Top 10 Must Watch Upcoming Hollywood Movies

Granted, in the year 2016 there were plenty of movies released that are all terrific and worth watching but the ones coming out in 2017 that are listed below, those are all absolute must see’s. You will not want to miss any of them because not only are you going to walk out of that theatre with happiness from watching a great movie but also you are going to want to watch them over and over again.

List of Top 10 Must Watch Upcoming Hollywood Movies in 2017

10. LEGO Batman


The lego building blocks are some highly used items by kids of all ages so think about the Legoland, Atlanta. This where action figures that are big and lego type entertainments wait for folks of different ages. Even though the lego changes sizes they are still a popular item today. There are the blocks along with video games based on these and now there are animation movies about them. This movie is going to be a tribute to all Batman characters. The film script is not final yet but they say there will be plenty of comedy and will keep you entertained.

9. The Wolverine 2


This will be the last time on screens for Wolverine and Hugh Jackman will be returning to play his inner Wolverine character. There is no true information yet on what the film is going to be about with its plot but it is promised to leave the screens with a huge bang. The first part was mainly a Chinese film that had tons of Kung Fu and Hugh was all throughout the movie with a plot that was not an actual story but it was heavily watched and well liked by fans and many times there was standing ovations in theatres when the movie was over with. The director of the first one will be making a return to do the sequel as well and the movie is said to be released on the third of March in the year 2017.

8. Kong Skull Island


This is a remake of the old classic movie King Kong. They are going to transform it from a classic into a film that is more updated and modern along with malicious which is what fans want these days. Just by mixing all of the actors that are going to play in it is the reason people say this movie is going to do great when it hits the big screens. Michael Keaton, Tom Hiddleston, and J.K. Simmons are the main leads and as stated before, the reason this film is going to do good. We will all get to find out in March of 2017 because that is when it gets to make its debut.

7. Beauty and the Beast


Hollywood has already produced one version of a fairytale and made it more modern which was Cinderella and now they have decided to come out with yet again another fairy tale. This time though, they get to be telling a beautiful story of how a beautiful young woman ends up being loved by a beast of a man. Yes, this film is Beauty and the Beast, it is going to be a great movie and worth every penny you spend to go into a theatre to watch it. They have it set to premiere March 17th of 2017.

6. Fast & Furious 8


When the tragedy of Paul Walker dying happened, many people believed that would be the end to this awesome set of movies. But, that is not the case because it has been confirmed that on April 14th, 2017 we will all get to see these most loved characters such as Dom and Letty, which are the cutest TV couple ever! Of course, because Paul has passed on there is no possible way to replace this talented man’s character. It will never be the same if they try to do that.

5. Wonder Woman

wonder woman, Top 10 Must Watch Upcoming Hollywood Movies

This movie is one of the big movies that is coming out in two thousand and seventeen. It will be coming out on June twenty sixth. Wonder Woman wears an Amazonian getup that makes her look amazing. It is based off the DC Comics. It is the fourth installment of the addition. Wonder Woman is trying to stop a war that is going to happen. They began the process in two thousand and five and are going to finishing it in May of two thousand sixteen.

4. Spider Man Untitled


It is untitled because the producers have yet to come up with a name for it. We do not know who is going to be playing the role just yet but we are hoping it is someone who can play the part really well and do just like the other movies that were made. This is about going back to High school as the Peter Parker and show us a bit of nostalgia in our lives. Will air on July twenty eighth of two thousand and seventeen.

3. Thor Ragnarok


If you mention the name Loki then Thor will be sure to be in raged. Thor will find out that Loki took over the homeland. It will be out around November third of two thousand and seven and you will be able to see some of the hammers being thrown. The hammer only works for Thor. It is like a feather in his hands and he can use it as he pleases. He will be fighting against Loki and trying to gain control of what should not be in the hands of this evil man.

2. Justice League- Part 1


Into two thousand and seventeen of November seventeenth this movie will be showing everywhere. You will see the comic books come alive. You will see Superman, Thor, Batman, and a few of the other superheros. This movie has been wanting to be seen by so many that it is a surprise that it has not been made a lot sooner than this date. You will see the darkest and grittiest fights ever.

1. Jumanmji


In the original it had the great actor, Robin Williams, playing as a boy who got trapped inside the Jumanji game but this new and updated version is not only to bring back some awesome memories of our beloved and favorite actor but also show a different view of the movie. This time the plot is reversed with a group of explorers going on a hunt for the Jumanji game that ends up being in a mystical jungle. The movie had Dwayne Johnson playing in it so we know this is going to awesome since all of his movies are great. Save the date November 17th, 2017 because that is when this awesome movies gets to hit all the major screens.

These above are the Top 10 Must Watch Upcoming Hollywood Movies 2017. Apparently, the year of 2017 is going to be adventurous with many movies and you are going to have just enough excitement to last you through the year until they seem to make yet again more movies that you will also be dying to see. Of course, you are also going to need some tissues because of the memories of Paul Walker and Robin Williams that you will be experiencing when watching two of these. Grab some popcorn and get ready for a great ride!

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