegel Oliver and acted by Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Jackson Bond and Jeremy Northam.

8. ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’

Eyes Wide Shut Top Most Famous Movies by Nicole Kidman 2018

A city doctor from New York is married to a lady who works as an art curator. One day he happens to push himself on a dangerous and harrowing long odyssey of moral and sexual discovery. His wife admits something strange: that she almost cheated on him one day. The shocking 159 minutes’ film is acted by Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Sydney Pollack and Todd Field.

7. ‘Dogville.’

Dogville Top Most Movies by Nicole Kidman 2017

A lady who flees the mob is accepted to a small city in Colorado, though in a reluctant way. They strike a deal that involves working for the people in exchange for the favor. She later finds out that the support of this people comes at a price when the town is searched. However, her very dangerous secret is not far away. The Lars Von Trier directed film is 178 minutes’ long and is acted by Paul Bettany, Nicole Kidman, Harriet Anderson and Lauren Bacall.

6. ‘The Interpreter.’


Deception and political intrigue unfold in the world’s largest and most influential organization, the United Nations. An agent from the secret service in the USA has an assignment of investigating a precise interpreter who happens to have overheard an assassination plan. Pollack Sydney directs this 128 minutes’ film Acted by Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman, Jesper Christensen and Catherine Keener. This is one amongst the Top 10 Movies by Nicole Kidman of All Time until 2017.

5. ‘Birth.’


People lie to people on different issues, but some lies are extreme. In this film, the title ‘Birth’ is meaningful in many ways. A very young boy is on a mission to convince a lady that he is her dead husband who has been reborn. The woman gets confused, just like any of us would do. The 100 minutes’ ‘Birth’ film is directed by Jonathan Glazer and acted by Cameron Bright, Nicole Kidman, Danny Huston and Lauren Bacall.

4. ‘Malice.’


‘Malice’ is a tale of a married couple that is happy and wants to have kids. Andy works as a college dean while Tracy is an art teacher. However, things take a different turn after Tracy is sick and hospitalized, where a doctor called Jed operates her. The doctor pretends to know everything and is suddenly the point of interest in this 107 minutes long film directed by Harold Becker.

3. ‘Moulin Rouge.’


Nicole Kidman plays a beautiful courtesan Satine, who is in love with a poor poet. She is a singer, dancer as well as a charming heroine. Nicole Kidman acts passionate and innocent, which explains why McGregor quickly falls for her. Nicole Kidman does vary her performance throughout the film, and she does that by shifting from scenes of darkness, fantasy, tragic and burlesque. The film shows how versatile Kidman is, as well as her capacity to act in a great way.

2. ‘To Die For.’


People do many things in pursuit of their careers, but some are utterly inhuman. In this film called ‘To Die For,’ an aspiring Television personality called Suzanne Stone is ready to do anything to be in the spotlight. She does the strangest thing by enlisting three teenagers to assassinate her husband. Van Gus Sant is the director of the movie that is 106 minutes long in length.

1. ‘The Hours.’


‘The Hours’ is a tale of how three generations of ladies are affected by Mrs. Dalloway. Almost all of these ladies have dealt with suicide in their lives at one time or more. Stephen Daldry directs the 114 minutes’ film with stars such as Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Stephen Dillane and Julianne Moore. The film remains the best that Nicole Kidman has acted until today. Many people know it’s her signature film.

Nicole Kidman New Movies 2017

‘The Beguiled’


A soldier from the Union is held as a captive in a girl boarding school owned by the prisoner. He starts conning himself to the hearts in the Sofia Coppola directed film. The writers of the movie are Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning, and Colin Farrell.

These above are the Top 10 Movies by Nicole Kidman of All Time until 2017. Nicole Kidman is a common figure in movies, which makes her a legend in the world of films. She plays any character to satisfaction, and that is what makes us review ten of her best movies, you are lucky and talented ‘Madam Nicole Kidman.’

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