Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time

Pakistan is a wonderful country that is well recognized by many people for having beautiful women. These ladies hail from different parts of Pakistan and are always involved in various activities and professions. We are going to venture on popular female singers of Pakistan. Some of them are highly valued because of their hitting tracks to date while others are long dead but still recognized. Dead ones left a legacy that is always remembered when their tracks are played. List below contains most popular Pakistan Female singers of all time.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time until in 2017

10. Fariha Pervez


This woman is amongst beautiful singers of Pakistan featured in this list. Fareeha Pervaiz is amongst leading singers and songwriters that have been featured in most competitions and article. Appearing in this document is clear evidence that Fareeha is indeed popular among many people. She has a unique voice that is sweet to listen to especially when low in spirit and is known to uplift souls of many people. Pervaiz begun singing in 1990’s and has remained passionate throughout her singing career to date.

9. Shabnam Majeed


Shabnam Majeed is another amazing singer of Pakistan that is always outstanding when portraying live performances on stage. Her style of singing is typical and interesting especially with his melodious voice. Shabnam is amongst favorite singers of Pakistan and has many fans in that country. Her great compositions are always on top in many competitions and have always touched heart of many people in Pakistan and surrounding states. Shabnam is very beautiful and well performing Pakistani lady of season. Dil Cheez Hai Kya Jana is one of his recognized tracks.

8. Reshma


Reshma was born on 5th January, 1947, Ratangarh, Rajasthan, in India and is featured in 8th position of this article. Most amazing thing about this lady is that she never had any formal education. That did not hinder her from attaining her goals in life. Reshma discover her passion for music in late 1950’s and officially appeared in television for first time in 1960. Voice of this great lady is sweet and will always amaze many people in Pakistan. Currently, Reshma has many tracks that are leading and have many fans. One of it is Meri Humjolio.

7. Humera Arshad

Humera Arshad Top Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time 2018

On seventh position of this article is Humera Arshad and she is amongst popular female singers from Pakistan of all time. Humera gained a lot of success and popularity within a short period. Most people in Asian countries love her tracks. This is because of her melodious voice that touches heart of many music fans. Humera started singing after having a tough training in cultural, folk, Ghazal and pop music. This great training was under Ustaad Nustrat Fateh Ali Khan. This man is highly respected by most fans in Pakistan for nurturing young singing talent of Humera Arshad.

6. Annie Khalid

Annie Khalid Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time 2017

Her original birth name is Noor Ul Khalid Annie. She hails from England but has origin in Pakistan. She is one of most known Pakistani female singers of season and has been highly recognized for releasing great tracks to market. Annie produced a great song known as Mahiya. This was just a start of her victory ad fame worldwide. It brought her a lot of recognition in entire Pakistan. Born on 27th March, 1987, this amazing lady is young but has been recognized for her highly recognized singing talents.

5. Rabi Peerzada


We cannot make any mistake of winding up this article without featuring this amazing lady from Pakistan known as Rabi Peerzada. She is a loving daughter of Major Humayoon Peerzada. Her father was a well known Pakistan Army officer. Rabi was born on 3rd February, 1987, in Quetta (Pakistan). Apart from her singing career, Rabi is a Karate expert and holds a black belt. One thing that I have discovered with this lady is that she is passionate and hard working. Most of her activities are highly recognized ad valued at large in society. Rabi has been featured as one of most known Pakistan female Singers. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time until 2017.

4. Hadiqa Kiani


As we continue with this countdown, here we meet this great name in Pakistan known as Hadiqa Kayani. She is a highly valued person worldwide. This is simply because of her passion to music. Hadiqa is a well-known vocalist ad singer that has produced many hitting tracks worldwide. Reality television show that took place in 2013 hosted her to perform duties of a judge. This was another way of making her best known to many people hence featured in this article.

3. Nazia Hassan


On third position of this article is Nazia Hassan. She is well known pop singer that has composed many great compositions that are highly valued in entire Pakistan. Many people always admire her voice, which is described as melodious. Nazia releases tracks that uplift many souls of fans from various countries globally. Hassan was born o 3rd April, 1965 In Karachi, Pakistan. Disco Deewane is one of her favorite track that has gained a lot of fame so far.

2. Naheed Akhtar


Naheed Akhtar is another highly talented lady in second position of this article. Her talented of singing is highly recognized in Pakistan and other surrounding nations. You cannot miss to recognize this amazing voice in most Pakistan radio and television stations. Whenever live on stage, most of her fans are always shouting. They cannot withstand what they are normally hearing from their song icon. Pakistan celebrates this amazing lady at large.

1. Madam Noor Jahan


Madam Noor Jehan is most famous of all Pakistani female Singers featured in this article. Her well performances especially when live on stage, have greatly contributed to her landing in first position in this list of most popular Pakistan female singers of all time. Madam Noor was only 74 years old when she died on one afternoon of 23rd December, 2000, In Karachi Pakistan.

Above list comprises of Top 10 Most Popular Pakistani Female Singers of All Time until 2017. These ladies are highly valued because of their talents in performing and singing as well. Apart from singing career, you may find other engaged in different careers when free from performing their hitting tracks on stage.

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